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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
July 1, 2015

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” Carl Sagan

The concept of coined money goes back over 5,000 years to the time of the Sumerians of Mesopotamia in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in present day Syria and Iraq. Prior to coinage, the acquisition of goods and services was handled primarily by bartering, mostly by exchanging something of value for something of equal value. One of the ways to measure value at the time was by a certain weight of wheat. That certain weight was called a Shekel, where the "She" meant wheat.

At that time in man's history, societies were ruled either by a high priest, or by a secular person who took on the trappings of the God's the priests were promoting. The temples occupied by the priests were the storehouses of the wheat. The farmers brought their crops of wheat to the temple as their social and religious obligations. The power of the priest to distribute the wheat to the masses was the power of life and death. This is a power tyrants have been using for millennia. (Stalin starved to death over 7,000,000 Ukrainians by doing just that.)

The idea of coinage came about at this time as an easier way of exchanging goods for value and also determining the actual value of a person's wealth, not measured in domestic animals or other items of value but measured in the amount of coins that person had accumulated.

The first Sumerian coin was made of bronze (a mixture of copper and tin) and contained a sheaf of wheat on one side and the image of Ishtar, the goddess of fertility, on the other side. Besides the practical, the coin carried the symbol of a deity, giving it the power of a God, the King's or the Priest's power.

But with coinage another benefit came to those who accumulated coins. They could lend out the coins at interest, and conversely the people could borrow the coins from the lender, at interest. Alas, the curse of the moneychanger was born. If you borrowed money from the moneychanger and couldn't pay it back, the moneychanger could take everything you own and leave you coin-less, if not homeless and in some cases, lifeless.

And so from early civilization times, through the time of Christ, through the fall of Rome, through the dark ages, through the renaissance, to the Magna Carta, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson and the birth of American freedom and on to present day, the moneychangers have and are still ruling the world.

President James Madison is quoted as saying: "History records that the moneychangers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance."

This historical observation is supported by the famous quote of Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild in the mid 1800's, "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws."

A government, any government, cannot operate or function without money. Government must tax the people in order to pay for those operations and functions, whether a dictatorship, a democracy, or a Constitutional Republic. If it cannot tax enough to pay for these functions, like in a time of war, it must borrow the money from the moneychangers. Today moneychangers are encapsulated in the innocuous and benign name of "Central Banks." You don't see the individual names of the moneychangers any more so you can't pin the blame on an individual or a cabal for their crimes.

The Founding Fathers knew all this and tried to set up a system of banking that did not lend itself to the historical abuses caused by the moneychangers. But as usual, the moneychangers won out with the passage of the 16th Amendment that created the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service. The newly constituted Federal Reserve once again, opened the door to those historical abuses. The Internal Revenue Service became the collector of the money to pay back the loans made by the moneychangers to government and the lifetime earnings of the people became the collateral for those loans.

So it follows that: "Your Money is the Hammer That Government Holds Over You." Money can be used as a tool or a weapon. Government has become very adept at using money as a weapon.

But without your money, the government is virtually powerless. It cannot make laws. It cannot hire people to administer or enforce those laws. It cannot make war. It cannot build roads and bridges. It cannot pay back the loans to the moneychangers. It cannot protect the masses from all enemies, foreign or domestic. But further and most important, it cannot waste and abuse your money, which it does with reckless abandon.

Some functions of government are absolutely necessary to a free society and taxing the masses to pay for those necessary functions is warranted. However, this taxing authority raises two basic questions: 1) what are the taxes paying for and 2) how are the taxes being collected and are the tax and collection processes constitutional.

Question number 1 has been and still is the subject of debate for over 200 years in America. What are the necessary functions of the government and are those functions and expenditures supported by the mandates outlined in the U. S. Constitution? Since the birth of Progressivism in the early 1900's, expenditures by government have exploded, most expenditures of which are not supported by the Constitution. We discussed why this has occurred in our last article "Just How Are You Going To Overcome the Freeloader's Vote?" The simple truth is, the Progressives, using the taxing powers of government and borrowing money from the moneychangers, have spent America into bankruptcy in order to buy the votes to maintain perpetual political power, thereby pushing America and Americans into crushing debt.

