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End of Family Privacy Rights







By Anita Hoge
May 9, 2015

Senator Alexander Reshuffles His Deck of Cards and Slips A New ESEA Out From Under the Table

MEDICAID, Birth to Age 21, is EXPANDED in Senator Alexander’s and Congressman Kline's fast-tracked effort to force through the Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Backdoor politics are being used to expand ObamaCare using education legislation and MEDICAID in the schools. This agenda is moving forward, without citizens’ knowledge and without state legislatures understanding the entire agenda of the Reauthorization of ESEA, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This legislation expands MEDICAID services in the schools, ages birth to 21, extending MEDICAID in a Universal Pre-Kindergarten, birth through Kindergarten, heralded by Senator Murray (D WA) and Senator Bob Casey (D PA). (Read: Open Letter to Senator Bob Casey, Pennsylvania)

Concurrent with this, school-based mental health clinics and psychological interventions are also “Number 1” on Sen. Alexander and Rep. Kline's overall legislative agenda. This would effectually change over our public school system from schools of knowledge to community indoctrination centers.

Every state legislator must be contacted immediately about the impact of this ESEA/MEDICAID expansion in the schools, which will milk MEDICAID dollars and negatively affect each state’s budget.

You might ask: "What does schooling have to do with healthcare?" The government tsunami to nationalize education through the ESEA Reauthorization utilizes a mandated (and corrupted) process that creates health and “mental health” outcomes for every student – social, emotional and behavioral standards that are added to Common Core functional math and language arts. Tactics have been developed to remove the parent as the sole and ultimate authority over their own children’s education. This is achieved through changing definitions and implementing new strategies via partnerships, parent engagement, literacy, and codes of conduct (discipline). These changes will allow the government to screen and collect data on your child, and then use this data to initiate interventions that continuously remediate your child toward government-mandated, specific attitudes, values, beliefs and dispositions. This intrusive mechanism has nothing to do with scholarly education and learning.

Senator Vitter (LA-R) has written a related bill which will further weaken a parent's rights over their children, especially parental oversight regarding their child’s personal data which will be intrusively collected and widely disseminated. The Vitter “No Privacy” bill deletes protections provided in the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, PPRA, and the Family Education Rights in Privacy Act, FERPA, in order to legalize this ominous new federal agenda. [Source: [Ed. Note: The Markey/Hatch bill also weakens FERPA by codifying President OBAMA'S EO 12866:]

Sen. Alexander has revamped his original January 2015 ESEA bill. On April 30, 2015 Senator Alexander released S. 1177, an 800-page “identical twin” to his previous legislation, with page numbers realigned.

There is an appearance of underhandedness with Sen. Alexander’s withdrawing of the original bill and then totally rewriting 800 pages of the same legislation. This proves to parents how right they have been to be concerned about the contents of Sen. Alexander's bill. His intent appears to try to paralyze parents with these enormous legislative bills. But parents and citizens are determined to expose this fraud and collusion to nationalize education through a mental health agenda.

Sen. Alexander (TN-R) and Rep. John KLINE (MN-R) have also manipulated the summaries of ESEA education legislation and fraudulently withheld the serious implications for states. They have purposely neglected to address how this legislation would impact each of the states’ budgets through hidden mandates in both MEDICAID and EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Testing), regulated through Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Affordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare). Parents have been asking questions about the testing, scoring, and remediating of their child’s attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions. Parents have been expressing serious concerns about the legality of our federal government setting standards in their child’s affective domain. This shift moves education towards mental health, and further away from learning academics. This agenda will establish MEDICAID SCHOOL BASED MENTAL HEALTH CLINICS. Parents across America are demanding answers.

Here are the REAL issues concerning the Reauthorization of ESEA in Alexander's
S. 1177: [Note: The source for ALL page numbers]

SEN. ALEXANDER'S S.1177 is NOT about teaching academics!

True academic standards have been replaced with tests, curriculum, and remediation that include COMMON CORE psychological, social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health outcomes that each student must meet in a personalized career pathway. These soft skill outcomes might sound great until you realize these areas cannot be tested, scored, or remediated without psychological or psychiatric interventions. These standards include things like honesty, integrity, ethical responsibility, self-efficacy, grit, interpersonal skills, or cooperative learning, etc. Note that the definition of “healthy” in each one of these is prescribed by the government. The government will identify subjective and vague “correct” attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions for your child that will then be scored and remediated to the government's objectives, which are called minimum positive attitudes. Parents must ask questions such as: “How do you define, measure and remediate ‘integrity’?”

