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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
February 11, 2015

A few days ago, we received an e-mail containing the story from a doctor who treated a 25-year old illegal alien mother with eight children. The doctor writes:

"Today I had a 25-year old mother with 8 kids - that's right 8, all illegal anchor babies and she had the nicest nails, cell phone, hand bag, clothing, etc. She makes about $1,500 monthly for each anchor child. You do the math. That is $12,000 PER MONTH. What could you do with $ 12,000 PER MONTH for say the next ten years? Does she pay taxes on that $12,000? Not likely! I used to say, we are the dumbest nation on earth. Now I must say and sadly admit: WE are the dumbest people on earth (that includes ME) for we elected the idiot ideologues who have passed the bills that allow this."

The Doctor is right of course, whether the story is true or not. Nevertheless, that this kind of thing is happening in America on a massive scale is not in dispute. Sadly, the stories like this one keep growing. There are hundreds more of these legislated injustices inflicted on our tax dollars and they are too numerous to list here. We only need cite Obama's proposed $4 Trillion dollar budget that is full of pork and massive income redistribution.

But we wondered, what would it take for the people to say enough is enough and then punctuate their anger with real action, in a grand way? Why are Americans so cowed by government? Why do they sit back and do nothing, even when there are many solutions being offered to these problems? Is it fear? Is it cowardice? Or, is it that they like it the way it is, especially if they are on the dole. Perhaps they just don't recognize that there is a problem and everything is just fine with them.

Or, is it that they are just too damn comfortable to do anything that would burst their nice little bubble? To Hell with their children's future! Let the children fight for freedom in their own generation. That is one way of looking at it but it sure avoids the serious realities in America today. There may be no freedom left for their children.

Several years ago we witnessed a strange and unexpected event between a dog and a cat. A fairly good sized German Shepherd spotted a much smaller, black house cat and broke into a dead run after the cat. The cat startled by the dog and now instantly charged with adrenalin, struck off down the sidewalk in a black blur.

Now a dog chasing a cat is hardly news, but it was what the cat did that drastically altered the outcome of the chase. After about 30 seconds into the chase, the cat, without regard to the consequences, suddenly whirled around and planted five sharp claws on the dog's nose as the dog, trying to stop, ran into the cat. The dog turned tail and bolted back up the sidewalk, yelping in pain, as he fled into the distance. The cat simply decided it had had enough and "esplained" it to the dog (bully), by punctuating his message of displeasure with the weapons with which nature had armed him.

The episode brought to mind our current dilemma. The "dog" (bully government) has been "chasing" the cat (the American people) for the last 80 to 100 years and the "cat" has yet to whirl around and punctuate its message of displeasure on the "dog", with the weapons with which nature and our constitution have armed us. And no, in America they don't have to be weapons of violence.

It took over 150 years (1620 to 1775) for the colonials to grow tired of the British government and turn on them, no matter what the consequences. Their brave, courageous and some say foolhardy actions gave birth to a unique kind of freedom, but at great cost. The British were many, heavily armed, well outfitted and trained. The colonials were poorly armed and disorganized. In reality they were an unruly, unregulated and untrained militia, which, in hindsight, may have been their salvation. They invented Gorilla Warfare, which took the British by surprise.

Throughout the battles and skirmishes during the Revolution, many feared that victory would never be theirs to celebrate and defeat would come with even greater injustices, intimidation and retribution on the colonials, at the hands of the King's men. Some say providence turned the tide. Other's say the French, who hated the British and helped the Americans because of it, snatched the King's victory right out from under his generals' noses. Perhaps both are right.

But like the dog chasing the cat, the difference that characterized the American Revolution was what the Americans did. They had finally had enough and "esplained" it to the British (bully), by punctuating their message of displeasure with the weapons with which nature, man, bravery and courage had armed them.

We may rightfully ask, what, in the instance of the cat being chased by the dog, caused the cat to turn on the dog, even though the dog was five times the size of the cat? And along the same lines, what was the catalyst that caused the colonials to turn on the British, even though the colonials were much smaller in number, armament and training? We believe that the catalyst is of the same substance from which heroes are born on the battlefield and it finds its roots in three human emotions and motivations, anger, self-preservation and the thirst for freedom. Anger, self-preservation and the thirst for freedom are, or may very well be, the motivations for a corresponding response to any threat.

