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Who Will Rule the New World Order?

This book is a must read for all those who seek to understand the day and the hour and the powers that rule over us.

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What this means is that Prince Charles, as heir to the British throne, has a bigger role to play in world affairs than what people could imagine. Joan Veon knows that he is a "Renaissance man: and a man with a mission. As a result of his behind-the-scenes role at the United Nations, Prince Charles is responsible for changing the order of life from the biblical perspective of man having dominance over the earth to one in which the earth has dominance over man. One of the major environmental philosophies which runs tantamount to this is that of "sustainable development." Because of his global orchestrations, Veon has dubbed Charles "the sustainable prince."

Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince:  By Joan Veon, Hearthstone Publishing, Inc., 203 pages p.b.  $14.95 plus $6.00 for S/H.  For each additional book add $1.50 for S/H

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