Question number 2 has been riddled with controversy since the ink was dry on the 16th Amendment. Was it the intent of the drafters of the Amendment to create a Nazi Gestapo-like, corrupt government collection agency to harass, intimidate, penalize, fine and incarcerate American citizens (the IRS) for alleged violations of a tax code that is indecipherable by a normal, reasonable and prudent person, in an alleged land of the free and the brave? Sadly, the IRS has become so powerful and institutionalized that not only will the Congress not repeal it, or even rein it in or fire and incarcerate the criminal perpetrators in the agency, there are millions of Americans (lobbyists) who make their living off of a tax code that no one understands and those lobbyists will fight to the death to preserve it.

Since Congress and the lobbyists will do nothing to rectify the problems described in questions 1 and 2, there is only one peaceful solution. That peaceful solution is to deprive government of its power over the masses, your tax money, by refusing to give that money to them. The only way that solution would be effective is if millions of Americans staged a massive tax protest for an extended period of time and held the government at bay by depriving it of the people's money in exchange for the return to the literally translated intent of the Founding Fathers, as delineated in the 17 enumerated powers contained in Article 1, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution. That literal intent of the Founders did not include the massive expansion of the "Commerce" and the "Necessary and Proper" clauses in those 17 enumerated powers, that has catapulted federal government power into the absolute power zone.

Unfortunately, that one peaceful solution will not happen because most of the American people are either bamboozled by government, cowed by government, agree with government, dependent on government, totally ignorant of what government is doing, or just plain stupid. So it appears that the American people are just going to roll over and let the government get ever stronger until such time that resistance will be futile.

Still, there is a small minority of people who won't roll over. Small, violent skirmishes will erupt all over the country from that small minority. Each skirmish will be put down violently by an overwhelming police or military force, as in the Waco and Ruby Ridge events during Queen Janet Reno's reign as U. S. Attorney General.

Until there is a massive mindset shift in the American psyche towards the absolute, natural and unalienable right to be free from government oppression, nothing will change. Our greatest concern is that the mindset shift will come too late and the "money hammer" that government holds over you, will become more powerful than the will of the people to revolt against it.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a big bear in your backyard and the tag around the bear's neck says "Beware - Government, Vicious and Deadly." Under normal circumstances we would chase the bear out of our yard, or we'd shoot it to protect our family. That most people can't see the bear in their backyard can only be explained by apathy, ignorance, or the intentional, or unintentional, blindness to reality.

As we have stated many times before in past articles:

"YOUR MONEY IS GOVERNMENT'S MAJOR POWER OVER YOU: The first power that government has over you is YOUR perception that YOUR money is their money. The second power that government has over you is by using the money they take from you by force of law, against you. The third power that government has over you is that you will religiously obey all of their laws."

"Only when the people realize that their tax money is being used to environmentally enslave them; only when the people realize that their tax money is being used to "feed" a growing population of other people dipping their bills in the government "pig trough" and those "takers" voting for those very same politicians that take our tax money by force to keep the "trough" full; only when the people realize that their tax money is being spent to brainwash and indoctrinate their school and college-age children in the ways of socialism, multi-culturalism, radical environmentalism, collectivism and one-world-government; only when the people realize that their government is using their tax money to merge America into the one-world-order; only when the people realize that the only way to stop this attempted conquest of American freedom and sovereignty is to resist government, en masse, in every legal way possible. Only then will we reclaim our freedom .... that is until all peaceful means are exhausted and we are left with only one remaining alternative."

Maybe some of our readers will finally get it this time. The hard truth is, you have become a slave to government by willingly allowing government, using the force of government, to spend your money in the implementation of your enslavement.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at





The concept of coined money goes back over 5,000 years to the time of the Sumerians of Mesopotamia in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in present day Syria and Iraq.