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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
December 30, 2007

As is the case of my previous articles on symbology, this piece prompts information on the foundation and basis of hidden and forbidden knowledge.

All covert groups, especially the Inner Circle which some refer to as the Illuminati but who are really the core of all societies, have stealth mean of conveying messages to each other. Sometimes it�s a specific type of handshake; other times it�s a coded action, as when Madonna kissed Brittany Spears; but more often than not, it�s shapes or figures or legends (i.e. symbols) that parlay uncommon ideals. This form of communiqu� is the hallmark of shadow groups. The first group to pop into one�s mind is Freemasonry, which operates out of a slew of symbols used for double meanings. The compass, for example, means more than a measuring instrument, as do the cube and the square, among many other symbols. An entire tome could be written on this society alone.

Most symbols are codified and connected with measurements, math, and numerology. Nearly all have hidden occultic meanings. Another example, as mentioned in Part II of this series, is the five-pointed star

Mysticism, witchcraft, cabalism, astronomy and the esoteric all work together, along with concepts of gods and goddesses, femininity and masculinity, and fertility. Symbology dates back farther than the Tower of Babylon, though most believe this was an inciting factor in today�s cryptocracy. If you study history and follow through on certain aspects (i.e. Knights Templar) and certain people (Pike, Blavatsky, and those of even earlier days), you�ll see the thread that weaves what appears to be the loose strands. Tie all this in with secret societies, and you have the New World Order and the plight we face today. Symbology and secret societies are very sophisticated, and those advancing both want none of us to be aware of them. That�s why they operate out of secrecy. And who �they� are apparently are what most refer to as the �Power Elite,� or the Illuminati. They have a plan for the world�one that denies humanity, rejects God, destroys rights, erodes constitutions, collapses currencies, dumbs-down our children, and creates diseases and other horrors to depopulate our planet while getting fat and wealthy off each of us.

Dr. Henry Makow provides some insight into the nature of all this:[1]

Who are the Illuminati? We are still living off the twilight rays of Western Civilization, which was based on Christianity. Civilization is always based on a religion, an ideal. Christ taught that God is Immanent and His Plan is to manifest Himself through His Creation. We must do His will rather than pursue our own selfish desires. Kings derived their authority from God and were answerable to Him.

The Jewish Pharisees rejected Christ. They practised a naturalistic religion that turned Christ's message on its head. Man is God, rules the universe, and defines reality. We can indulge our desires. Dating back to Zoroastrianism, the Jewish Cabala reverses the roles of God and Lucifer and embraces occult symbols, rituals and blood sacrifices. This is the Cosmic Struggle between Spirit and Matter: God will be Immanent; Matter will resist. This is the conflict between God (the view that man is unfinished, and dependent on Divine revelation) and Lucifer (man is already god.)

The Cabalists secretly dedicated themselves to destroying Christianity and Western civilization. In 1773 Amschel Mayer Rothschild convened a meeting of 12 prominent Jewish bankers and other prominent Jewish personalities and submitted a programme to level the social order using the contradictory promise of "liberty" and "equality." In 1776, they had Adam Weishaupt organize the Order of the Illuminati, which merged with Freemasonry in 1782. Freemasonry is Cabala and, in the words of Andre Krylienko, (The Red Thread) it was "launched for the purpose of enlisting non-Jews consciously or unconsciously in the service of Jewry." (p.93)

When you look closely at each of the elements, you can see how they all mesh, and how well machinated they are, and even worse, how well they the Elite have planned and implemented every part of it. Symbols are not accidents. They are tools of the Elite, the Inner Circle and all the groups attached to them.

