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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
June 1, 2005

"Our task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us are totally disarmed." -- Sara Brady, Chair, Handgun Control Wife of Jim Brady, Assistant to the President and White House Press Secretary under President Ronald Reagan. The National Educator, Jan 1994; pg 3

A Socialist government, huh? This is the certain goal of the one-world globalists. So, are you aware of the New World Order (NWO), or this one-world government, or global governance . . . or any other term for the loss of nationalism? Here is a real eye-opener even if you've heard the terms or references. Every American should know and fight this. Here we go:

Origins of the NWO

Understanding that Americans would never willingly forfeit their freedoms and rights as guaranteed by the Constitution--and likely the same for the masses of other democratic countries--the Elite (wealthy, politically-inclined, well-connected, influential stratum) deliberated over a plan to do this In1991, George Bush, Sr. referred to it as "The New World Order." The Elite implemented it to covertly destroy our sovereignty and have U.S. citizens ceding their rights without even realizing it--all for the purpose of merging America with other countries under a single, umbrella-style government.

Forming a one-world government is not a new or vogue idea. For nearly two hundred years, there has been a subversive goal to gather all the countries under one canon ruled by the most leading people in the world, but only in the last several decades has the scheme become more obvious, more aggressive, and more dangerous in spite of the Elite's desire to keep it "secret." We are not quite the dummies they had counted on.

Many researchers date the desire for world dominion back to around 1776, America's birth, when Adam Weishaupt, an ex-Jesuit and Freemason, originated the term "Illuminate," (referred to today as the "Illuminati") which is perhaps the first recognized, puissant and commanding secret society. Its purpose, according to John Robison's 1798 Proof of Conspiracy, is to "root out all religion and ordinary morality; abolish national distinctions; demean patriotism and rule the world." The "Illuminating" also has been charged with promoting the founding of other shadow brotherhoods and for empowering world domination by a handful of privileged people, again referred to as the Elite, through various programs such as the Rhodes Scholarships, and via other subtle means. You know the people purported to be "controllers"; you've heard of them and their offspring who even today continue to push for a world government agenda that makes us regular joes subservient to them. Through their lofty, blue blood, prestigious and daunting positions, and their unbelievable network of connections throughout the world, they are forcing all this to fruition-right before our eyes. In fact, the Illuminati, still in existence and very active, focuses on subverting upright moral and religious values into illicit acts and thoughts for their own benefit, and making virtues look frivolous and emotional rather than rational and serious. They are getting their way by means of endless insipid brainwashing and mind control via television, radio, newspapers, magazines, educational agendas, and radical environmental programs, as well as by obliterating the family institution, and twisting everything we once were told was right into a now sordid stranglehold.

Actually, our apathy is opening the doors for them. And most people don't know or don't care to learn that all this has been coming down for years or that we're just a heartbeat away from the entire scheme being fully slid into place where no longer will there be freedom, ownership, values, employment of choice, or anything else we loved and respected, and previously deemed worthy of fighting for. No, we're going to fall and falter the very way they want us to, simply because we don't want interrupted our quiet little lives, with our decent homes, our expensive cars, our children we've indulged, and our pizza before us as we sit watching that big television, with the remote control in one hand and a beer in the other. We don't want to have our comfy lives ruined by people like this author and others who believe as she does who reveal the true plan and urge us-expect us--to take action. Around the globe, we are closing our eyes to this, denying it, and yet the evidence sits perched right before our noses as the Illuminati throws huge nets over our heads to completely and forever ensnare us.

Dr. Timothy Dwight, Yale University president in 1798, went even further in claiming that the Illuminati was formed to convert government by all people to government by few people, as well as to undermine existing and traditional institutions (marital, religious, educational, civil, and so on).

Philosopher John Ruskin furthered the cause in 1867 by propagating the ideology of government ruling over children instead of parents rearing them since he believed mom and dad made for lousy care-givers by instilling spiritual and ethical attributes in them. He based this on Plato's Republic which posed that children should become common to all, i.e. the government's possession; hence, Ruskin's charge was "To effect [total care of children], the government must have authority over the people...."

Ruskin was an admitted Communist, having announced in 1885, "I am myself a Communist--the reddest of the red." His doctrines, coupled with those of John Dewey (Humanist Manifesto, 1933), and all of those who are proponents of "Progressive Education," incited Hillary Clinton to write It Takes a Village as a means of convincing parents they are unqualified to rear their flesh and blood with love and discipline, and thus the omnipotent government should step in and form their children's malleable, "tableau rosa" minds to make them think the way Big Brother wants them to.

The Elite have managed to do this by no longer allowing us to train our children, show them too much affection, teach them morals and values, press them to attend churches and temples, coach them with their homework (lest we discover the false histories written in textbooks), or discipline them, so our role as parents has diminished and will continue to deteriorate as long as the Illuminati runs the world as they have done for about two centuries now.

The Illuminati Muscle

About 100 years after Yale's president Dr. Dwight denounced the Illuminati, Joseph Willard not only agreed with him but went on to say that the Illuminati would stop at nothing to ridicule and deny God or anything religiously oriented. In spite of the condemnation of noted public people who wanted a one world government, the mentality for shredding our Constitution into sawdust was there and coming out of the woods. Like the very paper our nation's charter was drafted on, the fibers of the written words now are being ripped apart.

