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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote










By Ron Ewart
October 12, 2016

On first blush, what we relay here may appear to be really bazaar and then again, maybe it is just normal business for the Clintons.

A curious thing happened several weeks ago. We debated for some time on whether we should even tell it. We received a call from a man with a noticeable mid-eastern accent. Our caller ID said the number was "unavailable". The man called himself Haidar, but we suspected that Haidar was not his real name. He said he wanted a meeting and when we asked why, he was evasive but said that what he had to say was very important and could have national and international implications and might even effect the upcoming election. We almost hung up on him, but decided to see what else he had to say.

We asked why he wanted to talk to us? He responded by saying that he had read many of our articles and that the subjects we chose to write about and how we wrote them, fit right in with what he wanted to tell us. It became obvious that he had checked us out because he mentioned several specific articles we had written that dealt with international issues. He didn't say why, but perhaps it was the word "spies" in some of our articles that caught his attention. As near as we could tell, what he seemed to be inferring was that he thought, if we wrote his story as a nationally known author, we would do justice to what he was about to reveal to us.

No matter what his motives were for contacting us, it still didn't make any sense and red flags went up and alarm bells in our head started to go off. The question that came to mind next was, were we being duped? But alas, our curiosity got the best of us and we agreed to meet him, even though we had an uneasy sense of foreboding about the whole affair. It is extremely rare for us to get this kind of international attention, even though we hear from individuals from all around the world in response to our weekly column. As skeptical as we were, nevertheless our "journalistic" ears pricked up on the potential for a "scoop", as remote as it might be.

We agreed that the meeting place had to be public and we chose a small, obscure restaurant in downtown Seattle. He seemed to know Seattle quite well. We asked how we would recognize him and he said it would be easy. He would be the only one dressed in an Arab headdress and white robe, sporting a heavy, graying beard. We were further intrigued by this revelation. We even thought at the time that maybe we should report this event to the authorities, but decided to wait until after the meeting.

When the day came to meet him, we were very tempted to cancel the whole thing and just not show up, but again we were so curious at the prospects that any thoughts of canceling were quickly quelled. We arrived at the restaurant around 1:30 in the afternoon and found he was already there. And he was absolutely right. We had no trouble recognizing him at all. There he was in his Arab splendor, sitting alone at a table next to the window, as if he had just rode in off the desert on a camel. For all we knew, he could have been the King of Saudi Arabia. We could see that as people walked by the window, they would suddenly stop and look in, with puzzled looks on their faces. Obviously, this was an unusual sight for the streets of Seattle. In any event, he ignored their interest in him. He looked so out of place, but he seemed oblivious to the contrast he presented with the other customers and the passerby's. He sat upright and proud, drinking a cup of what we assumed was coffee. He seemed to be quite comfortable and at home in this Seattle restaurant, as if he was a frequent customer.

We walked over, pulled out a chair and took a seat at his table. As we sat down, he looked up and offered his hand. We shook hands in what could only appear to others as a very unusual meeting of two vastly different cultures. We wondered if we were being watched? As we started to speak and before we could get a word out, he placed his index finger over his tight-lipped mouth as a signal to say nothing. Then he started to unravel his story. We stopped him and asked if he would mind if we used a tape recorder to record what he had to say. He vehemently rejected our request and moved on, almost without interruption.

His broken English was a little hard to interpret but the gist of what he said literally shook us to the core. As he spoke in hushed tones, his deep-set eyes were slowly probing the restaurant and outside the window. We couldn't help having an uneasy feeling that this meeting was not going unnoticed and we imagined inquisitive eyes looking at us from all directions. An occasional curious glance in our direction from some of the other patrons in the restaurant, confirmed that it was not our imagination. We pulled out a pad and pencil and started taking notes.

Haidar began by telling us that his brother was one of the leaders of the Libyan freedom fighters engaged in the fight to overthrow the Gaddafi regime. Because of his leadership position, Haidar's brother also attended high-level meetings with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Libyan operatives, besides U. S. Ambassador Stevens. One of those operatives was one Sidney Blumenthal, a long-time Bill and Hillary Clinton confidante. (Blumenthal was paid $10,000 a month from the Clinton Foundation while advising Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Libya matters, disobeying Obama's direct order not to employ Blumenthal. He was also paid $200,000 a year from Media Matters, a left wing organization funded by socialist-financier George Soros. Further, the FBI questioned Blumenthal regarding his involvement in Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal.)

According to Haidar's brother, CIA agents, as well as military officers from Turkey and Iraq were in some of those meetings. The subject matter in the meetings was guns, ammunition and other major weapons of war ..... and money, lots of money. It seems that the Libyan freedom fighters had discovered a huge cache of Gaddafi's military weaponry and they wanted to market some of those weapons to bring in money for their continued efforts to defeat what was left of Gaddafi's military and political complex. There are always ready and willing international buyers for military hardware and the CIA knew every one of those buyers.

But it appears that Blumenthal also had connections to some of those buyers as well and set about to see if he couldn't profit from his contacts. According to Haidar's brother, Blumenthal had specific connections in the Turkish military and it appears that was where the lion's share of the weaponry would end up. Remember, on the day of the attack on the Benghazi Consulate, Ambassador Stevens had earlier met with a Turkish diplomat.

In return for the seized Gaddafi military hardware, millions of dollars were funneled to the Libyan rebels and a large portion through the Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership in Canada. Those funds were then later transferred to the USA Clinton Foundation, with Blumenthal taking his usual cut for services rendered. All donors to the Canadian group were anonymous of course. We wonder how many Clinton-Blumenthal e-mails were purposely scrubbed from their Iphones, laptops and servers that the public will never see? Some of those e-mails were recovered by the FBI and contained classified information, a crime.

