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The good news is that your children can now get a quality education and success in school in a low-cost private school. You now have real school choice. Your children donít have to suffer through 12 years of a mind-numbing, third-rate public-school education.

You can give your kids a quality education right now with low-cost, K-12th grade Internet private schools, and many other education options. Our book, "Public Schools, Public Menace" shows you how.

  • 22 ways that busy, working parents can homeschool their kids.
  • All about low-cost Internet private schools --- a new education resource for busy, working parents who are disgusted with public schools.
  • A wealth of practical advice, strategies and resources for parents who decide to take their kids out of public school.


How Public Schools Lie to Parents and Betray Our Children.

By Joel Turtell

In "Public Schools, Public Menace," you will discover:

  • How public schools can waste 12 years of your childís life.
  • How public schools can cripple your child's ability to read.
  • How public schools deceive parents into thinking their children are doing well in school when they are not.
  • How public schools indoctrinate children with anti-parent, anti-American, and anti-Judeo-Christian values.
  • How public schools expose innocent children to often shocking sexual material in so-called sex-education classes.
  • How public schools pressure parents to give their children potentially dangerous, mind-altering drugs.
  • Why low-income minority parents should not pin their hopes on vouchers, charter schools, or the No Child Left Behind law.
Public Schools, Public Menace: By Joel Turtel. Softcover. 375 pgs.  $17.95 plus $6.00 for S/H.  For each additional book add $1.50 for S/H

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