These subjective objectives are based Benjamin Bloom's “whole child” education theory of what a child thinks, feels, and acts. This is referred to in S. 1177 as “Universal Design for Learning.” This ominously encompasses cognitive brain research about how the “whole child” learns, his/her beliefs, and what a parent teaches the child in their home. The Department of Labor SCANS Reports (Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) explains clearly that these children are to be re-educated from what has been taught by their parents in the home: “The common image of the learner is that of the blank slate. However, the more appropriate image of learning is replacing what is already on the slate.” [Source: (Berryman member of SCANS) Source: 1990]

In sum, a child's feelings, attitudes, or affect, and his/her behavior, or how the child acts, including the moral and spiritual domains of the child, will be invaded, assessed, and ultimately supplanted. [Source: See Wrap-Around Services]

In order to change a child’s beliefs, values, or dispositions, the child is pressured to “change or alter” his/her personally held beliefs, attitudes and values. This is accomplished through artificially induced cognitive conflicts (dissonance), stress induced through values clarification activities, and/or evidence-based techniques “scientifically” developed to create change in a student through repetitive interventions. [Source: See Penn Resiliency Project that was referenced on the Pennsylvania Department of Education portal to teach interpersonal skills.]

These psycho-social techniques can be dangerous and can cause emotional distress, depression, as well as conflicts with parents and authority figures. These sophisticated, psychological techniques must be stopped. Parents are demanding an investigation into the adverse impact of forcing this psychological manipulation on a captive child in the classroom – a harmful and manipulative process that challenges a child’s fixed beliefs, attitudes, values, and dispositions. [Source: Universal Design for Learning (UDL): pp. 42, 181, 200; Non-academic measurement: pp. 27, 128, 159, 231, Personalized learning p. 551]

SEN. ALEXANDER'S S. 1177 is NOT about helping the disabled!

Special Education (through behavior modification techniques) funded through IDEA (Individual with Disabilities Education Act) is being implemented in the regular classroom as “services and interventions.” (Terms like these are rampant throughout this ESEA legislation.) These models of “scientific” evidence-based methods and techniques have been researched and validated for the government to teach “CORRECT” attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions for ALL children – not just Special Education children!

Here is how it works: Education has become personalized, in that technology has helped “specialized student Instructional support teams” to create direct planning prepared for EVERY child, similar to the individual education plans used in special education. With the technology to monitor an individualized portfolio that can identify EACH child with a national ID, behavioral conditioning has become perfected. A plan for each student has been cleverly defined as a career pathway, or a personal opportunity plan, or a lower case IEP. The plan is for each child to meet the government-prescribed stagnant Common Core standards – NOT the opportunity to expand a child's horizons in any direction he/she may have talent or desire achievement. It is now a simplified “fait accompli” for the government to monitor your child in the classroom, using technology and computerized data collection in a controlled Common Core process, but calling it “accountability.” (NOTE: Vitter's ‘No Privacy’ bill exempts all special education screening and interventions while S 1177 uses Special Education to accomplish this agenda.) [Source: evidence based research-pp.17, 18. Produce individual student interpretive, descriptive, and diagnostic reports breaking down each segment of the population by race & ethnic group, economically disadvantaged compared to students who are not, children with disabilities, English proficiency, gender, and migrant (all differentiating variable groups which includes everyone) p. 41; Aligned to IDEA and Specialized Student Support Teams pp. 19, 21, 32, 41, 44, 62, 88, 89, 91, 99, 101, 127, 129, 134, 139, 411, 719]

The definition of “who is disabled” or “who needs rehabilitation” is being changed. This is being accomplished through the universal screening of ALL children for psychological or behavioral problems via SCHOOL-BASED MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAMS. These programs are referred to variously as: Specialized Student Instructional Support Systems, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, Response to Intervention, Functional Behavioral Assessments, Early Intervening Services, and Multi-Tiered System of Supports, among others. These specific interventions are carried out by Special Education teams! And these terms are represented in the ESEA legislation. These prescribed and scripted techniques MUST be delivered exactly the way they were researched, and teachers are being re-trained to identify these mental health “problems” – notably outside of their jurisdiction and licensing. [Source: Fidelity Definition]

In this manner, children are being identified, monitored and evaluated for social, emotional, behavioral, and discipline incidents and/or habits at school. Designated school officials are recording these actions on data collection software, and reporting on the results of these subjective and judgmental criteria used on children. See, for example, the BOSS phone app developed by Pearson that monitors a child’s fidgeting, daydreaming, starring out the window for more than 3 seconds, etc.