It was the cat, without regard to his own life, who turned on the dog. It was the colonials, without regard to their safety and security, who turned on the British because the colonials stepped outside of the main stream, the rational and the accepted, to overcome their fear. They resisted abusive authority, no matter what the cost. The cat turning on the dog was a form of individual heroism. The American Revolution, where Americans turned on the British, came in the form of collective heroism.

Not a single living, two or four-legged organism on Earth likes to be pushed around, chased, or bullied. They in fact, have a fairly strong desire to be free. In most cases, the natural reaction to bullying is anger and results in either fight or flight, depending on how nature has armed them and the size and strength of the bully.

Our situation in America is different, however. Because of the undaunted bravery of the colonials and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, we do not have to resort to violence to "esplain" it to the bully. We need only use the tools with which nature has armed us, our intellect and high morals and values, along with the foundation of liberty embedded in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. From that foundation we will, in the end, reverse the destructive path we are currently taking into abject socialism and ultimately, enslavement. Government doesn't fear us now, but they will soon.

Today, the American people are still capable of collective heroism and the challenge to abusive authority, just as they were during the birth of our freedom over 230 years ago. We see the growing signs of that emerging heroism almost every day now. That those in government are becoming aware of this rising tide is evident by their irrational panic to pass more controlling legislation before all Hell breaks loose. There is no substance in their arguments. Acting in desperation, their current weapons are intimidation, name-calling, smearing and maligning the opposition. But make no mistake their eventual goal is perpetual or absolute power.

Let us emphasize that there is no other country like America and there are no people like the American people, anywhere on earth. Freedom is burned into their souls and their genome and as the cat who turned on the dog, the brave ones, the collective American heroes, will not let freedom die, no matter what it takes to preserve it. We have smelled freedom and it is ours.

So we say to those who oppose less government and individual liberty, the gift from our creator, we are right and you are wrong, because freedom is right and slavery is wrong. We also say to those who work to tear down America's liberty, sovereignty, exceptionalism and its moral and ethical values, let the games begin. In the end, we have no doubt that we shall prevail, just like we prevailed on the day that freedom was born when "..... a shot was fired, a shot heard 'round the world".

Figuratively speaking, we are going to fire that shot ….. over their bow that is. In our recent articles on corruption in government we have hinted at a solution to challenge that corruption. Last week we announced that solution by launching our "Exclosers" website.

The response was timid to the launch but that was to be expected so early in the game. However, one person responded with the following as a preamble to forwarding our article to others:

"Ron is one tough cookie. A few illegally and unconstitutionally franchised “Alphabet Agencies” have lodged complaints against him as he has stood solidly on his constitutional rights as a free citizen. He’s been a “person of interest” by those agencies for that reason, often accused and harassed by the IRS, the illegal hammer the America-haters use to usurp the freedom of the people. He’s tirelessly fought their excesses even winning a few of them. However, it’s a never-ending challenge and Ron is committed to winning. In my opinion the citizen resistance at Concord against the British is a tradition with Ron, who has tirelessly fought against the same criminal mentality of those who have been running our government for the last sixty years or more. Inform yourselves about what is currently taking place in the USA, a name having fallen into unbelievable disrepair since the current lawless administration has taken our country into its illegalities. Please read Ron’s article on the so-called “Department of Justice.

We were humbled by his response and did not realize that there were people out there who were reading our articles and being inspired by them, hopefully inspired enough to take action on their own, or join in the efforts of our "Exclosers" organization.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the threshold for a peaceful American revolution is at hand. But Americans are going to have to be the "cat" that turns on the "dog" no matter what the consequences, or the "dog" will win. All Americans have to do is to "step outside of the main stream and the accepted", to overcome their fear of government, or the consequences of challenging government. We are offering that step outside of the main stream and the accepted with the "Exclosers". The Nay Sayers will tell us that our efforts won't succeed, but then we weren't supposed to win the American Revolution either. No matter what the Nay Sayers predict, were forging ahead with only winning on our minds.

The battle to reclaim our individual freedom in America under the U. S. Constitution, the greatest nation since the dawn of civilization, is ours to win ….. or lose. Right now we are losing. Are you the cat chasing the dog, or is it the other way around.

So the question remains, "what is the threshold at which Americans will revolt?" Anyone with any intellect knows we reached that threshold a long time ago.

[NOTE: The forgoing article represents the opinion of the author and is not necessarily shared by the owners, employees, representatives, or agents of the publisher.]

� 2015 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at





Ladies and gentlemen, the threshold for a peaceful American revolution is at hand. But Americans are going to have to be the "cat" that turns on the "dog" no matter what the consequences, or the "dog" will win.