During the first six months that Greg Spotts, writer, producer and director of "American Jobs", visited nineteen cities and towns while producing this entirely self-funded film. He saw first hand the permanent, structural changes confronting America's blue-collar and white-collar families as multinational corporations take advantage of "global sourcing" to hire the lowest-wage labor.

"Movingly shows the devastating consequences of policy decisions that put business interests above the basic well-being of America's working families." -- Former Congressman David Bonoir
Chair of American Rights at Work



"American Jobs" is a documentary film that explores the loss of American jobs to foreign competition. This a nonpartisan film.

"American Jobs" began as a personal exploration of the "jobless recovery." Distributed by the news that three million manufacturing jobs had disappeared between 2000 and 2003, Greg Spotts hit the road with a video camera to see the damage for himself.

The result of 80 hours of interviews, "American Jobs" explores the impact of low-wage foreign competition on America's workers, families and communities.

"American Jobs" Produced by Spottsfilm LLC. $14.95 plus $6.00 for S/H.  For each additional DVD add $1.50 for S/H.  Running time: 60 min.

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