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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
May 7, 2014

"We'll try to cooperate fully with the IRS, because, as citizens, we feel a strong patriotic duty not to go to jail." -Dave Berry, humor columnist and author

Many of you are aware of our almost four-year long battle with the IRS. Some of you may have fought them for much longer and unfortunately, most of you will lose or have already lost. The statistics of prevailing over the IRS in court runs about 2% of all cases. The IRS is, was and mostly likely always will be, an inflexible, faceless, insatiable, bureaucratic beast that knows no law other than its own. Even those that created it, the U. S. Congress, seem to have no power to stop it or rein it in, or purposely refuse to stop it because they like having it there to keep the masses in fear and in line. (See: "Why Congress Will Never Repeal The IRS")

(NOTE: We are continuing our fight with the IRS and have just filed a charge of grand theft against them for stealing 15% of our social security income for an illegal penalty assessment. Next we will file a "color of law" complaint with the FBI, against the IRS. Following that may come a lawsuit. These new documents will eventually be posted to our IRS information website page HERE.)

But the hard truth is, the IRS will relentlessly hound, harass and intimidate the hapless taxpayer who gets in its sights, from multiple IRS offices, sent with no names or pseudo names. You can't face your accuser because the IRS has no face. It makes tens of thousands of mistakes every year by wrongly interpreting the information a taxpayer submits ….. under penalty of perjury we might add. Those mistakes end up costing those tens of thousand of taxpayers, needless hours of time, money and emotional stress. This doesn't even include the time and cost for just preparing an income tax return, under 70,000 pages of undecipherable tax code. Your Congress let this happen and aids and abets it.

The taxpayer is required by law to sign Form 1040 under penalty of perjury, even though he or she have no way of knowing if the form is right because the tax code is so complicated and riddled with conflicts and contradictions. By signing the 1040 form under penalty of perjury, the taxpayer waives his or her fifth-amendment rights against self-incrimination. If the IRS decides that the taxpayer has done something wrong, the taxpayer has to prove that he didn't, in violation of constitutional safeguards and in spite of the requirement of the Tax Reform Act of 1998 demanding otherwise.

The IRS can hold a claim over the taxpayer's head for years without taking any action. And then, when the taxpayer least expects it, the hammer comes down. Suddenly a car is taken in the night, a bank account is drained, a wage is garnisheed, a social security check is tapped and a lien is filed against the taxpayer's credit, all without due process of law. Without warning a taxpayer's life can be turned upside down in an instant, with no redress. The IRS, a vicious, unrelenting predator, just does it and they get away with doing it, while Congress looks the other way.

There is little to no defense against this faceless beast. Go to court and watch your attorney exhaust your savings. What's worse, you will probably lose because going to court is a stacked deck in favor the government. File documents with the IRS in defense of your position and they are ignored. We know. It has happened multiple times in our case and we know of other cases where the same thing has happened.

The IRS uses the "frivolous position" scheme and its derivations all the time, if the taxpayer so much as deviates one iota from their inflexible forms, rules and regulations that no one can understand or agree on. The penalty for a taxpayer asserting an alleged frivolous position is $5,000 per taxpayer, husband and wife, in direct violation of the 8th Amendment against excessive fines. The IRS forces the taxpayer to waive his fifth-amendment rights and then fines the taxpayer if he exercises those rights.

But don't take our word for all of this. Read syndicated columnist George Will's recent article entitled "The heavy Hand of the IRS Seizes Innocent American's Assets" at this link.

But the IRS is no different from all other federal agencies like the EPA, the NSA, the USDA, the DHS, the INS, the FCC, the BLM, the USFW and a whole host of other bureaucratic entities that have morphed into an out-of-control fourth branch of government. Rule by fear and intimidation and the militarization of law enforcement have now become commonplace. Americans have become slaves, herded around at the point of the government gun, literally, backed up by unconstitutional law, the President, the Congress and the U. S. Supreme Court.

Examples of this militarization occur by the minute, all over America. Screw up a little and expect a heavily armed SWAT team to bust down your door with guns drawn and haul you off to jail for looking cross wise at a government agent, violate a land use or environmental ordinance, graze your cattle where you shouldn't, produce non-pasteurized milk, or God forbid, having some exotic wood on your premises.

So here is your America ladies and gentlemen.

