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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
October 22, 2014

“Recently I interviewed a psychopath. This is always a humbling experience because it teaches me over and over how much of human motivation and experience is outside my narrow range. Despite the psychopath's lack of conscience and lack of empathy for others, he is inevitably better at fooling people than any other type of offender. I suppose a conscience just slows you down. A convicted child molester made friends with a correctional officer who invited him to live in his home after he was released - despite the fact the officer had a nine-year-old daughter. The officer and his wife were so taken with the offender that, after the offender lived with them for a few months, they initiated adoption proceedings - adoption for a man almost their age. Of course, he was a child molester living in the same house with a female child. Not surprisingly, he molested the daughter the entire time he lived there. What these experiences have taught me is that even when people are warned of a previous case of a sexual assault conviction, they still routinely underestimate the pathology with which they are dealing.” ~Anna Salter, Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders

You would think that most everyone in America would know that we live in a dangerous world, a world that grows more dangerous with each passing day, in a vacuum of presidential leadership. But alas, such is not the case. Sadly, millions upon millions of Americans live in a bubble of virtual reality, hopelessly lost in a world of push-button electronics, video games, endless sports and mindless television. They seem to be oblivious to the predators that stalk them in their homes, in their minds, inside their country and while they are abroad.

Sure, there are the top predators that reach national news headlines and those headlines tend to be fresh in those minds that take the time to sift through the pile of propaganda that purports to be news. The aggressive, imperial designs of Russia's Putin, relentless advances by ISIS intent on establishing a brutal middle-eastern Sharia Caliphate, and the threat of a deadly Ebola epidemic in America, are trending right now. The mid-term elections and the hopelessly inexperienced Obama's 6-year, wishy-washy attempts at governing, show some signs of stirring the electorate to make a change. These events are just the exposed surface of a monster iceberg that extends way below sea level, containing the core of the real dangers that threaten our way of life, our individual safety and liberty and American sovereignty, from all different kinds of predators intent on doing us harm. But more importantly, each of our individual lives is at stake as we as a nation become more deeply distracted by so-called reality shows and high-tech gadgets and gorge on the prefabricated violence of national and local sports.

Let us start with personal dangers, especially for young women, girls and young children, boys or girls. The incidence of young girls and young women being abducted and disappearing all over America are on the increase. Right now there is a Virginia college student missing and in all likelihood is dead and by the time this article hits print, the body they have recently found is probably her. There is a black sexual predator sitting in jail as the person who, in all probability, was or is behind the young women's disappearance. This same black sexual predator has been linked to the disappearances and deaths of other young women in the same area. Hopefully, this sexual predator will never again see the light of day. Unfortunately for all of society, the American court system is way too lenient on sexual predators of all kinds, thus creating a permissive atmosphere where anything goes with little or no consequence.

The human predator is the most cunning of all. A sexual predator is the most debase form of human existence. A sexual predator that preys on young children is worse than an animal. They are rabid dogs at best and we shoot rabid dogs. This devious scum of humanity should not get 25 years in prison as Bill O'Reilly wants and certainly not suspended sentences, supervised parole, or ankle-bracelet monitors. They are pure evil and should be put to death. A society cannot tolerate those who would prey on the most vulnerable among us.

Women and girls must be educated in their early years about the extreme dangers from sexual predators. Parents must always be vigil about where their children are playing, whom they are playing with and who has been designated to watch over them in adult teams of two or more. Boys, girls and young women should never walk, run, or exercise alone, especially at night. If young women are going out for a night of fun and drinking, they should never go alone. Groups of two or more are a must if they hope to remain safe from the sexual predator.

Those who lived during the fifties may remember that we hardly ever locked our doors, we played until way after dark and we did not live in fear of sexual perverts. It was a different time in America. Parental discipline was strong, messages of virtue and morality were prevalent, marriage between a man and a woman was universally accepted as the norm, kids in all races were mostly born in the sanctity of wedlock and public schools taught reading, writing and arithmetic, as they should. In a little over 50 years, all that disintegrated into moral relevancy, molly coddling and the flawed psychology that no one is responsible for anything, brought to America by the Progressive ideology. We now rationalize that societal pressures make people behave badly and they just need some understanding and rehabilitation, without regard to the effectiveness or the cost. That belief can only be construed as not only grossly negligent, but can lead to more predatory behavior. Ironically, these irrational beliefs are ginned up in liberal colleges that are mostly occupied by over-educated idiot professors. Higher education should never trump age-old common sense but it has.

