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The Gods of Globalism: The Devil Is In the Details








By CJ Graham
October 18, 2008

Yet another useless, contrived, ineffectual, over processed, and sanitized presidential debate has occurred as what remains of our national wealth smolders in an ash heap on the floor of Wall Street.

Once again the topic of the ‘Fat Cat’ bailout was touched on, only briefly, to drive home the point that both ‘Senators,’ running for President, Republican and Democrat, are servants, not of the American people, but of the ‘Gods of Globalism.’ Can you feel the harmony in the air?

Once again, not one single pre-arranged and agreed upon topic was focused on the concerns of the American citizens to address our national security, porous and deadly open borders, uninspected cargo and vulnerable ports, or the invasion occurring every day on our southern border by illegal aliens from around the world, and by unchecked, unsupervised visa overstays all seeking to feed their families by taking food out of the mouths of ours.

Not one word uttered about the influx of gang members, drug runners, human smugglers, Chinese spies, and potential terrorists carrying in with them, God only knows what. Not one word about the incursions on our southern border by the Mexican Military further compromising and endangering our sovereignty.

Not one word of concern spoken for the acts of violence or the death of innocent Americans, from grandmothers to infants, border patrol to police officers, victims of every race, religion, region, and financial circumstance, at the hands of these unhindered illegal alien criminals.

No talk about toxic medicine, pet food, and toys for our children from Communist China. Not one word about filthy, insect infested, bacteria laden, produce from Latin America and around the globe. One would think that the deaths and illnesses of our citizens might evoke, at the very least, a little pretend sympathy, it now appears that denial is the rule by which they have agreed to operate and since both parties and their leaders along with corporate owned media, are all equally guilty, one can see why all such discussions were off limits.

While these pretenders play acted at caring about the meltdown in our housing market, further hobbled by the policies that allowed illegal aliens with no legal form of identification or proof of legal employment, to buy homes they could not afford, not one word of concern was spoken about the suppression of wages and lowering of living standards due to declining mortgage prices for middle and lower income Americans by illegal aliens, aided and abetted by corporate greed mongers and socio-ethnic special interest groups.

No consideration was given to the devastation of the lower and middle class American from the constant influx of Visa workers lusted after by greedy corporations seeking to replace American middle class jobs that haven’t already been sent to China, India or Mexico by way of mobile manufacturing plants.

No discussion was had regarding the overcrowding and decline of our schools and the bankrupting and closure of our emergency rooms not to mention the use of our energy and natural resources and severe overcrowding now occurring not only in our cities but spreading to rural areas as poverty stricken illegal aliens continue to come almost unhindered except for the efforts of the overworked, unappreciated and under resourced Border Patrol and ICE agents.


In fact, John ‘illegals are God’s children’ McCain not only extolled the virtue of NAFTA and derided Barack ‘Citizen of the World’ Obama for daring to consider a renegotiation of the terms of the trade agreement, he proudly encouraged the trade deal with Colombia and praised the Peru trade agreement. He chided Obama for failing to visit Colombia in person to see how their nation would benefit from more free trade with America. Too bad no one thought to remind McCain that he might benefit from walking through an American neighborhood and taking note of the realtor signs on houses which were once an American family’s American dream betrayed.

Listening once again to a sham debate for a sham election was like listening to a conversation between two deranged drunks in a bar, all liquored up and ready to save the world while being moderated by a bartender who left his, so called, journalistic integrity at home for the night.

The candidates, the senate and the house in collusion with the corporate owned ‘main stream media’ can pretend all they like that these issues don’t exist. But try as they might, they cannot make the American people forget what has befallen our great nation and who is responsible for the decline and why.

Where was the passion? Not on your TV screen, not in that controlled debate hall, and not in these candidates. Have you ever tried in earnest to have an argument with someone you fully agreed with? It is pretty hard to generate much enthusiasm when you don’t believe your own hyperbole.
You could have easily removed and replaced each candidate’s head onto his opponent’s body and no one would have been the wiser.

Two wings of the same bird of prey:

Options, but no choice.

The passion, sorely missing in these dog and pony shows exists in the living rooms of the American people. It was there last month, last week and last night.

The passion for this nation lies in the hearts and minds of the American citizens who will be voting on Nov 4th, at least those who are legally registered and authorized to vote in a United States election.

The American people have an important job to do, but we are up to the challenge. The House is a pig-pen. Time to clean it up and throw the garbage out!

The presidential candidates, the Senate and the House, in collusion with the corporate owned ‘main stream media,’ can pretend all they like that these issues don’t matter. We must show them that they are wrong. We must teach them that there are deal breakers, lines they must never cross. Americans are awake, aware, angry, and we mean business.

Nov 4th is our opportunity to show them how misguided and out of touch with the American citizen they really are. It is our opportunity to wrest control of our governance back into the control of the American citizen where it rightfully belongs and to take it back from the ‘Gods of Globalism’ and their money grubbing minions who sit in our Capitol.

They are hoping you won’t stand up. I am praying you will.

