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This is a handbook on world government which is also known as "Global Governance" or "the New World Order, " a phrase first used by President George Bush in 1990.

I am asking that world government and New World Order be linked. When I first started reading about the "New World Order" I had no idea that it was world government ... no one ever made the connection for me. We have to explain that they are one in the same.






From The Author of:
"Prince Charles The Sustainable Prince"


Many Americans know or feel something is very wrong, but are not able to put their finger on the problem. This book will help them to connect the dots - politically, economically, and environmentally. Global Straitjacket will explain the Hegalian Dialectic, "reinventing government," public-private partnerships and how it replaces the Constitution "Globalization," the move toward a world stockmarket and a cashless society, an international criminal court which transcends national boundaries, and much more. Above all it will provide the reader with understanding of the governmental aspects of the United Nations and how its power transcends from the international to the local level all with the blessings of our federal government.

Joan Veon writes: "Jesus Christ was born into world government. The early church certainly understood the rules of Rome and worked around and through it without becoming part of it or adding to it. In contrast the end-time church is going into world government without knowing or understanding its agenda, and therefore blind as to how to stand in the gap."

The United Nations' Global Straightjacket:  By Joan Veon, Published by, Hearthstone Publishing Corp., 411 pages p.b.  $24.95 plus $6.00 for S/H.  For each additional book add $1.50 for S/H


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