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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
April 27, 2016

“When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, this you may not read, this you cannot say, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression no matter how holy or worthy the motives.” -Slightly revised from a quote by Robert A. Heinlein, a well-known science fiction author

The inviolate duty of the American federal government is to protect the American citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic and to preserve, protect and defend each citizen’s individual, unalienable rights, that is, if the American federal government complied with the mandates of the U. S. Constitution and the battle cry of the Declaration of Independence.

Well let’s just say that on protecting the American citizen from all foreign enemies the federal government has done a half-assed job of it in the last 60 years or so. The battle against the ugly rise of radical Islam has been half-hearted, half-baked and lacking any real commitment to defeat them.

We don’t win wars any more we putter at them. Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are wars we did not win. We let Putin rub our collective noses in it while he laughs on the back of a horse with his shirt off, displaying his invincible pectorals. We’ve let Iran run all over us.

Radical Islam continues to be an imminent danger to every American and the federal government is derelict in its prime duty to protect us from that danger by crushing that danger at its source.

As far as preserving, protecting and defending the American citizen’s individual, unalienable rights, government has failed miserably. What’s even worse, the federal government and many state and local governments have become the ENEMY of the people. (See “Why Government Is Your Enemy”) Government has passed so many laws, local, state and federal, you can’t open a cupboard door without violating one or more of them.

It follows then, that if government passes a law, government has to have a means to enforce the law. This gives rise to an explosion of code and law enforcement personnel to enforce millions of laws, about which the average citizen knows nothing. These government-employed code enforcement people fan out across the land looking for violations of their precious codes, regulations, restrictions and ordinances. Besides local code enforcement personnel, we have OSHA, ATF, FBI, IRS, Fish and Wildlife, BLM, EPA, Army Corps of Engineers and a whole host of other local, state and federal bureaucracies all having a say in how you live and what you do. We have arrived at a police state.

With so many laws, the people have turned into snitches if their neighbor should be doing something they don’t like. Rather than approaching the neighbor and resolving the issue in person, they turn the neighbor into your favorite Heinz 57 variety code enforcement officer, state or federal, who then comes out and harasses you, even if the alleged infraction doesn’t exist.

These taxpayer-paid code enforcement officers show up un-announced, trespass on your land, question your kids to get free information, take pictures for their file and can generally make your life miserable. Fail to respond to their notices of violations and they will get a court order to force you to comply and then fine the hell out of you. It makes no difference how inane or insane the regulation or ordinance might be. But when they do visit you, they seem to always find an infraction for which to fine you in their never-ending quest for more of your money. You have to prove your innocence at great expense. And if you want to confront your accuser, which supposedly is every American’s right, code enforcement won’t reveal the snitch. We know because we have tried.

This has led to almost every American citizen being deathly afraid of their government. Rather than rising up and confronting the bully, like Americans used to do, they now either lay low, or hide in the shadows, hoping they won’t be the next victim of an abusive, all-powerful, government employee, who is itching to fine them or throw them in jail.

One of our Louisiana readers told us about an event that happened to him while he was restoring a couple of old cars in his carport. The local jurisdiction passed a law that no property owner could have an inoperable vehicle on his or her property. Our reader received a notice from that jurisdiction that he would have to get rid of his two in-operable cars. The complaint probably came from a neighborhood snitch. He thought that the notice was ridiculous and did not comply. The local jurisdiction sent out two tow trucks and hauled his two cars away, without a warrant, or a by your leave.

We get about one of these stories at least once a week from individuals from all over America who find themselves up against an intransigent, corrupt government.

So what would you do if one of your neighbors is “picked off” by the government and fined or sent to jail? Do you say to your self, “I should go help that guy and defend him against our common enemy?” Or, do you say to your self, “thank God it wasn’t me?” Most do the latter.

Government raided the Gibson guitar company with a fully armed swat team from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Agency and forced them to pay up for a violation they say they didn’t commit. But paying up was cheaper than fighting the government in court. Nevertheless, paying up amounted to a $250,000 settlement, a $50,000 payoff to environmental groups, (what!!??) over $2,000,000 in legal fees, plus the cost of the factory shut down from the raid. Oh, did we forget to mention that Gibson is not a union shop but their competitors are? Did we also fail to mention that the owner of Gibson guitars has donated more heavily to Republicans than to Democrats? Who was president at the time of the raid, Barack Obama? Who was U. S. Attorney General at the time, Eric Holder? Gibson isn’t the first company that this pair has targeted, using a federal agency, you know, like the IRS. Gibson had the money to pay off the government ransom because Gibson is a profitable company. Do you have the money to pay a government ransom, or will you end up in the poor house, or in jail?