Here are more symbols to ponder:

Star of David = This is six-pointed with two triangles, and is Israel�s flag. But the occultists see it as a sign of black and white magic. It�s connected to Jewish mysticism, and is made of two triangles (tri-angles = again the number 3). Inside the star, often depicted is an all-seeing eye in a creature that looks like an elephant with a crown on top, and atop that seems to be an upside-down dove. Of the two triangles, the tip of the one that points down denotes femininity, the moon and water. The triangle tip pointing upward depicts sun, fire, and masculinity. Notice, again, the dialectics, the opposites: Femininity (anima) and masculinity (animus). �The "empty" hexagram, without crossing lines isn�t used in Western ideography except as a form for a policeman's badge in Iceland and in certain states in the US (the sheriff's star).� (Quote and diagrams by

Freeman offers:[2]

The five-pointed star has appeared in pre-Columbian America, although not in the form of the pentagram. This makes it unlikely that the high cultures existing at that time, for example, the Mayan culture, had succeeded in discovering the design despite their advanced knowledge of the timing of the appearances of the Morning star and the Evening star, that is, the orbit of the planet Venus. After the Sumerian epoch in the Euphrates-Tigris region the Venus goddess seems to have been symbolized by, the eight-pointed star. The pentagram fell out of use and did not appear in this region until some 1,000 years later.

Yin and Yang = Like the double-headed eagle, this symbol is of dialectics (opposites; see previous chapters). It represents equally colored white and black (light and dark) circles, and where the black is, there is a minuscule white dot, and where the white is, there is an equal-sized, teeny, black circle. Opposites integrate to form one, unity. Many of the dialectical symbols also represent the opposites of male and female. Some perceive the separation of black and white by an �S�, representing Satan streaming through its diameter. Yin is the female counterpart and is symbolic of dark and negative; yang, the white side, is masculine and represents the opposite: light and positive. (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell)

Babylon = is from the Bible when the Babylonians tried to build a tower (Tower of Babel) to reach heaven. It�s symbolic for worldly, wealthy, powerful, as it was a great and powerful metropolis for its era, and it considered itself above everyone and everything else, the richest and the best place to live. But the residents were selfish, arrogant, materialistic, and thought themselves above God. The city fell. God made the people speak in different tongues and not understand each other so that they would scatter and not complete the project. This is where the word �babble� (meaning incoherent) came from. Some people consider America the modern day Babylon. Today, the word connotes evil behavior, a sinful lifestyle or city. The Babylonian Gardens in Iraq were being re-built by Saddam Hussein; some say through the Illuminati. The creating of these gardens is a sign that the Lord is coming, so says Bible prophecy. The Babylonians, as is true with many other nations, worship the sun god. �This structure-- maze or labyrinth--is probably a representation of the mythological labyrinth in Knossos, Crete, used to contain the Minotaurus monster, half human, half bull. Catholic missionaries found in the middle of the eighteenth century a stone with this structure carved in a town in Nepal, which the Nepalese told them represented the plan of an old city whose ruins these missionaries had seen on their journey.� (Quoted and diagrammed) In many cultures, it represents Babylon. The eight-pointed star, and variations of it, are also representative of Babylon.

Tower of Babel = If you look up this image in any religious or history book, you�ll see its composition is formed by concentric circles. The Babylonians were an arrogant (see �Babylon�), perverted, sadistic civilization. They thought they were so omnipotent that in a contemptuous and conceited union they began to build a tower that would reach the heavens. Disgusted with their attitude, God made each person speak in languages unknown to each other so that the completion of the tower could not be done, and their unity dissolved.

Below the arrows also serve as a representation of the Babylonian tower, but it also signifies Fascism because of its expandable capabilities in every direction.

Represents Fascism & tower

Druids = This ancient cult is attributed to having in some manner created Stonehenge. The Druids are also thought to be connected to the Italian horn or unicorn horn, though most relate druids to Celtic or Irish ethnicity. �The Druid Sigil is most often rendered as a circle with two vertical lines passing through it (see below). Frequently this is drawn, painted, embroidered, etc. as a wreath of leaves with two staves (or spears for the warrior types) passing through.� (Quote and diagrams from �Symbols of Druid Identity�; Version 2.8); Copyright � 1985, 2005 c.e., Isaac Bonewits)

Witches = Their black cape and flying prowess makes them separate from humans and are believed to be in the league with Satan, and thus are considered evil, though some adamantly claim they are white (or good) witches. Scholars of Satanism and witchcraft say there are no white witches . . . only black, and that they are very real and influential through the use of dark symbols and sinister societies, and the worship of the devil.