Not all predators are human, or animal. On a national scale, massive, unchecked illegal immigration and open borders are non-human predators to our national security, sovereignty, financial stability, our collective health and our individual lives. Now that the deadly Ebola virus is spreading rapidly across the globe, closing our borders is not just a must it is absolutely mandatory. The borders should be sealed up tight by all means, including the use of deadly force. All illegal alien adults and children should be quarantined until the incubation period for all diseases has past and then deported. All travel from western Africa should cease immediately. Anything less is criminally negligent by our government and puts us and our children in grave peril. It may already be too late.

There is another evil predator on human life. Much of the rest of the world puts up with terrorist bombings, mass shootings, or outright war, almost on a daily basis. America has only been "hit" big time on 911. Smaller, lone-wolf attempts have been made in Boston, New York, Fort Hood, Colorado, Connecticut and Oklahoma and other places but they are scattered and unorganized. Americans must acknowledge and be ready for similar mass terrorist attacks in the U. S. and learn to deal with them. They are coming to a city, a mall, a stadium, or a theater near you, wherever people gather in large numbers. Government will not be able to stop this religiously driven, fanatic predator and innocent civilians will be maimed and many will die. Unfortunately, this kind of predator will become a fact of daily life in America, in the not too distant future.

To free peoples, the government can become a vicious, rapacious predator, if those same free people aren't paying attention and holding government strictly within the limits of the power granted to that government by the people.

One of the most hidden-in-plain-sight predators of all and one of the greatest dangers to our freedom, is the explosion of laws, rules, regulations, restrictions and ordinances at every level of government. Next to that is the militarization of federal agencies, along with the rising use of SWAT teams by state and local police. Militarized arms of federal bureaucracies like the Department of Homeland Security, the National Parks and U. S. Forest Service, the BLM, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U. S. Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies, have taken to military-style force to enforce the explosion of federal laws, rules, regulations, restrictions and ordinances, especially environmental laws.

As we mentioned earlier, public schools were supposed to be responsible for educating American children. They were not charged to indoctrinate our children with a bunch of social and political hogwash. Therefore, a persistent and hidden predator that preys on our children is what is contained in the textbooks from which our children learn, the biases of those that teach them and the liberal colleges that teach the teachers. It is up to the parents to take the responsibility of checking out those textbooks and investigating the biases of the teachers. When they uncover the social and political "hog wash" they need to expose it to the public at large and lobby to have the books changed and those teachers who preach their religious, social and political philosophy in schools, removed. That public must speak in large numbers with an intimidating voice, if they have any hope of influencing the inflexible, progressive, union dogma that now exists in our public school system.

Television is a powerful predator that "preys" on both adults and children. The general public tends not to be aware that the producers of TV shows inject their own subtle social and political biases into the story line. This also applies directly to news programs as well. Those subtle messages tend to lean heavily towards the Progressive ideology. Remember the ever-popular MASH program with Alan Alda? Frank was a Bible-thumping, flag-waving Republican and he was ridiculed, made fun of and scorned because of it. If the people aren't looking for it, they will fall "prey" to those subtle messages that influence their thinking, without ever knowing it.

The Internet and e-mail, although a great tool for disseminating information, can also be a tool used by predators. Information flies around the Internet at the speed of light without substance or a connection to reality and facts. The gullible among us fall easy prey to the false information and are guilty of propagating it even farther, not unlike carrying a deadly virus. SCAMS and SPAM permeate the Internet. If the average user of the Internet is not on their guard at all times with regard to what is coming into them, or what they are seeing on the millions of websites that are available, they will become unwitting victims of Internet predators and uncontrolled social media. Parents would never let their children play next to a cliff for obvious reasons, but many parents allow their children to surf the Internet without restrictions or oversight. That is unconscionable, if not criminally negligent.

Once again we warn, "The Predators Are Out There, Salivating." We have only named a few of those predators in this article. And yes, Obama, like most other government politicians, is a predator that preys on American freedom, liberty and sovereignty and exploits the shallow, hollow and just plain stupid among us, in furtherance of his own twisted ideology and political fixations.

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If people are not educated to the dangers that lurk in the wide sphere of our lives today, locally, nationally and internationally, they will be the helpless "prey" of hundreds of different kinds of mean, vicious, mindless predators, both human and non-human. Sadly, millions will pay the price and get injured, sick, or die because of that ignorance.

[NOTE: The following article represents the opinion of the author and is not necessarily shared by the owners, employees, representatives, or agents of the publisher.]

� 2014 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at





You would think that most everyone in America would know that we live in a dangerous world, a world that grows more dangerous with each passing day, in a vacuum of presidential leadership. But alas, such is not the case.