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by Brother Gregory Williams
January 23, 2009

When August Caesar was sworn into his last 10 year term of office as the Emperor of the Roman Empire, he handed the sacred tablet upon which the oath was written to Tiberius and had him read it. He said he would not take an oath he did not intend to keep.

The other day all America watched as the oath of office for the presidency of the United States was administered to Barack Obama. Millions of dollars were spent on the lavish ceremony performed before the whole world.

While millions watched, some people of faith looked closely to see if Barack Obama would actually place his hand on the Bible, as all other presidents have done since George Washington. News reports told us the Bible used to swear in the new president was the same used by Abraham Lincoln over a century ago.

Something has been determined to be drastically wrong with the events of the day. Something was not done right and what happened yesterday to fix it was unprecedented in the history of the United States.

"Barack Obama has retaken the oath of office that was administered by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts at the ceremonial inauguration yesterday."[*]

There was something apparently wrong with what the whole world saw and heard during the taking of the oath of office. Experts believed they needed to have a retaking of the oath or the presidential power to exercise authority over the nation of the United States would not be legal. What was this serious legal breach that concerned these legal minds?

"Legal experts had suggested the move because of the multiple stumbles and flubs at the original event.”
“Josh White of the Washington Post said the oath of office is required of a new president 'before he can execute his power.' “
“And he noted, 'the Constitution is clear that its 35 words must be spoken exactly.'
'He should probably go ahead and take the oath again,' Jonathan Turley had told the Post."[*]

So, Barack Obama, the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, reporters, and photographers all made an appointment to gather for a second oath taking.

"The Associated Press reports, 'The president said he did not have his Bible with him [for the second oath], but that the oath was binding anyway.'"[*]

All this trouble and no body could find a Bible? So what does that tell you?

For the first time in history the presidential oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of United States was not taken on the the Bible.

Was this just an oversight or was it the plan all along? It is unlikely that the ceremony will be repeated for those who have concerns about this breach of presidential protocol. I have no doubt Washington and Lincoln would have found a Bible.

When Washington took the oath they did not have a Bible when they were about to begin. Someone had run down the street several blocks to find one. Evidently the chief justice of New York’s Supreme Court had admonished Washington and everyone present that an oath that was not sworn on the Bible would lack legitimacy. When Washington was finished, adding the phrase, “So help me God,” he bent down and kissed the Bible.

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I cannot tell you why our present legal minds, who found the first oath of Barack Obama to be inadequate, took all the trouble to gather for a second ceremony, nullifying the first, but then did not take the trouble to find a Bible. You will have to answer that question for yourselves.

While some will cry conspiracy, it is certainly an omen of things to come.

For what we are about to receive, may we truly be thankful.

[*] Quotes are taken from WND article entitled CHANGING OF THE GUARD. Obama retakes oath of office

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Brother Gregory was born in America in 1948. His father was a practicing attorney and his mother the daughter of Norwegian immigrants. He Married in 1973, and is the Father of 6 children with a growing number of grandchildren. He grew up in southeast Texas, attending private schools, entering the seminary at 13, where he studied Latin, Greek, and theology. In the course of these studies he began to become aware of secrets hidden for centuries within ancient libraries that began to reveal a more fundamental purpose in the gospel of Christ. His quest to understand the “whole truth” has led him down a labyrinth of law and language, history and prophecy, fable and fallacy, in a unique portrait of bondage and betrayal, liberty and freedom, and the solution and salvation.

He is the author of several books, include The Covenants of the gods, Thy Kingdom Comes, and The Free Church Report, dozens of pamphlets, audio, and video recordings. He has appeared on radio and television “preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God” which is at hand, within your reach. His common theme is how are men brought into bondage and how are they made free souls under God. His hope and prayer is to bring man's relationship with the God of creation and his relationship with the gods of the “world” into a new perspective and light. Knowing the truth shall set you free, if we will do the will of our Father in heaven.

He now lives near Summer Lake, Oregon where he continues to care for his family, tending sheep of the Church and overseeing the edification of the Church established by Christ in the hearts and minds of congregations of the people, for the people, by the people who will seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.












Something has been determined to be drastically wrong with the events of the day. Something was not done right and what happened yesterday to fix it was unprecedented in the history of the United States.