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Napolotino reveals:

  • Breaking the law to enforce it
  • Attacking the innocent
  • Creating crime
  • Grabbing guns, endangering citizens
  • Filching property
  • Gagging free speech
  • Bribing witnesses, buying convictions
  • Assaulting the people
  • Justice Department's terror tactics

Wake-Up Call


What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws

By Judge Andrew P. Napolotino

In this alarming book, Judge Napolitano makes the solid case that there is a pernicious and ever-expanding pattern of government abuse in America’s criminal justice system, leading him to establish his general creed: “The government is not your friend.” As an attorney, a law professor, a commentator, a judge, and now a successful television personality, Judge Napolitano has studied the system inside and out, and his unique voice has resonance and relevance. Whether in the big, headliner criminal cases or in the thousands of small-town trials no one ever hears about (but should), the police, the prosecutors, the politicians, the judges, and the machinery of government are inexorably grinding away at the individual liberties guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution. But in this sensational new book, Napolitano sets the record straight, speaking frankly from his own experiences and careful, thorough investigation and revealing how government agencies will often arrest without warrant, spy without legal authority, imprison without charge, and kill without cause.

Constitutional Chaos, Thomas Nelson Publishers:  By Judge Andrew P. Napolotino. Hardcover. 233 pgs.  $26.95 plus $6.00 for S/H.  For each additional book add $1.50 for S/H

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