This unpatriotic Illuminati, with all their accomplices, hope to entice and even force the general population to follow their guidelines and policies. These Elite--the world's rich who hold great sway over us--are using terrorism and chaos to make us submissive and compliant through crime, monetary problems, disobedient children and the take-over of global communications forms. They can then easily implement their plan to rule each man, woman, and child via a global government.

The Illuminati workings invade every aspect of our lives in all venues of our existence: Politics, education, religion, culture, economy. To accomplish this, they employed their sub-groups--secret societies, such as the Skull and Bones, among many others--to network in every job and career field to put their "people" in high positions in order to promote their goal for Totalitarianism through the one-world government.

The Illuminati's plan has been advancing since the days of Weishaupt and Cecil Rhodes and his Rhodes Scholarships that serve to groom and indoctrinated potential young people. Former President Bill Clinton is one recipient. The New World Order has been taken up by the Elite's continuous line of supporters and cohorts who are shoving forth the scheme. It is coming down hard now in spite of those fighting against it and it is coming with the help of the passive, walk-all-over-me mentality most Americans have. We slam into the face of the New World Order every day, and we do nothing to stop their Socialistic, Fabianistic, Totalitarianistic drive to make us indentured servants and usurp our beloved country and our endeared beliefs and freedoms. They want and are getting a Feudal society, with us as serfs.

Woodrow Wilson powered up his strength on this Totalitarianism scheme. Through the persuasion of his advisor, Colonel House, Wilson allowed, perhaps even encouraged, the growth of Marxism. At this point, it's important to understand that the meld of Marxism/Communism to Capitalism would bring about Facsism/Fabianism/Socialism, which was and is the goal of all one-worlders. The method to do this was and is through Hegelian Dialectics, offered by Georg Hegel, as explained below.


In life there is duality: hot/cold; dark/light; new/old; tall/short, and so on. This in itself yields a thorough study of the dynamics of existence but for now it serves only to show that extremes prevail. And in most cases, when opposites unite, they form something new, such as combining yellow with red to create the substance "orange," and then orange takes its own place in the array of colors, and can mix again to synthesize yet another form or color, such as orange blended with blue to create black.

In the literal sense, the term dialectics means creating or coining something new from fusing opposites. It's like a pendulum swinging between two conflicting forces where the pendulum always strives for the perfect balance and hence settles dead center; and in this case, the variances and tension yield a midpoint: A one-world government, We're nearly entirely there.

Based on opposites or dialectics, or duality, Hegel fostered the premise that if one ideology is presented (called the thesis) and another is posed in opposition to it (the anti-thesis [antithesis]), then the two would meld to form a new or combined construct (the synthesis). It applies to us today simply because we are seeing our country shift towards a socialist conviction through melding Capitalism and Communism, as depicted here:

We see this happening today. Capitalism is becoming more Communistic as seen in rampant corporate mergers that form monopolies to dictate to its employees and control the economy of the nations; this is just one example. As Communism becomes more like Capitalism, as witnessed in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and a so-called democracy blanketing Russia, we see a combined form of government -- good ol' Socialism. The coup against Gorbachev in 1991 was a fictional struggle, as he is a primary advocate of the NWO, having stated back then on October 30th, "[We are now] able to move toward a new world order . . . relying . . . on [the] . . . United Nations."


Like Ruskin, Wilson was believed to be a major backer of Socialism. In fact, he signed into enactment his "Sterilization Law" in 1912 that took the less productive in society (mentally disabled, genetically misshapen, physically infirmed) and prevented them from bearing children. He's also blamed for favoring education for small (read: Elite) groups of future leaders over the general public. His wording in his address to the New York City high school teachers goes along these lines, "We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and another class to perform difficult manual tasks [slaves for the educated class]."

From this point on, the push for global governance took wings and has invaded every aspect of our lives, from the realms of religion, politics, economy, education, culture and recreation, to our day-to-day activities. It encompasses high-profile people in corporations, those at all levels of education, as well as the media, heavy-duty industries, financial institutions, the defense sector, energy companies, and many businesses and gatherings in the world. To accomplish this, the Elite have violated our rights, destroyed our privacy, dictated orders to us, made decisions for us, and created avenues to deceive us through radio, TV, print materials, propaganda, elections, and government and non-government organizations (NGO), along with a host of other incredibly shameful means.

Most decisions and actions are made behind closed doors at secret society meetings, and there are a host of those. A sampling of a few other besides the Skull and Bones are the Council on Foreign Relations, Priory of Scion, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, Opus Dei, Freemasonry, and dozens and dozens more -- all existing for the same reason -- to build this one-world government or New World Order.

Now you see from whence we have come and to where we are headed�.and it isn't a pretty picture. Do you want to be a member of the New World Order? If not, you better get your gloves on and starting fighting. It has started; it is here�we need to do something now.

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Forming a one-world government is not a new or vogue idea. For nearly two hundred years, there has been a subversive goal to gather all the countries under one canon ruled by the most leading people in the world, but only in the last several decades has the scheme become more obvious, more aggressive, and more dangerous in spite of the Elite's desire to keep it "secret."