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Standing Upright in a Howling Wind






by Mike Heath

August 16, 2013

Light reveals the beauty of the summer meadow. A child playing under the watchful eye of his mother sees the sparkling whiteness of the cabbage moth’s wings, the green iridescence of the June beetle and the amber-colored rocks at the bottom of a rippling stream. Light tells the child that the meadow, the world, and the care of his mother are good. Light is the most excellent thing in nature, because it conveys both the warmth needed for life and enables sight, the most excellent of the senses. And nothing is more miraculous than the light of life in a child’s eyes.

Light conveys information and hence is a metaphor for understanding. One is said “to have seen the light.” Light also enables all the images in a newspaper, for good or bad, whether a smiling neighbor proudly displaying the harvest of his summer garden, or the shocking horror of a crime scene. But for some, seeing is not believing.

New imaging techniques change sound waves into light to show the image of a child within the womb, a child who smiles at 17 weeks. Yet there are those who are still not willing to believe that a “fetus” is a human who has not been born.

There is a more powerful kind of light, and that is the light of the human intellect which is needed to acknowledge truth. Everyone is smart enough to know that what they see in an ultrasound image is indeed a child. The term “common sense” literally means the evidence presented by the senses. But the will can be so tattered and torn as to darken the mind, and make one turn away from the testimony of one’s own eyes.

The question of why one’s conscience is not moved when one sees a photo of an aborted baby is not a question of political ideology. It is above all a theological question. The photos are horrific because the act is horrific. To quote Abraham Lincoln, “If this is not wrong, then nothing is wrong.”

In an instant abortion extinguishes life, light, and love. It is the ultimate darkness. And because God is present in His creation in the way that an artist is present in his work of art, abortion is also an attack on God.

The photos are incontrovertible evidence that the practice of abortion is wrong. Mankind has been given the opportunity to see both the goodness of life within the womb and the horror of abortion. The photos dispel any and all moral and ethical arguments in favor of abortion, and thus those who support abortion are forced into ever more desperate arguments.

The most desperate argument in favor of abortion is to question the motives of the abortion protesters. There are some in the press who claim that the protesters are motivated by guilt and are in need of psychological therapy. This is a particularly unfair form of ad hominem attack which wounds those women who have already been wounded by abortion. The argument adds to their pain by claiming that they have not yet been relieved of their burden of guilt.

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Yet the burden of guilt rests with those who have not come to terms with the reality of abortion. They remain willfully blind to the horror even when presented with the photographic evidence. They seek to remove the speck in the eye of the protesters, without removing the log in their own eye.

And yes, the guilt rests with all those who do not choose to turn aside and amend their ways after seeing the photos. The proper response is shame and repentance.

For that reason, I am inviting all those who are still in favor of abortion, Bill Nemitz included, to come to the protests in Portland and see the photos.

Come see and weep.

� 2013 - Mike Heath - All Rights Reserve

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Michael Heath has represented Christians in the public square for nearly three decades. As executive director of the historic Christian Civic League of Maine, Heath has been an outspoken advocate for moral values. Working alongside Dr. Dobson, Heath led a statewide family policy council for sixteen years.

Heath received the Family Research Council’s Family Faith and Freedom Award in 1998. He led multiple statewide campaigns -- including a memorable People’s Veto, which sent two hundred thousand Mainers to the polls in the dead of winter, just after a devastating ice storm which crippled all of Central Maine.

Heath served on the Governor’s Gambling Task Force, as well as on a Legislative Commission on Fatherhood. Just after college, Heath spent four years leading a ministry helping people struggling with substance abuse and/or mental illness.

Heath is married to Paulie, an inspirational singer, songwriter and speaker. They have three grown sons.

In recent years the Heaths have traveled to East Africa multiple times, working alongside missionaries in Tanzania to promote solar cooking in remote villages. Mike served as State Director for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign in Iowa in 2011.










The question of why one’s conscience is not moved when one sees a photo of an aborted baby is not a question of political ideology. It is above all a theological question.