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By CJ Graham
January 13, 2010

Below are excerpts from the monologue Glenn Beck presented on his Fox News program, Jan 8th, 2010.

[“Conspiracies aren’t conspiracies when they’re true and open.

More and more Americans are finding themselves where I am, in a place where you don’t want to believe the stuff that you now do, even the stuff that you would have thought a year ago was crazy town. But you do believe it because you are honest with yourself, you have promised yourself as I have to seek the truth no matter how many times you think about it, no matter how many times you think oh my gosh what does this mean, to my future and the future of my children. If it makes me a pariah, so be it. It is the truth, not stuff I want to believe.

Every president has said it. Our founders said it. America is the world’s last and greatest hope you don’t really have a choice but to deal with the facts as you find them if you want to stand as a guardian of freedom. And if you find those facts and you don’t like them, oh well! So be it! They are the facts.”]

Glenn made this impassioned speech just days after refusing to hear the concerns of callers to his radio show. He branded them with the conspiracy tag not seeming to understand that these were worried and informed Americans. They made an orchestrated effort to get his attention because of their growing unease with the refusal of President Obama to provide any transparency of his background. The media’s complete refusal to hold him accountable on any matter has not made things better. There is very real fear that the sitting President of the United States, Barack Obama, might not be eligible to hold the Office.

The effort to reach Glenn was made because so many Americans believe in his work to expose the corrupt, and they believe that if he would give this issue fair hearing, he would have a change of heart.

As a viewer of his show, I cringed when I listened to a recording of Glenn, Jan 4th, 2010. Was this the same man who calls American patriots the watchdogs of Liberty? It has become the status quo for the left and the right to insult and disparage those with which they disagree, in an attempt to silence and embarrass, but as someone who has learned much watching his show, I expected better from him, as did many others.

I am unable to reconcile ‘radio show’ Glenn with ‘Fox News’ Glenn. And this confusion has hurt and disappointed many of his listeners and viewers. Glenn has done so much to inform the American people to the inner workings and corruptions in our government. I am at a loss to understand why he will not at least question the absence of information forthcoming about President Obama and the issue of his potential ineligibility. This goes much deeper than just where President Obama was born. There are many other factors that must be considered. Glenn did himself a disservice by refusing to listen to what watchdogs and other patriots were trying to tell him.

The bloggers, callers and viewers that Glenn has offended are concerned citizens and the very people he has been reaching out to. I can’t believe it was his intention to injure patriots and I think he is very misguided in this instance. I hope he will have a change of heart.

Therefore; I am challenging Glenn Beck to reconsider his stance and to give this issue a fair hearing for the good of our nation, our people and for the integrity of the Office of the President.

I want to see Glenn at his blackboard, props in hand, making the case, no matter the conclusions he draws, as long as all the facts are presented fairly and either acknowledged or disproven.

I hope he will do that because he has a very important role to play in our nation’s future and we need him to keep exposing the scoundrels and the lies. But more importantly we need to have faith in his integrity and his intentions. We need to know that there are no boundaries to his search for truth in defending our nation.

It may very well be that Glenn has not given this matter proper consideration. If he will reconsider and begin to research the issue fully, he may find that he is once again forced to believe something that at one point he found crazy, as so many of the rest of us that have also done. No one wants to believe that we are in such a dire situation in our country that the President might be a fraud, but once one begins an honest search for answers, the facts become disconcerting.

Glenn doesn’t have to embrace the argument just make a fair presentation and present the facts as they are discovered. All Americans are asking for is a fair and unbiased hearing, even if it is a conclusion that is deeply troubling.


Despite what Glenn currently believes, there are millions of Americans who are gravely concerned about this issue and their concern deserves respect and answers. Belittling truly worried citizens is beneath him and I wouldn’t be surprised to find he later regrets it.

Glenn can redeem himself by a willingness to dig into the ever growing mountain of facts and by apologizing for insulting and disappointing decent Americans. This would go a long way to healing the rift this incident has caused.

If he does decide to do a truly courageous thing and take this issue head on, he must be open minded and prepared to air all of the facts. If he tries to hide or shade the truth, the public will call him out. They are eons ahead of him on this issue and they will not tolerate shoddy investigative work. Glenn has the money, the research staff and the public pulpit to bring this issue to the forefront and confront it.

The people are doing exactly what Glenn says we must do, but once you unleash the sleeping giant, you cannot pick and choose the truth they uncover in their courageous search for justice and liberty.

Glenn says almost nightly on his show “Mean what you say. Say what you mean.”

When tea party members (many of whom question eligibility) were called astro-turf, Glenn appeared righteously angry. Did he not do the exact same thing to those people who tried to get his attention by calling his show en masse? These callers were not extremists they were patriots, moms and dads, and the everyday guy searching for truth just standing up for what they believe and seeking to wake up other Americans. They should be embraced for their courage and appreciated.