Very few American citizens have the resources to fight the all-powerful government through the administrative route at an appeals hearing, or in court. And further, the court system is rigged in favor of the government. Just ask those that find themselves in the sights of the IRS. It is no wonder that people lay low, or shake in their boots when government comes calling.

Government constantly conspires against citizens to get what they want, usually to placate a certain constituency group for their votes. Blacks, Latinos, Indians, Muslims, women, or the LGBT community, drive many new laws.

In fact, a battle is raging in several states right now over bathroom laws in legislative efforts by those states to stop any bio anatomical man claiming to be an LGBT from entering the women’s (or girl’s) bathroom or shower, an open invitation to male perverts and rapists. Hug your wives and daughters extra hard every single day for they are in danger. Can you protect them? Your government isn’t protecting them in order to placate 3.8% of the general population that claim to be one of the LGBT community. (Source: Gallup)

The general population mostly has no say in new laws or regulations, unless they show up in droves at public hearings demanding to be heard. Most citizens don’t show up. Federal bureaucracies pass regulations that no one ever hears about and Congress does nothing to oversee the bureaucracies.

Social justice, radical environmentalism, irrational compassion, special interest groups and international influences are the reasons behind most of these old and new laws. Then you have the collusion between government and business (crony capitalism) wherein they collude to pass laws in favor of the business that gives the government more tax revenue, or to promote a government agenda. The government uses propaganda, new regulations, zoning, or eminent domain to get their way. If the people object, they just wait the people out since government has nothing but time and your money to do whatever they want, when they want.

That government evolves into tyranny is not a new phenomenon. It comes about over time when the people are not paying attention to that evolution, or when the people decide that it is easier to be dependent on government rather than being dependent on their own resources. A society, or a nation built on dependency, is a society doomed to fail and doomed to slavery. Dependency obligates the dependent person on the giver. In the government’s case, the price is usually the dependent person’s vote.

But the people don’t have to lie down and play dead for government. We have found in our own experiences when the people strenuously object, the government tends to back down.

Government expects you to be docile and compliant. After all government has spent several decades and trillions of your dollars in producing docile, compliant, tolerant citizens through the public school system and our liberal colleges. Our institutions breed docility and compliancy. Don’t raise your voice. Be calm all the time, even if the other side is egregiously and maybe even criminally wrong. Don’t confront and get angry with the bully, debate him ….. or her, whether it is Iran, some minority group, or an insane person. Debating a bully is either ideological, or self-induced suicide.

Let’s face it. The government wants you to be afraid of them! You are easier to control and manage that way. But if you are afraid of government, they own you. You are a slave by any definition.

Good Lord ladies and gentlemen aren’t you just a little tired of being afraid of government? Is this the America we have become, cowering in the corner and uncontrollably shivering in fear like a scared rabbit? Aren’t you just a little tired of being pushed around by out-of-control, rogue government agencies that many times invent the law, owns the court system, is arrogant and has become the master, rather than the servant? Do you want to regain your self-respect and feel like you are controlling your own destiny instead of capitulating to government fear and intimidation?

Would you like to GET EVEN without hiring a high-paid lawyer that is part of the corrupt system you are up against? An attorney is an officer of the court. The court is just another part of the system that works against your individual, unalienable rights.

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Do you have the courage our Founding Fathers had to push back against a vicious bully that has become the American government, at every level? If so, then you are going to find our next article very important, especially if government has knocked on your door. When government comes calling we will show you how to slow them down, hold them at bay, confuse the hell out of them, or stop them in their tracks, legally, local, state, or federal ….. without hiring an attorney who will take your savings and bleed you dry whether you win or lose.

[NOTE: The forgoing article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the opinion of, it's employees, representatives, or other contributing writers.]

2016 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at





Would you like to GET EVEN without hiring a high-paid lawyer that is part of the corrupt system you are up against? An attorney is an officer of the court. The court is just another part of the system that works against your individual, unalienable rights.