Much of the Canadian Giustra Partnership-Clinton Foundation connection was told in a New York Times article on April 29, 2015 at the following link.

Haidar stopped mid sentence, as if he thought better of saying any more. He said that was all that he could tell us, as he hadn't seen or spoken to his brother since he vanished into thin air shortly after the attack on the Benghazi Consulate where Ambassador Stevens and three other men died. He was not able to find out what happened to his brother, even after contacting family members in Libya. Two of the men that died in the attack were CIA agents stationed at the Benghazi CIA complex. Haidar did not say whether those two CIA men were at any of the meetings with his brother.

We asked Haidar why he took so long to tell his story and he looked straight at us with his piercing eyes and didn't answer the question. We decided not to press it.

Suddenly and without warning, Haidar stood up and reached over to shake our hand. He then turned and walked out of the restaurant without another word, flaring his white robe on the way. As he left the restaurant, not stopping to look back, he turned left when he reached the sidewalk and disappeared into the crowd. His abrupt departure took us by surprise and was too quick for us to ask him for his telephone number or his address. We haven't seen or heard from Haidar since the meeting that day at the restaurant and he hasn't tried to contact us. We decided not to alert the authorities as we couldn't prove a single thing that Haidar told us, nor could we prove that Haidar even existed.

Ladies and gentlemen, we sit here pondering the Clinton-Blumenthal-Benghazi arms-for-money deal. Did it happen? And what is Haidar's real name? What was he doing in Seattle? Did he even have a brother that lived in Libya and met with Blumenthal and the CIA? Why did Haidar pick us to tell his story to and why did he wait so long to tell it? What was Blumenthal doing in Libya in the summer of 2012? Who funded his trip, or trips? Who else did he see? But more importantly, why did Hillary Clinton not provide adequate security to the Benghazi Consulate? Was she afraid that too much security would uncover her weapons-for-money deal, as described by Haidar?

Are Blumenthal, Hillary Clinton, or Obama really Muslims? If not, why then does the Obama Administration and the Clintons have so many Arab friends and associates? (Huma Abedin, another of Hillary's confidantes, is a Muslim raised in Saudi Arabia. Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran.) Are there deep cover Islamic agents in America? Are they working inside our government? Are Obama and Clinton working with the Arabs right now and if they are, for what reason?

What was the rationale behind Obama abruptly canceling the missile defense shield in Poland after years of planning? Why did Obama not go into Syria with a no-fly zone as he did in Libya? Is that because the Russians have a vested interest in Syria and Obama somehow owes the Russians, or is being blackmailed? And what was the hidden meaning in the "hot-mike" message Obama gave to Russian President Medvedev in South Korea just before the 2012 election? Why was a deal with Iran so important that we had to pay them billions in bribe money? And why did the Obama Administration and Hillary not come out immediately and say the attack on our Consulate in Libya was a terrorist attack, when the facts were obvious from the beginning? What were they hiding, or was it just political correctness taken to the point of absurdity ..... or was it money, or politics, or worse, was it treason?

We have no way to verify any of Haidar's story, as it is virtually all hearsay. We have no way to answer the questions we now ponder. Nevertheless, Haidar appeared genuine and his story had faucets to it that seemed to jive with known facts about Clinton and Blumenthal.

It is highly unlikely that we, or anyone else for that matter, will ever see or hear from Haidar again. However, whether Haidar's story is true or not, Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt presidential candidates of all time. With Hillary's corrupt record of business, politics and underhanded illegal dealings, and her enabling of Bill's sexual predator habits, she should be in jail, along with her husband.

With all these known things hanging around her neck, how then did she ever become a candidate for president of the United States? That the mainstream news media purposely ignores these associations and questionable past can only be construed as being complicit in a conspiracy with Hillary Clinton, or her handlers, in what appears to be a potential plot to take over America from the inside and hand it over to the world ruling class and the bankers. She secretly advocates hemispheric trade and wide open borders for God's sake.

We can't independently verify any of this, but this damning information raises very serious questions about Hillary Clinton that should disqualify her from ever becoming president.

So, in closing we must ask, is any of Haidar's story we just revealed, evidence of a quid pro quo, military weapons for Clinton Foundation money? We will probably never know. Only Hillary knows for sure what she did in those days, weeks and months prior to the 2012 Benghazi attack, but she and her confidantes aren't talking. Much of what transpired during those days was purposely "bleached" from her server and other electronic devices. That is obstruction of justice and a crime.

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And for some inexplicable and highly suspicious reason, the FBI refused to prosecute her. Immunities were granted to the perpetrators and evidence destroyed. It smells so bad it can only be construed as corruption at the highest level. Unfortunately, the electorate doesn't seem to care, in this all-important election year with less than 30 days to go, an election year that could mean life or death for a sovereign and free America. In the end, it may already be too late. But we're FIGHTING ANYWAY. Are you?

Yes, this is a story hatched from our ever-fertile and creative imagination, but a plausible story nevertheless. The questions we raise in this story are real and disturbing. Every American should be furious, especially those who fear that American freedom and prosperity have been sold down the river ..... for money and power.

Let us know if you LIKED this story and would like to read more like it? Constructive comments welcome.

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2016 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at





And for some inexplicable and highly suspicious reason, the FBI refused to prosecute her. Immunities were granted to the perpetrators and evidence destroyed. It smells so bad it can only be construed as corruption at the highest level.