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By Ron Ewart
May 4, 2016

“There is no week, nor day, nor hour, when tyranny may not enter upon this country, if the people lose their roughness and spirit of defiance.” -Walt Whitman American Poet and Journalist 1819 to 1892

Last week in our article entitled, “When Government Comes Calling, What Can You Do?”, we discussed how the American government, at every level, has evolved into a police state by passing millions of laws requiring massive enforcement of those laws, laws that the average citizen couldn’t possibly know in their life time. Everywhere you turn, there is a policeman, a sheriff, or a code enforcement officer looking at you as if you were a criminal, even if you haven’t done anything illegal. But not doing anything illegal has become almost virtually impossible because of too many laws. Many of those laws would never meet a constitutional challenge, but no one ever challenges them, allowing government to make thousands of unconstitutional laws every single day of the year.

In Washington State for example, the legislature, when in session, receives as many as 6,000 pieces of proposed legislation to consider each session in a very short period of time. Out of those 6,000, anywhere from 500 to 1,000 of them will become law. Now multiply 500 to 1,000 new laws in Washington State by 49 other states and the federal government, year, after year, after year and you will get an idea of how many laws have been passed in the last 100 years.

A law not enforced is a toothless law, so government goes to great lengths and great expense to enforce every single one of those laws, day in and day out, with you being the hapless victim. You will comply, or else the long and abusive arm of government will reach out and “get” you.

Unfortunately, the inescapable reality is, government makes mistakes all the time. Government bureaucracies are staffed with people who would find it difficult to get a job anywhere else. Incompetence is the rule, not the exception. Why do you suppose that the cost of Medicare waste, fraud and abuse is over 20% every year? 20% is a big number when applied to an annual Medicare budget of $605 Billion, and that’s just Medicare. There are hundreds of other government programs being run by government incompetents at every level. Waste, fraud, abuse and endless mistakes by government bureaucracies are caused by government negligence and an holeyer-than-though attitude. Bureaucratic negligence doesn’t even include collusion, corruption and crony capitalism.

It makes no difference whether it is a city, county, state, or the EPA, BLM, USFW, DOE or the IRS. It has been reported that the IRS harasses over 10,000,000 taxpayers, every year for mistakes the IRS makes, forcing each taxpayer to spend a lot of time and money to convince the IRS they are wrong. The IRS is very hard to convince because of its giant bureaucracy, incompetent people, ancient computer systems and its almost unlimited power to come after you and make your life miserable, or even throw you in jail.

In addition, government employees are predisposed to intimidating citizens and most people just lie down and roll over for government without questioning their authority, or the legality of their laws. Government does it all the time because they have ceased being the servant to the people and have become the masters of the people.

Government has become tyranny itself, but contrary to common knowledge, the people are not powerless to confront it. It is up to the citizen to tame government, provided the citizen isn’t cowering in a corner out of fear of government’s purposeful intimidation.

Nevertheless, there are ways to keep government in bounds when it comes to each individual’s personal situation. But first you must realize that you have the right to question the authority of any government agent that appears in person, or is sending you a written notice, or is demanding something of you, or is telling you that you are in violation of some law, ordinance, code, or regulation.

Aren’t you just a little tired of being pushed around by an out-of-control, rogue government that has no respect for the law, owns the court system and has become irritatingly arrogant? Do you want to regain your self-respect and feel like you are controlling your own destiny instead of capitulating to government fear and intimidation? Do you have the courage to push back against this vicious bully that has no master? If so, read on. But if you fear government, the rest of this article is not for you.

When confronted by government, many people hire an attorney. But an attorney and the court to which he is loyal, is part of the very “System” you are up against. Attorneys are very expensive ($250 to $600 per hour) and you owe them whether you win or lose. In just 10 hours of work on your behalf, an attorney can suck $2,500 out of your savings account at $250.00 per hour and that’s the low end. Ten hours is nothing when fighting government. How long do you have to work to make $2,500.00 after taxes? Attorneys are taught how to squeeze every dollar out of each billable minute. And because he is paid by the hour, an attorney has little incentive to resolve your issue quickly. From a recent poll, 47% of the people couldn’t even come up with $400.00 if they had to, much less $2,500.00. If you are an attorney reading this, you know everything we have said here is true.

After over 30 years of coming up against government intransigence and arrogance in business and on a personal level, we have developed effective methods to challenge them. Our challenges either slow them down, confuse them, hold them at bay, or stop them in their tracks. These challenges come in the form of four (4) defenses contained in our “Getting Even With Government” package.

These four defenses include our sample 30 (state & local) or 45-day letter (federal), sample affidavits and cover letters to challenge specific allegations or code violations against you, letters challenging government’s legal authority and a letter accusing government of fraud, extortion, violation of your civil rights and violation of state or federal laws and acts. The defenses are contained in a “city, county, state” directory for state and local issues and a “federal” directory for federal agencies.

Will you win against government using our four defenses? We cannot guarantee that you will win every time but you will have the distinct pleasure of poking them in the eye and forcing them to burn up more time, or stopping a specific action against you, or confusing the Hell out of them, or actually forcing them to prove their legal authority. Just think what would happen if a thousand citizens decided to “get even with government”, using one or more of the defenses in our “Getting Even With Government” package, or 10,000, or 100,000, or a million, or maybe even an avalanche of citizens. Since Congress or the state legislatures won’t rein in government and their grossly negligent bureaucracies, maybe a million angry “getting even” citizens will.

Don’t be fooled. One man or a president cannot stop government aggression and tyranny. Only the people can by one individual at a time, defending his or her unalienable, individual rights. Fighting for your rights is infectious and others will follow those with the courage to confront their enemies.

Each of the four defenses in the “Getting Even With Government” package is meant to be a sample only and can be adapted to each individual’s own personal situation, at their discretion. Instructions for the four defenses are included in the package. Once again, the four defenses are samples. They are not meant to be, or are they to be construed to be, legal documents in any manner whatsoever. But remember this: each person has the full right to represent him or her self as their own attorney in their own personal matters, provided they feel qualified to do so. If you do represent your self against government, some will say you have a fool for a client, but it was probably an attorney or a judge who came up with that phrase.

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With millions of laws on the books and the explosion of code and law enforcement personnel, the chances of any American being contacted by government for the violation of one or more of those laws, grows greater by the day. If you are having trouble with government in this regard, or think you are about to have trouble with government, you may find some specific answers in our “Getting Even With Government” (GEWG) package. Or, if you know of someone that is having difficulty with government, forward this article to him or her. They will be glad you did. You or they can check out our GEWG package HERE.

But remember this ladies and gentlemen, if you fear government, in fact if you fear anything, they, or it, own you.

[NOTE: The forgoing article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the opinion of, it's employees, representatives, or other contributing writers.]

2016 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at





With millions of laws on the books and the explosion of code and law enforcement personnel, the chances of any American being contacted by government for the violation of one or more of those laws, grows greater by the day.