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By Thomas R. Horn

February 25, 2010

A new logo for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is strikingly similar to the one Obama used during his 2008 campaign. Designed by TMP Government, the new emblem bears an Islamic crest amidst the same color scheme and three red stripes that defined the official Obama campaign logo during his run for the presidency.

Given MDA's mission within the Department of Defense to "develop, test, and field an integrated, layered, ballistic missile defense system (BMDS) to defend the United States, its deployed forces, allies, and friends against all ranges of enemy ballistic missiles in all phases of flight," the new logo looks and feels oddly out of place. The old logo (below left) clearly represented the defensive responsibility the MDA holds in protecting the United States and its interests from airborne threats, while the new logo appears to reflect ambiguous metaphysical ideas, employing the same color scheme -- blue, white, and three red stripes -- of Obama's campaign logo, plus a stylized earth as an Islamic crest.

Old MDA Logo - New MDA Logo - Obama Campaign Logo

Worse, the symbols and numerological values on the new seal mirror Islamic and Christian beliefs about the final world leader -- the Antichrist -- say prophecy experts. This new logo may even cleverly perpetuate Obama as a type of, if not the, Antichrist.

If a logo was designed representing Islamic and Christian eschatology concerning the final world leader, it could look very much like the new MDA seal. Its has 7 rays that stand alone. The 8th joins a red swath, which itself is divided into 3 red stripes. These 8 plus the 3 red focal points equal 11. Prophecy scholars will immediately recognize the value of this specific symbolism and numerology -- the numbers 3, 7, 8, and 11 -- as connected to the coming of Antichrist. When the Islamic crescent is added to this mix of symbolism within the context of what is believed about Obama's true origin of birth and religion, it is quite disturbing.

But should symbols and parts of a logo be interpreted in this way?

Absolutely. Notwithstanding the MDA is denying any connection to the Obama campaign logo, corporations and agencies develop logos to convey meaning and the Obama logo may be the most well-known in recent history. This is Semiotics, also called semiotic studies or semiology, in which signs, symbols, and logos are meant to communicate something about the parent organization, its purpose and mission. Sometimes it is also intended to have a subliminal effect upon those that look upon it, to influence them in ways they may not even understand.

According to famous Freemason, Foster Bailey, symbols intentionally hide "a secret…which veils mysterious forces. These energies when released can have a potent effect."

Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle once famously added: "By symbols, accordingly, is man guided and commanded, made happy, made wretched."

Sidney Webb, founder of the Fabian Society described this process as having the ability to play "those millions of minds, to watch them slowly respond to an unseen stimulas, to guide their aspirations without their knowledge—all this whether in high capacities or in humble—is a big and endless game of chess, of ever extraordinary excitement."

Well-known prophecy expert Steve Quayle sees a hidden message in the new MDA logo as well: "One cannot get away from the fact that the twelfth Imam is heralded in Islamic apocalyptic writings as the coming messiah. I believe Obama sees himself as this Imam Mahdi. The monkey god Hanuman, the talisman that Obama carries in his pocket, is portrayed in the Indian epic 'Ramayana' as an intermediary between two worlds, the celestial and the divine. This new logo at MDA embellishes the crescent and star symbol of the coming 'GREAT WAR' between heaven and earth, between angels and demons, between this devil and his legions and Almighty God."

Award winning filmmaker Christian J. Pinto believes the symbolism in the new Missile Defense Agency logo matches prophecy concerning the man of sin and a New World Order as the Revived Roman Empire of prophecy, in that the Reformers, such as Martin Luther and John Calvin, believed that Rome and Islam were "the two horns of the beast." Prophetically speaking, the two legs of the statue envisioned by King Nebuchadnezzar became the Eastern and Western Roman Empire, he says, where the West was ruled by the Vatican, while the East eventually fell to the sword of Islam. "The Reformers believed that the Islamic Antichrist would destroy the body of the Church through slaughter, while the Roman Antichrist would destroy the soul of the Church through false doctrine," he says.

The numerological significance of the new MDA logo envisions this prophecy. The numbers 3 and 7 hold special places in biblical end times events and are directly related to deity, while the number 8 represents resurrection, and 11 represents evil incarnate, disorder, and judgment. When referring to the beast with ten horns (Roman Empire), the prophet Daniel, as he was considering these horns, said, "there came up among them another little horn" (Daniel 7:8). According to scholars, this 11th horn is the Antichrist, who will derive power from a revived Roman Empire and New World Order. In Jewish mysticism and numerology, the number 11 is thus considered the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect. Any biblical scholar of numerology and symbolism would agree therefore that, if interpreted based on their fixed numerological, historical, and prophetic meaning, this logo if interpreted based on its occult significance literally means: evil incarnate (11) will be resurrected (8) as deity (3 and 7) and hold Islam in esteem.


David Hitt, an intellectual property attorney and former 32nd degree Freemason with an interest in occult symbolism observes that the three red stripes in the logo come to an end at the crescent, at which point the eighth ray, which is small relative to the other rays, emerges in their place. This is in line with Daniel's specific prophecy that three horns of an original 10 horns are cut off in favor of a small, eighth horn. Additionally, the glaring light from which the rays on this new logo emanate depict a sun rising, perhaps to signify the dawning of a new, occult age.

On pages 106-107 of Apollyon Rising 2012 important additional information says:

A Hadith (tradition) sacred to Shiite Islam from the seventeenth century contains a prophecy from Ali ibn Abi-Talib, which predicts that just before the return of the Mahdi (the end-times redeemer of Islam), a "tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West." This leader will command "the strongest army on earth" and will bear "a clear sign" from the third imam, Hussein. The prophecy concludes that: "Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us."

Does this Islamic prophecy identify Obama as the "promised warrior" who comes to help the savior of Shiite Muslims conquer the world? Amir Taheri asked this very question for Forbes Magazine in October 2008, pointing out how "Obama’s first and second names—Barack Hussein—mean ‘the blessing of Hussein’ in Arabic and Persian" while his "family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, meaning ‘he is with us,’ the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition."

Many have pointed out how reporters, politicians, celebrities, and even preachers celebrated the "spiritual nature" of Obama’s meteoric rise from near obscurity to U.S. president, and how this may have reflected people’s strong desire for the coming of an earthly savoir.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford characterized Obama as "a sort of powerful luminosity." In Morford’s opinion, this was because Obama is "a Lightworker, that rare kind of attuned being who has the ability to…help usher in a new way of being on the planet."

The dean of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel, Lawrence Carter, went further, comparing Obama to the coming of Jesus Christ: "It is powerful and significant on a spiritual level that there is the emergence of Barack Obama.… No one saw him coming, and Christians believe God comes at us from strange angles and places we don’t expect, like Jesus being born in a manger."

Dinesh Sharma, a marketing science consultant with a PhD in psychology from Harvard, appraised Obama likewise: "Many…see in Obama a messiah-like figure, a great soul, and some affectionately call him Mahatma Obama."

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While the dismal state of the economy has tempered the messianic language around Obama lately, a belief involving his divinity remains beneath the surface, waiting, some believe, for the right moment when he will be presented as something more than human. Washington Post film critic Michael O'Sullivan noted just last week that the new teen film Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief suggests that such a scenario, in some peoples opinion, could eventually illustrate that President Obama is a demigod.

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While the dismal state of the economy has tempered the messianic language around Obama lately, a belief involving his divinity remains beneath the surface, waiting, some believe, for the right moment when he will be presented as something more than human.