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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
November 12, 2005

Do you think you�re getting the facts, the truth, honesty, legitimacy on the radio and television, in the newspapers and magazines, or that shows and documentaries and movies that you watch depict authenticity? Well, if you do, you have been duped. All (let me repeat that: �ALL�) the major media, and some of the minor outlets, are owned by a small group of people and/or corporations�termed the �Elite�--who determine what we should and should not be told, and what we should and should not perceive as the truth. Think about that. Quite frankly, it means that we hear and read only what they want us to know, and they do this through melding opposites to create a new form. Many know this as the Hegelian Dialectics, and it is an extremely and often dangerously effective tool for sucking us into falsehoods and misinformation, and thus shaping our thinking and our lifestyles.

I have taught in university communications departments and I can tell you that one of the vital issues that is NOT in the contents of textbooks is how the media�from one side of the globe around to the other�is owned by a few powerful entities, and that the truth is never concretized or anchored; it�s as illusive as a dream. We read an account in one newspaper, but yet another has something different; we watch an event on TV, and yet it�s depicted obliquely in other programs. I am bothered by this deceptive truth and abusive disinformation.

I am even more worried that the Elite feel no chagrin about airing movies on sorcery or witchcraft, on disrespectful children being cheered, on cheating spouses, on blatant and gratuitous sex and obscenities, on stupid reality shows, and on obnoxious animations that make our young people thank that it�s okay for them to do what is portrayed in the show. Is it just I who sees the media brainwashing us, the media melting down our morals, the media showing us something as legitimate when it�s not, undermining truth when it�s real?

You�re probably wondering how the Elite can do this to us when we check and recheck what we are being told or what we have read. Mainstream media are not only owned by the ruthless, silhouette rulers, but they have their minions under their thumbs as well. Nope, not the Dan Rathers, nor the Barbara Walters, nor a host of other much entrusted reporters will give us the bona fide facts even though we have come to rely on them. But these people have bosses and those bosses are the very owners of the media. Think about it�just a handful of people owning everything we take in, everything we mentally ingest.

Most of the reporters are in the pockets of the Elite and are members of significant secret societies that set agendas in advance, so they know what�s coming down, and will tell us about it in whatever manner they want us to know. Did you ever believe that the media gave us the real scoop on 9/11, or on the Oklahoma bombing, on the Branch Davidians, on both Gulf Wars, on the moon landing, to mention just a few. Nearly every major event and movement has been pre-destined to happen and pre-determined on how the media would report it.

High level reporters who hold significant sway over the public belong to several of the shadow groups that all too many people don�t believe in; yet, it is this very doubt that plays right into the hands of the Elite. Some of these secret factions are the Council on Foreign Relations, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, Skull & Bones, Trilateral Commission, Priory of Scion, Freemasonry, and many more. In these secret societies are selected members of the mass media who deliver the news to us. The media owners lay out a script for what reporters are to tell us, and how and when. More often then not, they give us contradictory or conflicting views (dialectics�opposites blend) to construct a new model, one that will benefit the media�s purpose and the Elitists� goals. We are being outright snookered and persistently lied to.

The Elite are no dummies. Since their desires are fame, power, and fortune, they would never put all their investments in a sole area, such as owning just print and non-print news venues; oh no, they�ve set themselves up so that they could never collide into a financial collapse. Instead, they own in whole or in part such other entities as sports teams, amusement parks, movie screens, music groups, satellite and cable networks, cable wires, toy companies, Blockbuster and other video and music stores, shopping networks, retail stores, beverage firms, communications companies, computer services, appliances and weapons, websites, water industries, cartoons, mobile phones, resort areas, video games, and other media in whole or part.

Who are some of these big guys holding our heads on the chopping bloc? You�ve heard of them before: Vivendi, Disney, Murdock, Viacom, AOL Time Warner, Bertlesmann, General Electric, News Corporation, and a couple of others. The only aspect of all this that is beneficial to us is that these guys try to out-do themselves by fighting to buy more media and investments, jostling with each over as to who�s on first, and who�s on second, and who�s made the homerun. It is between the snap of the bat and the run for first base that we sometimes�though seldom�get a brief look into the truth.

It continues to amaze me how many people, not only in our country but worldwide, still believe in the media after all the lies they have shelled out, all the �mistakes� they have made, all the backstabbing they have done, and all the contradictions they�ve blasted us with. This is akin to making love to a skeleton. But then the question arises, �If we can�t trust the media, who can we trust?� As strange as this answer sounds, it�s probably the only source where you will get two true sides of each story. . . and that is the Internet. My first caveat is to warn never to believe everything you read on the Net, but after you have scoured all the mainstream media products, and even some buried info, then go online and research and go on a journey for the ultimate in authenticity. And even then still be selective. At least, however, varying accounts do get published online that the media would never present to us in any trustworthy words or modes.

You see how the media, the Elite, have put us in a headlock? They have the power; we are the peons. If they put out something they want us to know in their terms and the general public makes a big to-do about it (which also seldom happens), then the reporter takes the fall for it. The media are going to any means to get a story, whether true or pretend, and they�re honing their manipulative techniques and enforcing their control methods to keep us captive and enslaved. And these techniques are going on right under our noses and yet we aren�t even aware of them. Look what they do to us through subliminal messages, brainwashing, off-colored innuendos, culling up hate targets, through well honed mind control techniques via giving us the news, the movies, the magazines, and the TV programs they want us to have; not what is the truth, and thus leaving us without any true choices. Boy have they ever fooled us.

Norman Solomon offers: "Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one....In 2000, half-a-dozen corporations owned the media outlets that control most of the news and information flow in the United States."[1] Imagine: Only six big corporations internationally own all the media. This is the push for globalization, a one-world federation, the New World Order. The Elite should not dominate media in our republic form of government, but this is exactly what they�re doing to bring about their �Brave New World Order.�[2]

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And what are you reading these days? What�s on your T.V.? You see it; do you believe it? In essence, the media control us, twist and yank us, play with out minds, laugh at us, all the while enslaving us. Discern what you read, listen closely to what you hear.

Welcome to Socialist America, and thank you, media, for bringing us to it.


1, Norman Solomon, "Journalists Doing Somersaults: Self-Censorship and the Rise of the Corporate Media State," as it appeared in Russ Kick's You Are Being Lied To.
2, For additional information on media ownership, see Dr. Hayes' article, "Media: The Kingdom, The Power, and the Fury" at and

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Only six big corporations internationally own all the media. This is the push for globalization, a one-world federation, the New World Order. The Elite should not dominate media in our republic form of government, but this is exactly what they�re doing...