1. An IRS that rules by fear, harassment and intimidation, ignores the rule of law and illegally attacks political enemies, as directed by political cronies in the agency, or those in power.
2. The EPA, USDA, BLM, USFW and NPS, dancing to the tune of radical environmentalists, makes up their own rules and the Congress does nothing, while the economy is driven into oblivion in the name of environmental extremism and property rights are irreparably trampled.
3. An out-of-control Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that sends in a fully equipped army of over 200 men because some cattleman is grazing his cows on federal land. Obviously, grazing cattle must be a capital offense, worthy of the death penalty without due process.
4. A public education system that indoctrinates more than it educates.
5. 86 million workers paying for 147 million takers.
6. Amnesty being granted to socialist-leaning illegal aliens that break our laws and suck up government benefits, aliens that will eventually vote Democrat when given amnesty,, at the urging of Democrats of course.
7. A weak, appeasing foreign policy by a lying president who has absolutely no understanding of how the world works and doesn't recognize that you can't negotiate with international bullies without putting America in grave national peril.
8. One political party that demeans, denigrates and would tear down all that America stands for, in the name of social justice.
9. Massive, immeasurable government waste, fraud, abuse and corruption that would get anyone in private industry fired or sent to jail. Systemic crony capitalism that makes politicians richer and taxpayers poorer.
10. A court system that has become so corrupt that true justice is nothing but a mirage on some distant horizon.
11. Investigations of government agencies go nowhere. No one gets fired for gross negligence or criminal acts. Government is free to do whatever it wants with impunity, including breaking the law, the citizens be damned.
12. Then there are the gunrunning, Benghazi and IRS scandals and a litany of Obama Care lies by Obama.
13. Half the nation is doing drugs, smoking pot, or getting drunk and could care less what happens to their country.

And we could go on and on.

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance. (From the Declaration of Independence in reference to King George, III. It is equally applicable to the current American government, at all levels.)

The IRS is but a symptom of a much greater American malady …. the mad dash to socialism and perhaps even totalitarianism by the power elite under a one-world-order, where individual, God-given rights and American sovereignty become meaningless. The government (IRS) came, it saw and it conquered the people ….. without a shot being fired. And the people, in their apathy, ignorance, stupor and stupidity, took it and said it was good.

In one of the most important articles that we have ever written, now uploaded to our website HERE, we laid out how America arrived at this juncture. In our general societal human weakness, we allowed the government to lure millions of Americans into the hidden trap of government promises in exchange for their votes. Now 86 million producers are required by law, at the point of a gun, to pay for 147 million non-producers and there is no political solution that will ever change this ratio because the non-producers get to vote for their share of the producer's sweat, blood and tears. All producers should be outraged by this ratio and should take immediate action to bring it to a halt. But what action should they take? The trouble is, even the producers are divided ….. or just plain scared.

America, as a once-free nation, is on an irreversible, open-throttle, down hill slide to ….. pick your poison.

Unless …..

There is a group of Americans that will not let freedom slip through their fingers and it is a very large group, numbering in the millions. Because of past and current overt and covert actions against Americans by government, at all levels, this group grows larger by the day. It should also be noted that this group is armed to the teeth. If it comes to a fight and it just might, this group is not about to lie down and play dead. Hopefully, before it is too late, the government and the rest of the people will wise up and not let it come to this.

The outpouring of support for Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy from all over America, even if he did break the law, is just a taste of what is coming. These Bundy episodes will only grow in size and get more explosive, until the first shot is fired and the cat is finally out of the bag for all to see.

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Yes, the IRS came, they saw and they conquered, but there are still millions of Americans who refuse to be conquered and are willing to stand up and prove it with bold and determined actions, in the spirit of the old West.

One lady and her husband, who were targeted multiple times by the IRS and other federal agencies for filing a tax-exempt status application, are fighting back big time. Many have seen her on TV already. But Catherine Engelbrecht's February 2014 testimony before Congress was very revealing and compelling at the same time. It shows the length the government will go to target an individual or a business for political reasons, but it also shows how some Americans will vigorously fight back. If you haven't seen her, we urge our readers to watch her testimony HERE.

Ladies and gentlemen, many people keep saying that we must come together and reach a middle ground. They say we need to compromise. But in this world of rabid socialism, radical environmentalism (global warming, etc.), government militarization against its citizens and the impending one-world-order, where IS the middle ground? Meeting the other side half way, in the spirit of compromise to reach the middle ground, when we are already on the left side of the spectrum, only ends up sending us more left. So the question remains, where is the middle ground and whose middle ground is it? It is suicide to compromise with a bully and right now the other side is a bully and unfortunately, holds the middle ground and we're supposed to compromise?

Nevertheless, in spite of the great chasm that lies between our two vastly opposing ideologies, it is our sincere wish that eventually, cooler heads will prevail and the "cat will never get out of the bag." But we're not holding our breath.

[NOTE: The following article represents the opinion of the author and is not necessarily shared by the owners, employees, representatives, or agents of the publisher.]

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� 2014 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at





There is a group of Americans that will not let freedom slip through their fingers and it is a very large group, numbering in the millions. Because of past and current overt and covert actions against Americans by government, at all levels, this group grows larger by the day.