Blair Witch

Moon Goddess = called Goddess Diana. The crescent moon was adopted as a sign of Islam in the 1300s. Later, a star was added to depict sovereignty and divinity. The moon is largely perceived as feminine even though its topography looks like �the man in the moon.� This dates back to the myth that a man was nailed to the moon to purge himself of sin. Eclipses of the moon are considered to be evil. Other negative facets include high tidal waves, especially at night (as water is central to mythology), werewolves, and wolves baying at the moon--the darker side of humanity--vampires desiring the moon over the sun. People associate madness, bizarre behavior, lunacy (notice the word �Luna� which means moon in Latin) to the full moon and its cycle (the unending cycle of life-- birth, date, and rebirth). Moonstruck people are said to be mad, or madly in love. The Ibis is an Egyptian deity representing the soul and the moon (the feminine side) while birds of prey (see below: hawks, eagles, etc) signify the sun and the masculine side. Thus, the crescent with a star indicates worshipers of prostitution, of the unknown world (Ouija, astrology, spiritualists, fortunetellers and clairvoyants, and other psychics and gazers).

Eagle = (see also �Birds� below.) This sky god represents royalty, power, kingliness, pride, strength, courage, and a ruler; fighter of the serpent, rising sun, and protector, but the slayer of unwitting prey as it espies with its keen eyesight. There are different types of eagles, and different categories: Bald Eagle, Napoleonic Eagle, hawks (all seen as representative of the sun). Eagles serve as symbols, emblems, and other markers. A Double-headed Eagle is representative of the dialectics (opposites) of nature, and is depicted as being pulled in opposite directions. The zodiac sign for Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions, is the same. This symbol often is used in occultism

Birds = Crows = Black birds/ravens are credited with evil, being bad omens, forewarning of death. Shintoism sees the black bird as a messenger of god while the Chinese regard it --when coupled with a white heron--as representative of their yin and yang (black and white, dialectical opposites, male and female). Raven = stands as a messenger of the gods; overall, it�s a harbinger of illness, darkness, war, and death; Swans = feminine, beauty, grace, and the goddess Venus/Aphrodite; Doves = love and peace, Christianity; seven doves in a circle symbolize the Holy Spirit�s seven gifts (God-fearing, wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, and piety); It represents the Holy Spirit entering Jesus, and its opposite is often depicted as a raven or vulture. Falcons = similar to eagles, they represent free spirit, have healing powers, strength, a sacrifice for the sun god, Re (Egyptian), and because of their acute vision, falcons also represent the all-seeing eye of Horus. While these birds are reflections of the masculine side and the son, the vulture--another bird of prey-- is seen as feminine in spite of its carnivorous menus, and the consuming of the dead.

Satan�s �S� = looks like a double bolt of lightening running vertically. This was the mythical Zeus� weapon, and was worn by the SS, and means �annihilator.� (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell)

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Certainly there are elements in society that hope to keep their goals and ideology hidden, and thus use cryptic messages via symbols and numerology. Most of these emblems and numbers are right in front of us, and even more of them are ones we see on a daily basis and think nothing of their hidden meanings. Of course, sometimes a rose is just a rose. The truth is that more of the public is coming to understand the significance of symbology and how it is clandestinely used to further selective agendas created by powerful people behind closed doors. Consider The DaVinci Code and National Treasure as just two examples of how symbols can be used. This is not to say that these two examples are true; it only testifies as how more people are becoming aware of hidden communications. Keep your eyes focused, your mind open, and you�ll begin to see the secret world silently, sneakily slithering right in front of you.


1, Freeman. "Symbols 21.27.:
2, "Does a Satanic Cult Rule the World?" By Henry Makow Ph.D. October 21, 2002

� 2007 Gianni Hayes - All Rights Reserved

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Mysticism, witchcraft, cabalism, astronomy and the esoteric all work together, along with concepts of gods and goddesses, femininity and masculinity, and fertility. Symbology dates back farther than the Tower of Babylon, though most believe this was an inciting factor in today�s cryptocracy.