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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
October 7, 2015

NOTE: See our Resolution to Impeach U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch for violation of her oath of office and for exceeding her authority as U. S. Attorney General by implementing international law in American cities under the United Nations "Strong Cities Network" initiative.

The older anything gets, man, woman, or government, he, she, or it, succumbs to the vagaries of old age. Things, functions, systems, muscles, bones and brains begin to tighten, crystallize and become brittle, more complicated, prone to decay and un-yielding to change. As in all things, government "systems" follow the law of entropy where it eventually moves towards inflexibility, resistance to change and finally to disorder.

History tells us that governments, societies and cultures begin to "run down" after about 200 years on their unstoppable slide towards disintegration and finally chaos, to be followed by death or vanquished by a greater power. There are exceptions of course. The Romans lasted about 500 years as a Republic but when it moved towards a dictatorship and aggressively expanded its territory by force around the time of the birth of Christ, it took another 400 years before Rome fractured and disintegrated, literally buried from its own size, weight, corruption and inflexibility of "systems."

The inescapable slide of America in the direction of all past countries, societies and cultures cannot be denied. What usually precipitates the destruction comes on the heels of three specific growing conditions. The first condition is societal apathy, the second moral decay and the third, solidification of inflexible "systems", leading to rapidly increasing regulations and rising government power.

Law drives the "system" and as laws increase, the "system" becomes more inflexible, expensive and grossly inefficient. Eventually, these metastasizing maladies of inflexibility, rising costs, inefficiency and resistance to change, drive the "system" into corruption. The "system" becomes so powerful that it becomes virtually impossible to change without an extraordinary effort. Sometimes violence is the only way to change the "system". It is certain that the American "system" of government will not be changed with a little boy's slingshot, as depicted in the image accompanying this article.

People react to the seemingly impenetrable "system" by becoming more apathetic and resigned to the inevitability of the "system", without considering the possibility that the "system" can be changed. They feel helpless and impotent. Or, maybe they are just plain lazy and the fight has gone out of them. But the reality is, it will take a great deal more effort to defeat the "system" than sitting on the couch watching "Dancing with the Stars" or Monday Night football, hoping that someone else will do the job.

The "system" is an intertwined entanglement of interlocking national and international interests of commerce, finance and trade, accompanied by government enablers of the "system" in the executive, judicial and legislative branches. The tentacles of one interest are inextricably interwoven into the tentacles of all the other interests. Finding out what drives one, leads to a complex maze of closed doors, backrooms, deep subterranean caverns and secret meetings. All the sources are purposely hidden and camouflaged. Traces to find the truth go down dead end paths, or are blocked by impenetrable obstacles. Sources of the "system's" power are elusive and they are anything but constitutional. The "system" exists because of citizen apathy and survives, thrives and grows on the people's money and special interests.

Examples of the "system" are almost endless. Unions, socialists, environmentalists and the broad category of government, at every level, drive America's public education (or should we say indoctrination) "system". Attorneys, judges, court clerks and tens of thousands of state and federal rules, drive the judicial "system", such that if justice ever finds a court, it will have become a worldwide miracle.

Special interests, including internationalists, corporations, unions, socialists and environmentalists, drive federal, state and local governments, are part of the "system." Corrupt politicians whose only priority is to get elected or re-elected, drive the legislative branch of government and are part of the "system." Even the good politicians, if that is not a contradiction of terms, will eventually be sucked into the "system".

The "system" gave us the 16th Amendment, the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service. The "system" brought Americans the suspension of the Gold Standard. The "system" gave us worthless money that is an instrument of debt, backed by nothing. American currency is valueless, backed up by a government-created mirage.

The "system" gave us a news media that is devoid of objectivity and now personifies a wholly liberal "system" bias. The "system" gave us liberal colleges that now only espouse one liberal viewpoint and silences any other. The "system" gave us radical environmentalism that tells man he is a virus on the earth and must be heavily regulated and freedoms denied. The "system" gave us social justice, a liberal ideology that promotes and supports only the collective, never the individual or individual rights. Under these conditions the U. S. Constitution has become virtually meaningless.

Government bureaucracies are prime examples of entrenched "systems" that resist every attempt to make them more efficient, or dismantle them altogether. As we said in our last article entitled "How Democrats Milk America's Safety Net", "since most government programs are a deep cesspool of waste, fraud, abuse and corruption, the cost versus the benefits for any government program are in all likelihood, in the toilet."

