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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
November 26, 2014

"Give us your tired, your poor and your huddled masses, yearning to get something for free. Send us your homeless, your deadbeats, your freeloaders, your peasants, your indigents, your murders, your terrorists, your rapists, your psychos, your drug lords and druggies, and those stricken with TB, Ebola, Cholera and Small Pox. Pray be that they all be Democrat voters and it's OK that they don't speak English. I lift MY lamp beside the golden door and say, LET THEM ALL IN no matter what it costs because we are a compassionate nation ….. to a fault."

Emperor of the U. S. of America, his heinous, Barack Hussein Obama

For over 100 years the Democrats-Liberals-Progressives have used the word "compassion" and its implementation by force of law, to insure their perpetual hold on political power in America. They have been hugely successful and have used the people's money to do it ….. all in the name of compassion.

Almost the entire news media, 100% of academia and over half of the American people support their radical ideology. They beat the Republicans over the head with compassion. They empty the public treasury pandering to the tens of millions of people that have now grown dependent on government's compassion. Americans are being drowned in the black, smelly, expensive ooze of irrational compassion and the taxes to pay for it all, pre-empting other funds for vital national and state services.

The Republicans have been cowed into silence and have become virtually impotent for fear they will be negatively painted as being against compassion for all human beings, including illegal aliens ….. no matter what the cost. It makes no difference that the country has been bankrupted by the word compassion and its draconian unintended consequences. Compassion has come at a huge cost in the trillions of dollars and the dividing of our society along financial status, language, racial and ethnic lines. It has become a virtual war of the producers versus the takers, white versus black, rich versus poor and man versus woman, aided and abetted by Democrats using "compassion" as the fulcrum and the people's money as the lever ….. for votes.

If you are against compassion for all, as implied by the scriptures, (and the Democrats) you are mean spirited, you hate people, you are angry white men and you are against all races, creeds, ages and gender. You have no right to exist. Your opinions are without merit. Your principles of financial and economic security and stability and military superiority are old fashion and out of date. And of course, according to the Democrats, these principles conflict with their definition of compassion and get in the way of its funding.

Yes, we are one of those mean-spirited conservatives that realize we are in a full lifeboat and the lifeboat can't handle any more people, until those trying to get on board (legally) can pay their own way. Those of us in the lifeboat don't want 20 million anchors hanging around our necks that we have to carry on our shoulders while the boat is sinking. We call it the survival of freedom, liberty, sovereignty and our very culture. The Democrats and the complicit news media call us hate mongers and bigots.

The arrogance of the "compassion" argument by the Democrats is epitomized in the words spoken by Senator William J. Fulbright when he gave a speech in 1961 to university students: "The President is our moral teacher and our leader. He is hobbled in his task by the restrictions of power imposed on him by this antiquated document. [the Constitution] He must be freed so that he can do for us what he knows is best.” This is the mindset of the Democrat elite, like MIT Professor Gruber and President Obama who want to fundamentally transform America into this radical ideology based on the irrational definition of compassion without regard to the cost.

And for the Democrats, "compassion" IS best because it buys the most votes. The Democrat's idea of compassion is what has driven us into the New Deal, Social Security, the Great Society, Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, 80 different welfare programs, an impediment to marriage, Obama Care and now legal status for millions of illegal aliens who break our laws. But worst of all, irrational compassion has given us $18 trillion in debt and rising rapidly. It has also given us over $100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. From where will that money come? If it all, it will come on the backs of the producers in the form of draconian taxes. As always, the takers get a free ride. [And Veterans are not takers, they are the defenders of our freedom and deserve every benefit and support a grateful nation can give them. Unfortunately, illegal aliens get better treatment than our Veterans.]

Obama's argument to unilaterally grant legal status to 5 million illegal aliens is couched in the words compassion and scripture. But hidden behind the words is the real agenda, MDV, "More Democrat Voters."

Obama has clearly violated his oath of office and broken the law by his own words. He should be impeached, as that is the only just solution to his lawlessness under the constitution. For some reason, the Republicans have taken impeachment off the table. But, if they don't impeach him, the next president will have his or "her" powers expanded by Obama's illegal precedent. It turns out that if the Republicans don't stop him, the door is open for a dictator to take control of America. Or perhaps, one already has.

Legal Americans cannot violate the law without facing severe penalties or jail time. Why is it that government can reward a huge class of lawbreakers using the law and the American people's money, on the flawed rationale that there are too many of them to deport? President Eisenhower solved the illegal alien crisis. Why can't we do it now?

Do your really want to put a stop to illegal immigration? We'll give you one idea on how to enforce the law that the government won't, by triggering self-deportation. Every legal American who knows of one or more illegal aliens living in America, should "rat" them out. Take pictures of them and send the pictures, names and addresses to the authorities and the newspapers. Every legal American who knows of an employer who is employing illegal aliens should report the fact to the authorities. Then, put all the information on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, once and for all, CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER!

Once the illegal aliens know they are being ratted out by legal Americans, they will begin to self-deport on their own because living in America will become unfriendly and hostile, as it should be for illegal aliens. We send criminals to prison because it is punishment for criminal behavior. Prison is unfriendly, hostile and just, for those who break the law. Why should illegal aliens be any different?

Harsh, you bet? No, it's not compassionate and NO, we don't like the idea either! But if the government won't stop this insane madness that legal Americans must pay for, maybe the American people themselves can. Generosity and compassion must end when our own needs aren't being met.

Nevertheless, we are not holding our breath that legal Americans will do anything about this issue because most Americans fear government, instead of the other way around. It remains to be seen if the remaining people who cherish freedom will do anything to reclaim their birthright from those who are obsessed with irrational compassion ….. at any cost.

Sadly, the people are just not engaged on a large enough scale and of one mind to change anything. It appears they don't think we are in a serious war of ideologies where freedom and liberty are pitted against compassion and growing enslavement. Those who believe in irrational compassion, no matter what the cost, appear to have won this war and they did it with your money and with your tacit approval. They have won this war to the detriment of American freedom, liberty, property rights, sovereignty and our collective bank account. Rest assured, there is no way "We Can Get to Freedom on the Compassion Plan."

On the off chance that there are some of you who are not afraid to take a stand against Obama's and the government's tyranny, you can make your voice heard by signing our petition "Declaring Open Resistance" against those in government that have grown corrupt, abusive, arrogant, lawless and out of control. We have already made our Declaration on numerous occasions to many high-level politicians. Yes, we are on government's radar.

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However, if you fear government, or you are shaking in your boots because you might draw government's attention, we don't recommend it. Like illegal aliens, hiding in the shadows is always safer. Government will never find you. Unlike hiding in the shadows, defending freedom is always fraught with risk when you come out in the open and "Declare Open Resistance" against government.

But remember this, fear gives a coward a reason not to act in his own defense.

AND, ignorance is not a defense when the THREATS to your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that you refuse to acknowledge, reach out and tap you on the shoulder ….. and they will and they are.

[NOTE: The following article represents the opinion of the author and is not necessarily shared by the owners, employees, representatives, or agents of the publisher.]

� 2014 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at





Almost the entire news media, 100% of academia and over half of the American people support their radical ideology. They beat the Republicans over the head with compassion. They empty the public treasury pandering to the tens of millions of people that have now grown dependent on government's compassion.