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By CJ Graham
October 5, 2008

My email is filled with letters from truly fearful Americans. Never before, have I experienced this level of fear from citizens. It is incredibly disconcerting.

Fears expressed are from every possible point of view, all seemingly unrelated. Fears of illegal immigration, shadow government, terrorism, war, failing economy, loss of sovereignty and liberty indicate a distrustfulness of the intentions of our government and I think is well founded.

Recent events have reinforced these fears. The cliché, 'lesser of two evils,' has taken on a meaning more crucial than ever. Is anyone voting for a candidate, in whom they truly believe?

Many supporters of Obama fear the McCain/Palin ticket as an extension of the Bush Administration. While they worry about Obama's lack of political expertise, they have resolved to vote for him based on experience brought to the ticket by Biden.

Supporters of McCain fear the Obama/Biden ticket as a threat to individualism and an escalation of the nanny state. They are rightly concerned that McCain has never been a true conservative and will not embrace the party platform. The addition of Palin to the ticket has given them a small measure of hope.

Voters would be wise to remember that it is neither Biden nor Palin who will have the power to enact Signing Statements and Executive Orders. After the election, both Biden and Palin will be relegated to the shadows as has been the case throughout history.

Please understand how much damage a President can do in four years. How many of us are holding our breath waiting for the end of the Bush administration? It does not take long to sign an Executive Order.

Much has been made about McCain's POW experience, while I do appreciate his service and suffering for our nation, he is not entitled to the presidency because of it. Many have sacrificed for this nation, brave souls and their families have been through hell. They deserve our deepest gratitude and respect but we do not owe them the opportunity to lead the nation based on that alone.

If we truly honor their service and sacrifice, we must show that by choosing, as our president, the candidate that will best support and defend the constitution. That is the real tribute to their service.

So many voters –So much dissatisfaction

You may have heard of the PUMA movement, deeply disaffected voters who have witnessed the dirty dealings, far too common in an election. They believe un-democratic methods used cost Hillary Clinton the nomination. Sadly, they now join the growing ranks of cynical voters.

Liberty loving Americans who embraced Ron Paul's message of Liberty and smaller government, could tell the PUMAs a few harrowing stories about dirty tricks used against our candidate. The corporate owned media manipulated Americans to make sure Ron Paul was sidelined as a fringe candidate. His anti-war, pro liberty, smaller government stances were a threat to status quo politicians and their corporate media lap dogs and so his message was obfuscated.

Many citizens never knew about the Ron Paul movement and the young people, Democrat, Republican and Independent, freedom lovers all, it brought into the political process. Excited voters who cared about the issues, the Constitution, and making our country a better place, now jaded toward the political system and that is a shame.


Corporate media chose to air, only clips which showed the outer edges of the movement. They never showed rallies filled with main stream Americans, moms and dads, teens and seniors all together in unity. Ron Paul supporters of every race, creed, political leaning, and financial means were never acknowledged. The idea of a united America was frightening to them. What would they do if we all got together and actually found out that we have much in common? Americans united for liberty scare the hell out of the Status Quo and so it had to be destroyed by ridicule and neglect.

Someday, Americans are going to be very angry when they realize what might have been and what caused it not to be.

I watched with bitterness as my candidate was excluded from debates or allowed to attend but never asked a decent question. I watched as he was ridiculed by the moderators and as his poll numbers, when good, were hidden from view while candidates such as Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani where given respect during interviews, Ron Paul was scorned. When the media did that to Ron Paul, they did that to all Americans. We should never forget. When Fox rebroadcast this debate directly following the live broadcast, they had removed Ron Paul's answer because it was well received.

The most important group of voters, those never acknowledged in the main stream media, except when laughed at as the 'fringe' is the group whose votes, they now court. In agenda driven polls they are listed as 'Undecided' rather than the more accurate 'Other'.

These voters are informed. They know the votes of the candidates and the truth about shady campaign donors. They understand the agenda. They fear McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden and will vote third party despite the admonitions they are wasting a vote. These are the truest 'Bravehearts' of all of our citizens. They are swimming against a seemingly insurmountable tide.

Voters are told they have the option of Obama or McCain.

Two wings from the same bird of prey.

Options, but no choice.

If you think back to the beginning of the primary race, you will see that Obama's initial boost ahead of Clinton came beating the drum of peace. Americans opposed to the war in Iraq were tricked by semantics.

Yes, Obama did say he would end the war in Iraq and remove troops. The war hating public heard that and understood it to mean an end to war. But, Obama did not promise to bring our troops home. Now as he talks of removing the troops from Iraq, it is with the knowledge that he means to send more to Afghanistan. Is that a choice for those who want peace? McCain will continue war in Iraq and Obama will ratchet up the war in Afghanistan.

Two wings of the same bird of prey.

Options, but no choice.

Ron Paul has crossed party lines to endorse Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. Baldwin has promised to bring the troops home and end all American involvement in foreign wars.

The biggest financial heist of the American public occurred this past week. We all watched it happen and millions of Americans called, emailed, faxed and visited 'representatives' to protest this moral and fiscal outrage.