Who owns the "system"? A cadre of in-the-know, colluding elites in finance, corporations and unions, each of which are aided and abetted by power-wielding players in central governments all around the world. One world government happened a long time ago, probably around the early part of the 20th Century at the time of the passage of the 16th Amendment. Since then, the sovereignty barriers and borders, especially for America, have been coming down one by one through central bank collusions, secret international trade agreements and failing to enforce immigrations laws, without the general population being the wiser ….. or caring.

If you have any doubts about this globalization effort and the elimination of sovereign boundaries, all you have to do is to read U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch's speech before the UN General Assembly on September 29, 2015, as she announced the implementation of the United Nations "Strong Cities Network" initiative. You will find the transcript of her anti-American, anti-sovereignty, globalist speech at the following link.

Ms. Lynch should be impeached for what she said in that speech. (See Impeachment Resolution HERE)

Who runs the "system"? The "system" is run by millions of compliant flunkies who haven't the slightest clue that they are part of a powerful, fire-breathing dragon that consumes nations, crushes individual freedom and squashes dissent.

Much of the anger that is flaring up all over America today, that manifests itself in the circus that is the current Republican presidential primary, is the frustration over the "system." We elect the people who say they are going to change the "system", but nothing changes. It only gets worse. It seems we can't find a leader that has intellect, honor, passion and courage to challenge the "system", as well as challenging international interests with the full force, faith and credit of the United States of America. Some think Trump might be the guy to do it, but beware of putting your faith in just one man. The real challenge is the "system" itself and it will not be broken up without massive resistance from millions of Americans.

Even when glaring events occur that should arouse the public to outrage and demand change, like the debate over Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, something comes along to save the "system" (like the Democrats) and stop any attempts to make the situation right.

Everyone knows that the IRS is totally corrupt, dysfunctional and in many cases, unlawful and yet it lives on. Why hasn't Congress fixed it? Because millions of jobs in accounting and the legal arena would go away if the IRS were dismantled. Those jobs have a powerful lobby in Washington DC (the "System") and will never let Congress do away with those jobs. We explained this situation in an article we wrote in January of 2014 entitled, "Why Congress Will Never Repeal the IRS."

As we previously said, the ""system"" is supported primarily by special interests. The special interests can be money, socialism, environmentalism, welfare, land use, racism, immigration, health care, climate change, corporations, unions and even animal rights groups. In America there are special interests for every occasion and they all have their lobbyists in Washington DC and in every state legislature, to pound on the table and demand that their ""system"" be funded by your money. Our alleged representatives give in almost every time.

But the "system" can be defeated, just not all at once. It has to be taken apart in small chunks. A small group of dedicated individuals could take on a city hall or the county commissioners. A larger group of dedicated individuals could take on the state. These individuals would have to be prepared to unravel the system in their area through research and study, expose what is going on very publicly and get the people outraged enough to demand common sense changes. These individuals would have to fight to overcome media bias (the "system"), which means they would have to push their message until the media could no longer ignore the "story."

But the small groups and larger groups would have to be funded and coordinated nationally, with a set of principles and a distinct plan from which to guide their efforts. Hopefully, those principles would be based on the U. S. Constitution as interpreted by the Founders. But they would be up against 200 plus years of a "system" of laws, statutes and rules that would not unravel easily without an extraordinary effort by tens of thousands of devoted Americans and the expense of large sums of money. The sad reality is, the "system" may be so entrenched, nothing but violence will overcome its power, because this is what those dedicated individuals would be up against:

"Just How Are You Going to Unravel This Banana Republic?" 7/5/14
"Just How Are You Going to Reverse Engineer History?" 3/14/15
"Just How Are You Going to Overcome the Freeloader's Vote?" 6/27/15

These are three recent articles we wrote to describe the "system's" power and the difficulties in taking it apart. The intertwined special interests would put up obstacles in the way on every front, through elections and court challenges. As we said, the "system" will not be defeated by a little boy's slingshot. There are no more David's to slay Goliath in the real world of the "system."

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If you are one of those that think Trump is the answer all by himself, there is no way he could do it alone, should he, by some twist of fate, get elected. He would need highly skilled and well-connected advisers and the majority of the people behind him to overcome the "system." That's a tall order given that so many Americans are invested in the "system" for their own survival and will vote to preserve the status quo.

If you would like to learn more about the real Donald Trump, click HERE. The National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) has provided this Trump website as a public service.

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� 2015 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at





As we previously said, the ""system"" is supported primarily by special interests. The special interests can be money, socialism, environmentalism, welfare, land use, racism, immigration, health care, climate change, corporations, unions and even animal rights groups.