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The Gods of Globalism: The Devil Is In the Details








By CJ Graham
August 30, 2008

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Senator John McCain must never be elected president or the Amnesty nightmare we all fear will be the least of our problems.

A fully informed public will make good decisions. I have a little information to assist you. If you want to vote for John McCain, then at least do so fully informed.

On the rare occasion that Senator McCain is questioned about illegal immigration, he gives a succinct, detail deprived answer. He often snaps with irritation that he has heard us and understands that we want the border secured first. He has also backslid into rhetoric espousing ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ and at speeches to La Raza and NALEO recently; he again stated the need for a secured border first, while calling illegal aliens ‘God’s Children’ and promising compassion. He stated that Immigration Reform would be his first priority. But is his concept of ‘reform’ in line with the will of the American people and the best interest of our nation?

(Senator McCain at NALEO)

This begs the question; what is John McCain’s definition of secured? His answers seem rather vague. How about some specifics, Senator? I think a follow-up statement is required which would explain his intentions for the twenty or so million illegal aliens, including Visa overstays, now in our country. What do you intend to do about them Senator? This is a simple but loaded question, which is precisely the reason it is never asked.

Since the media is rather busy chasing celebrities and fawning over Senator Obama, they are understandably too busy to do any significant investigative reporting. Therefore; I am providing you with information you will need to decide if Senator McCain will act in the best interest of the Citizens of the United States of America.

Here is what you need to know:

Senator John McCain co-sponsored a bill with Kay Bailey Hutchinson and other fine Senators, titled Senate Bill 532, The Colonias Gateway Initiative Act, and Introduced March 5, 2003.

Thankfully, this monstrosity is dead. But, don’t rest too easy, the house currently has an introduced version of a very similar bill, SBDC Colonias Outreach Act of 2007.

Are you familiar with the term Colonias? They are shanty towns built along, and sometimes straddling, the border of Mexico and America. They are profoundly poverty stricken settlements lacking even basic necessities such as sewage, water, electricity, gas, schools, health care and often paved roads. Basically, colonias are run down tent cities. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, come across the border to work or to give birth to new American Citizens and must try to exist on the slave wages greedy businessmen can bear to part with or the social services that our tax dollars provide.

Isn’t globalism a wonderful thing?

The shacks that would be shelters would never pass inspection in a civilized society. Politicians and agenda driven organizations will tell you that these poor unfortunate souls are Americans living in these settlements but, almost exclusively; these are wretchedly poor illegal immigrants, many with USA born children, who in many cases have been lured here by the promise of jobs and public services. The corporations who profit off of the back of these poverty stricken noncitizens should hang their heads in shame. The politicians who promote these living conditions to fatten the wallets of their big corporation masters are beneath contempt.

While I am no apologist for illegal aliens who have breached our sovereignty in crossing our borders, I am fully aware that this has never been about humanity. This is about the bottom line and the act of using people as slaves and condemning them to poverty stricken living conditions is reprehensible. There is nothing more Un-American. This is beneath the dignity of my nation and I am outraged.

Of course, the intelligent solution would be to end the magnets which draw illegals across our borders to live in squalor. Ending the practices which enable these communities would cause them to cease to exist.

Instead, John McCain co-sponsored a bill that would give grants and foster loans worth millions of dollars to the very same border that he claims he will secure. Again I ask, what is his definition of secure?


While our streets are rotting, our schools are falling apart, our hospitals are closing, our bridges, levees, dams and infrastructure are falling apart from neglect, our government is, even now, sending millions to the border to encourage communities with infrastructure where a border fence should be.


John McCain often boasts that he has never requested an earmark for the citizens of Arizona. I might respect him more if he were at least attempting to improve the lives of our citizens. Instead, Senator McCain’s bill would have greatly benefited illegal Colonias residents and infrastructure oriented businesses in his state as well as other border states. So much for reform and accountability.

Even without the passage of this bill, money is being sifted through our Federal agencies to fund these projects. A few of our fine agencies participating are the Depts. of Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Health and Human Services, HUD and the list goes on.

Let me remind you that Senator McCain is not alone in the guilt of this outrageous spending. Senator Clinton, whose husband signed the NAFTA agreement, has said not one word against these treasure draining endeavors and neither has the experienced-challenged Senator Obama.

But for the sake of brevity, let us just focus for now on Senator John “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” McCain and remember that it is he who promises to “secure” our border because he has “heard” us. The very same Senator McCain who jumped giddily into bed with a Kennedy, and drug with him, his faithful little buddy Lindsey “we’re gonna tell the bigots to shut up” Graham.

This is the same Senator who has Juan Hernandez, a bi-national who worked for Presidente Vincente Fox of Mexico, working on his campaign with Hispanic Outreach.

Why would Senator McCain wish to fund grants to build infrastructure on our border? In former articles I have written about the planned integration of the Western Hemisphere.

What is occurring on our border is occurring on borders across Latin America. The Andean Community is one example.

We are a Community of four countries that decided voluntarily to join together for the purpose of achieving more rapid, better balanced and more autonomous development through Andean, South American and Latin American integration. We have planned to move ahead in deepening an integral integration process that will contribute effectively to sustainable and equitable human development, in order to live well, with respect for the diversity and asymmetries that agglutinate the different visions, models and approaches and that will converge in the formation of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur).

Speech by Ambassador Allan Wagner, Andean Community Secretary General on "border integration and territorial competitiveness in the Andean Community”

During the early years of the Andean Integration process, land borders were viewed with interest and began to take on importance. It was soon discovered, however, that the borders did not operate like “open doors,” like “hinges” intended to efficiently coordinate the flow of goods, but, on the contrary, served as veritable “obstacles” to commercial trade.

Get used to the term ‘Border Integration Zones’. We may be hearing a lot of it in coming months and years as our borders are knitted tightly together with Canada and Mexico.

The Andean Community includes the country of Peru. You will recall that we recently passed a free trade agreement with Peru. Peru already has an agreement with these other countries and is now “in talks” with the European Union.

At inauguration of EU-LAC civil society meeting Peruvian Foreign Minister affirms that citizens should contribute to the integration agenda.

This agenda becomes clearer when you understand how insistent President Bush was that we pass the Columbian agreement. He was adamant about the Peru agreement as well and is very adamant about the FTAA Free trade area.

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Two articles I have previously published explain in great detail the efforts being made to erase our borders and our sovereignty. Senators Clinton, Obama and McCain are all a part of that process. To those who are planning to vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’, I ask that you at least be aware of the actions and intentions of that lesser evil. I voted in the past two elections, while holding my nose, under the assumption that the lesser of two evils is somehow less devastating. I deeply regret that decision and grieve for the damage that has been done over the past several administrations. I will never do it again.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Our road to hell is being paved with taxpayer’s dollars.

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Our road to hell is being paved with taxpayer’s dollars.