Obama worked the phones to the Democrats adding pressure to vote for this 'rescue' bailout. McCain did the same.

Two wings of the same bird of prey.

Options, but no choice.

Ron Paul fought against the bailout and again has correctly forecast the devastation we are all experiencing in our economy and is now being heralded as a financial genius as seen on Neil Cavuto's show recently.

Now, that he has no chance of winning and therefore putting an end to the Federal Reserve and the banking practices that will destroy our nation, he is interviewed.


And so we come full circle in fear.

What I fear most is the loss of my ability as a citizen of this nation to vote my convictions. I fear that media spin, peer pressure, and statistics of past elections will rob me of a chance to see my issues addressed.

What are we teaching our children if we vote based on fear and not courage and conviction? Is this the message of our forefathers? Did they fail to act out of fear? What might our lives now be if they had not forged ahead for the sake of liberty?

I know what my priorities are and there are many things about which I will bend. There is one issue about which I simply cannot compromise.

I must vote in the best interest of the sovereignty of my nation, protection of my constitution, good of our citizens, and with respect for the rule of law.

Both Obama and McCain have made it very clear they will reward illegal immigration. Our borders will remain porous and a danger to our national security. Illegal aliens will be welcomed to continue committing crimes against Americans, suppressing wages and competing for jobs. This will continue to bankrupt our education and healthcare systems.

Under these circumstances, I can never support McCain or Obama for President. This is non- negotiable.

I see no other candidate who represents the concerns of my family and my nation better then Chuck Baldwin. I will be voting for the person I believe will best serve this nation and her citizens.

To those voters who are fully behind Obama or McCain, I say go for it! I am not writing to those who are voting their convictions. I am writing to those who are planning NOT to.

It would seem this election is more about stopping the other guy then voting for the one you support. What a dilemma. What have the two major parties done to us? What have we done to ourselves?

I am committed to voting with resolve, not fear. I will not compromise my integrity or cower before warnings and heightened alerts, shaky stock markets and terrorist threats.

I believe the survival of our nation depends on the next president and actions he takes in either furthering our involvement with the SPP and NAU or in removing us from the process. Please listen to the message of Congresswoman Marci Kaptur on the floor of the House regarding the Nafta Superhighway or Congressman Tom Tancredo on the NAU.

I owe it to all who have come before me to do what is right and to the brave men and woman who have served our nation since its founding in the protection of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

I owe it to the Bologna Family, the Brooks family, and the three young Americans, college students, shot execution style in a playground in Newark NJ, allegedly by criminal illegal aliens.

I owe it to the Young Republicans who were made to remove their signs supporting a border fence at the RNC, while 'Viva McCain' signs were left undisturbed.

After watching the debacle that occurred this week in the Senate and House to intimidate Democrats, Republicans and Independents who were sounding warning alarms against this monstrous unconstitutional plunder of American treasure, it becomes evident Americans must seek out and embrace, not only the hyped options, but real choices.

When US Congressmen speak of pressure and threats being waged against them to force a vote of this magnitude, it is time for voters to wake up and pay attention. I have never heard words more chilling then those of Rep. Marci Kaptur (D) Ohio and Rep. Brad Sherman (D) CA. If ever in the history of our nation, was it time to wake up and become activated to make necessary changes, this is it.

Given the ratcheting up of fear mongering, the pressure to capitulate against the obvious will of the American tax payer voter and use of media to hype and manipulate American citizens, we have an obligation to seek out and vote for the candidate that we believe will best serve our nation.

I take this obligation most seriously as I believe our nation is now standing on a precipice and may soon pass a point of no return which we will all grieve most dearly.

I will vote For Candidate Chuck Baldwin and do so with conviction, courage and determination. I will not bow down before fear. I am an American. We do not bow down before fear.

Vote your convictions, whatever those convictions might be. Walk out of that booth with your integrity intact.

The left tells me to fear the Neo-Cons and the right tells me to fear the Marxists. What I fear is the loss of my nation should I waiver. And, if in the end, I stand alone, then I stand alone in my convictions that I acted in the best interest of the country I love so much.

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But, I don't believe I will stand alone. I believe I will stand in the company of many brave, loyal, patriotic Americans who will also vote their convictions.

No matter the outcome, I can live with that.

� 2008 CJ Graham - All Rights Reserved

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"CJ" Graham is a Veteran and the proud wife of a retired USAF Veteran. She is a dedicated mother, activist, conservative, independent, who's allegiance is to her country and not to a particular political party. She is a firm believer in the power of the Citizen of the United States of America to whom she writes with a empowering and encouraging spirit. She knows that the Citizen of the USA can make a difference through peaceful, focused, knowledge empowered, activism working within the system and with media and legislators to effect change. As an author, she writes from the heart but backs up her work with facts.










They never showed rallies filled with main stream Americans, moms and dads, teens and seniors all together in unity. Ron Paul supporters of every race, creed, political leaning, and financial means were never acknowledged. The idea of a united America was frightening to them.