This subjective data is fed into longitudinal data systems in each state, transferring your child’s personal data to the Feds. (NCES/IES data warehouse. See below.) [Source: Multi-Disciplinary Peer Review Teams p. 21; Multi-Tiered System of support MTSS, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports PBIS, Early Intervening Services (EIS) ACTIVITIES AND SERVICES CARRIED OUT BY IDEA, pp. 102, 126-127, 133, 412, 719, 724. Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support or mental health well being pp. 411, 415, 416, 456 ]

SEN. ALEXANDER'S S. 1177 is NOT about helping the poor!

This is all about sweeping ALL CHILDREN into the federal government's net. A student no longer must be poor to be identified as Title I, which is re-defined as “AT RISK.” The definition of a TITLE I “at risk” child has been changed from being poor to not meeting psychological Common Core standards – where a child is now considered “educationally deprived.” Common Core is expanded to include mental health values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions. With the lines being blurred for who is poor, and who is disabled, a huge net is being cast over an entire school. This is referred to as “schoolwide.” ALL children are “at risk” under these new definitions and ALL children can now receive services through special education. This is before any traditional Special Education services are determined, for even a truly disabled child, through Response to Intervention (RTI) and Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) which function outside the Special Education regulations and are legally defined in an IEP. These determinations lead to coding and MEDICAID billing for mental health disabilities.[Source: "At Risk" of failing Common Core challenging State standards definitions pp.121, 123, 126, 135, 198, 223, 412, 441, 482, P. 406 (risk factors in longitudinal research efforts)]

SEN. ALEXANDER'S S. 1177 is ALL about tracking and trafficking of data unlocked by Obama's Executive Order 12866!

S. 1177, HR 5 and Senator Vitter's “No Privacy” bill are trying to codify, or make legal, what is illegal!

Obama's Executive Order 12866 “unlocked” FERPA, which allows student personally identifiable information to be accessed by researchers and 3rd party contractors, enabling them to accomplish these designer behavior modification programs. Testing has been aligned to the Common Core standards and embedded in the “model” national curriculum. The over-testing that parents and teachers have been protesting was the research phase for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and will be stopped with S. 1177. The over-testing will be replaced by embedding the tests within the model curriculum. This will adjust the state-test monitoring from its 3rd grade guarantee, 8th grade career pathway, and 11th or 12th grade graduation requirement –which has always been the NAEP-planned agenda. Realize the vast difference: Each child is currently tested only 3 times as he/she moves through the system. But under the new system, when the tests are embedded in the curriculum, teachers will receive immediate feedback for corrective psychological treatment on your child every single day. This amounts to continual intrusive continual personal monitoring of your child.

Massive amounts of federal grant money set up state monitoring – longitudinal data systems in each state. This is directly because of the Obama Executive Order. System “feedback loop control” means there is a constant regurgitation of federally-collected, personally identifiable information, which is linked to curriculum, testing, teacher certification. This system recycles your child through a maze of data collection, and its interventions are linked to your child's and teacher's national unique ID. The key to this process is “evaluations,” and “accountability” for data tracking aligns your child to the goals of the government. The data tracking of individual students in the NCES/IES COMMON CORE OF DATA within each state’s longitudinal data system feeds into the entire system from each state. Data collected on the local level, using a unique national ID, monitors the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of each student. This creates a directory of information for cross-referencing and matching possibilities, thus virtually creating a psychometric dossier on every single child. (Demographic information is aligned to personality traits.) [Source: National Center for Education Statistics,NCES/Institute for Educational Sciences (IES) pp. 91, 290, 343, P. 357 (IES & NSF, National Science Foundation performance metrics & evaluations, See Grant to Carnegie Mellon University;) P. 757 IES WILL carry out evaluations of TITLE I]

What is SEN. ALEXANDER'S S. 1177 All About?

SENATOR ALEXANDER'S S. 1177 Is All about ‘Free Money’ for the schools, billing MEDICAID and the Expansion of ObamaCare.

