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A former drug-design chemist confronts ten myths that prop up a sick health-care industry. He shows that FDA-approved drugs are NOT safe and effective, pharmaceutical drugs do NOT improve the quality of life, and cholesterol is NOT bad for you, to name just a few of the myths exposed. There is a surprising bonus in the section on the real cause of obesity and why dieting and appetite suppressants usually don�t work � and he shows what does. That section alone is worth the price. Simply stated: You must read this book.


Learn How to Avoid Deadly Health Myths - Add 10 Years to Your Life

By Shane Ellison, M. Sc.

Shane Ellison's highly referenced book is a must read if one is to understand how and why our sickness care system billed as health care works. The hard hitting evidence provided in this book will forever, change the readers perception of our authorities. Who continue to pander to the corporations with total disregard to our health and wealth.

One cannot solve a problem without first accepting it - and this can only happen through clear understanding of the issues. This book should become an essential tool for the understanding our current medical system and has the potential to change it. It has all the ingredients for helping the reader to become self sufficient in many of their own health matters....

Myths discussed in the book are:

Myth #1
- FDA approved Drugs are Safe and Effective.

Myth #2 - Drug Advertising Promotes Health. Awareness for Consumers.
Myth #3 - Pharmaceutical Drugs Improve the Quality of Human Life.
Myth #4 - Professional Medicine Reporting is Honest and Trustworthy.
Myth #5 - Nutritional Supplements (AKA Nutraceuticals) are Dangerous and Ineffective.
Myth #6 - High Cholesterol is a Major Risk Factor for Heart Disease.
Myth #7 - Cholesterol is Bad for You.

Health Myths Exposed. By Shane Ellison. 209 pgs., Soft Cover, $14.95 plus $6.00 for S/H.  For each additional book add $1.50 for S/H

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