I have already expressed my intention to vote for Candidate Chuck Baldwin for President, who has the blessings of Congressman Ron Paul, but there is a secondary measure that Americans must take if we are ever to reclaim our nation for the American Citizens who love and respect our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our sovereignty.

Send a message to the House and the Senate.

Your services are no longer required-Vacate your offices and go home.

Send a message to DC for every American sickened by toxic, tainted, substandard imported products. For every child that mouthed a toy covered in lead paint, for every puppy that died eating toxic pet food, for every American who died using intentionally tainted medication from communist China and all so the ‘Gods of Globalism’ could increase their profit margin by compromising safety standards, sickened Americans be damned.

Send a message for every American who became ill or died after eating unsanitary, uninspected produce from a third world nation so that trade agreement could be fulfilled to specification without regard for the health and wellness of American families.


Send a message to DC for every American killed or victimized by an illegal alien drunk driver, criminal, or vicious gang member.

Send a message for every vote they made that furthered the open borders agenda and the rape of the American middle class by exporting jobs and importing foreign workers.

Cast a vote against them for every Visa program they authorized, every trade agreement they voted for, and for failing to permanently enact the E-Verify program which is effective in stopping illegals from taking jobs Americas will do for a living wage.

Send a message that casts aside the ‘so called’ party vote and vote American. Vote against the incumbent and replace him with whoever is running against him, regardless of party. When we stop being slaves to party loyalty, they will be forced to once again hear us and fear the loss of our support. Party loyalty is a game played by the misguided with those who take us for fools.

The goal here is to end the deep networking and entrenchment of these career politicians and their campaign machines who pander to whatever source waves the biggest contribution in their faces without regard for the will of the American citizen.

Send a message that we will not forget their sins against American freedom because a flashy campaign ad airs on local television. We will not forget their allegiance to lobbyists and special interests and to their own fattened wallets. We will not forget the backroom dealings and back patting used to enrich corporate bigwigs and the politicians who love them.

Having said that, it is important that we take the time to know who is running and what they have already done in our names.

In our fury and discontent, let us make sure that we do not remove the few in DC who took a stand for the American people and fought against the tide towards globalism. Those few must be spared to fight another day. They were faithful and loyal servants and they deserve our continuing support and we need theirs.

In the house, Congressmen Thaddeus McCotter, Brad Sherman, Marci Kaptur Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul come quickly to mind. They endured enormous pressure to bend to the bailout but they stood strong for the American citizen and deserve the opportunity to continue their work.

In the Senate, Senator Sessions, Vitter, DeMint, Dorgan, and Saunders fought the good fight against Amnesty and the bailout. When we needed a voice, they represented us in good faith.

Here is the shamefully small list of Senators who voted NO on both the bailout and Amnesty.

Remember their integrity when you vote.

In the senate:

Allard, Barrasso, Brownback, Bunning, Cochran, Crapo, DeMint, Dole, Dorgan, Enzi, Inhofe, Landrieu, Nelson, Roberts, Sanders, Sessions, Shelby, Stabenow, Tester, and Vitter.

** Johnson and Wicker voted NO on Bailout and did not vote on Amnesty.

(Thank you to my friend Digger at Diggers Realm for compiling this information for me at a moment’s notice.)

A full list of the House members who voted NO on the Bailout can be found here. You will need to determine who would have voted for the Amnesty by their actions and other open border pandering votes.

You will notice I did not name party when naming good and faithful servants to the American people. We must break the cycle of party loyalty and reclaim American loyalty as our mantra and force those who we elect to do the same.

Let us clean house. Let us reassert our power as the American electorate. Let us fight hard for what is ours to protect. Let us vote with knowledge and insight, great courage and wisdom. Let us fear the known more than the unknown just as our forefathers did.

Very soon you will be asked, once again, to cast your vote for President, Senators, and Congressmen.

Our voices are seldom heard in the great halls of congress anymore. This has never been more clear than in the past sixteen years as our ‘Representatives’ have waged battles one against another and the will of the American people to secure an Amnesty for illegal aliens and a bailout for the Gods of Globalism- despite the outspoken outrage of the American people.

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When these same members of the House and Senate come knocking on your door, smiles pasted on their two faces, hands outstretched for donations, asking for your support, I suggest you give them the same respect and support they gave to you when voting to allow illegal immigrants to run rampant, with benefits, in our society and greedy corporations to pick your pockets clean.

� 2008 CJ Graham - All Rights Reserved

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"CJ" Graham is a Veteran and the proud wife of a retired USAF Veteran. She is a dedicated mother, activist, conservative, independent, who's allegiance is to her country and not to a particular political party. She is a firm believer in the power of the Citizen of the United States of America to whom she writes with a empowering and encouraging spirit. She knows that the Citizen of the USA can make a difference through peaceful, focused, knowledge empowered, activism working within the system and with media and legislators to effect change. As an author, she writes from the heart but backs up her work with facts.










Listening once again to a sham debate for a sham election was like listening to a conversation between two deranged drunks in a bar, all liquored up and ready to save the world while being moderated by a bartender...