Beware of the semantic gymnastics! In order to set up a system of “health care” in the schools, and for the school TO BE ABLE TO “treat” EVERY child in a health and mental health prescriptive plan, many terms have needed to be redefined. Adjusting levels of poverty and altering definitions of disabilities were both necessary in order to be able to justify accessing ALL STUDENTS. The term “medical” needed to be changed over to “health” before FERPA data-exchange could continue to swap out personally identifiable information on your children with 3rd party contractors. All interventions and mental health therapy at school must be changed from a “medical record” over to a “health record. ” (It would normally disqualify the redisclosure of PII under privacy violations for this record exchange to be called “medical records” under HIPAA.) [Source: Medical records changed to Health records, p. 774. FERPA CODIFIED IN S. 1177 LEGISLATION pp. 82, 90, 417]

To “treat” EVERY child with interventions, and have these interventions paid for by the government, a school would apply for a provider license or partial hospitalization license to bill for MEDICAID. This initiates School-Based Mental Health Programming. The school becomes a “one stop shop” – a Community Hub – expanding morning, evening and summer hours. Every aspect of a disability under IDEA or EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Testing) health or mental health screenings would be eligible for reimbursement through MEDICAID (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS] and the Affordable Health Care Act [ObamaCare]), provided the school is using the DSM-V code manual for psychiatric disorders. There is no code for normal!

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Schools have been contacted to go after this “FREE” MONEY, which is being touted as a “windfall” when schools can bill MEDICAID. Medicaid is a significant source of revenue, and schools, through relentless advocacy for these resources, have shown a tendency to over-identify normal children as having mental health disabilities. Milking Medicaid could set up any child who is having a “bad hair day” for a psychological screening or a social worker work-up. School districts are clamoring for this money, establishing mental health “wrap around services,” with just a few minor adjustments to facilitate billing MEDICAID, such as: identify a billing partner, purchase new software to monitor the individual child’s affect, behavior, social, and emotional traits including phone apps, re-training teachers to log the behavior and actions of every child to bill with time increments, and some paperwork (no longer paper) to submit data and timesheets electronically to the billing partner and to the Feds for automatic billing and reimbursements. [Source: Free Care; Wrap Around Services p. 144; iii) increased support for stronger curriculum, program of instruction, wrap- around services, or other resources provided to students in the school; School Based Mental Health (SBMH) under S. 1177, Title IV Safe Healthy Schools pp. 395, 399-400, 410, 410, (page 418 states no medical services, however, medical is changed to health in the entire bill) 21st Century Community School Hubs and Expansion of School Counseling pp. 431, 448, 452, 453-454 (ratio of students to SBMH services, counselors, psychologists, social workers),

In-Demand Industry Sector pp. 419, 455; MEDICAID criteria including a composite of free & reduced lunch, poverty, SSI pp. 114]

Attention Sen. Alexander and Rep. KLINE –

Parents, teachers, citizens are demanding an investigation into these intrusive techniques, the invasion of a child’s privacy, the expansion of Obamacare through MEDICAID, and this mental health agenda! Stop ESEA!

NOTE: As background historical information, Pennsylvania was a pilot for this mental health agenda with grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. [See HR 37, Pennsylvania House Select Committee Investigation on school based mental health services and MEDICAID billing, DSM codes, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders: Representative Sam Rohrer, Chairman, 1995:]

� 2015 Anita Hoge - All Rights Reserved

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Anita B. Hoge, lecturer, educational researcher, parent.

In 1990 a federal investigation was completed against the Pennsylvania Department of Education, after filing a federal complaint against the Educational Quality Assessment, EQA, & the US Department of Education's National Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP, under the Protection of Pupils Rights Amendment. Forced the Pennsylvania EQA to be withdrawn. Forced the US Department of Education to do their job to investigate the psychological testing of children without informed written parental consent. NAEP was never investigated because the Department said I didn't have standing, although documents had proven that NAEP did experimental research & used different states to pilot their agenda by embedding their test questions into the Pennsylvania EQA as well as other state tests.

Subject & main researcher for the book, Educating for the New World Order. My story is told about an incredible journey into the devious & deceptive operations of our government to change the values, attitudes & beliefs of American children to accept a new world order. The first to document the expansive data collection operation of our government establishing micro-records on individual people in the United States. Experimentation, illegal testing, & data collection is exposed.

Lectured all over the Unites States in the 90's about illegal & controversial testing, curriculum, & collection of data by our government. Arranged & lectured town hall meetings all across the state of Pennsylvania to withdraw affective student learning outcomes to stop Outcome Based Education. In January of 1992, parents in Pennsylvania won the battle against OBE when the Independent Regulatory Review Board had requested that the State Board of Education remove all outcomes which dealt with attitudes, habits, traits, feelings, values, & opinions which are difficult & subjective to measure & that the remaining outcomes be defined & coordinated with academic requirements that can be measured. The battle continues.




To “treat” EVERY child with interventions, and have these interventions paid for by the government, a school would apply for a provider license or partial hospitalization license to bill for MEDICAID.