As Glenn should know, it is not fun to believe something that a year ago you might have considered crazy, but how brave Americans are for feeling the embarrassment and pursuing the truth anyway.

Calling Glenn’s show en masse is no different than assembling on the Mall in DC to bring awareness. This issue is cancerous and needs to be addressed. Is Glenn up to the challenge of making an honest assessment of the facts?

The truth is the truth, even when it is not convenient and even when it is frightening and earth shattering.

To facilitate a challenge to Glenn, I have listed a few questions he might consider in a search for the truth. I have also included links below for some excellent resources.

Finally, Glenn is a big supporter of our military. He must understand that there is nothing more sacred then the trust the military places in their Commander in Chief to have their best interest at heart. Anything that causes military members to question the integrity of that office is extremely damaging to the troops and their moral. I wonder if Glenn is aware of the growing number of military members who are questioning the legitimacy of this president, both current members actively serving, and veterans.

Do these brave men and women deserve any less than the truth, fully evaluated? As they risk their life in service to their country, do they not deserve to be fully satisfied that their leader is truthful and faithful to our Constitution?

A few of the concerned members are listed below. They are upstanding members of the military and deserve to have their concerns acknowledged. One cannot imagine they would take such a stand were they not very serious in their concerns.

1- Major General Commanding General Carroll D. Childers Joins Military Suit
2- “Major Cannon former Marine Corps. joins our action
3- Soldier questions eligibility, doubts president's authority
4- 'As an officer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this'

Public Servants have also weighed in with their concerns.

1- Keyes: President 'has something to hide' about eligibility
2- WND: Congressman challenges Obama eligibility
3- WND- Suggesting eligibility proof gets congressman scorned

Just a few questions for Glenn to consider:

Have all school records including Occidental, Columbia and Harvard been sealed?

Has the President refused complete access to his medical records?

Has the President refused to release a legitimate copy of his long form Birth Certificate?

Has the President released his passport information, including how he was able to travel to Pakistan when it was off limits to Americans?

Has the President released a legitimate copy of his Selective Service forms?

Has the President explained his use of the name Barry Soetoro and his failure to list this name on his attorney filing forms?

What name did the President register under for school in Indonesia, Occidental? Columbia? Harvard?

Was the president adopted by Lolo Soetoro and did that affect his current citizenship status?

Did the President receive foreign student aide?

Why was the president roomed with a foreign Pakistani student in college?

What is the Constitutional Requirement to be President of the United States?

Was President Obama a duel citizen at birth, Kenyan or British?

What are the criteria for being a Natural Born Citizen?

What are the criteria for being a Native Born Citizen?

Did President Obama’s mother lose her American citizenship when she married and moved to Indonesia and then worked later in Pakistan and China? If so, was her citizenship reinstated when she returned to the US?

If President Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, did he become an Indonesian citizen and if so, would that relinquish his Natural born status even if he came back to the states and reclaimed his citizenship?

Isn’t it a simple truth that he, who has nothing to hide, hides nothing?

These questions will only lead an honest searcher to more questions. Below are several articles and websites which give much insight to this issue.

Glenn Beck has reached out to Americans who feel disenfranchised and he has done a great job of informing them of many issues that demand attention. It is a shame that he has not fully considered the implications of the President’s ineligibility on the stability of our nation.

Americans must have confidence in leadership. There can be no confidence in secrecy. This issue is eating away at the integrity of the Office of the President. It must be dealt with in a fair and honest way. The people deserve no less.

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A little information Glenn can use to begin legitimate research into this issue. There are many patriots gathering information and asking the right questions.

1- Who is Orly Taitz- Attorney?
2- Who is Mario Arpuzzo-Attorney?
3- Who Is Lou Donofrio - Attorney?
4- Who Is Philip Berg - Attorney?
5- Who Is James Ander and what is the Chrysler dealer Lawsuit about?

Articles: worth reading:

1- On "birthers," heed "Radio Patriot," not Glenn Beck
2- Lynn Stuter-Are You Angry Yet?

� 2010 CJ Graham - All Rights Reserved

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"CJ" Graham is a Veteran and the proud wife of a retired USAF Veteran. She is a dedicated mother, activist, conservative, independent, who's allegiance is to her country and not to a particular political party. She is a firm believer in the power of the Citizen of the United States of America to whom she writes with a empowering and encouraging spirit. She knows that the Citizen of the USA can make a difference through peaceful, focused, knowledge empowered, activism working within the system and with media and legislators to effect change. As an author, she writes from the heart but backs up her work with facts.










The effort to reach Glenn was made because so many Americans believe in his work to expose the corrupt, and they believe that if he would give this issue fair hearing, he would have a change of heart.