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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
February 26, 2014

"Great nations are simply the operating fronts of behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who have become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery." -R. Buckminster Fuller, American architect, author, designer and inventor

"Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul." -Victor Hugo, 19th Century French Poet and Novelist

Whenever we come up with a title for an article, we always Google it to make sure it doesn't get too many hits. If it does, we won't use it. When we Googled the title for this article, only one hit came up. It was an article by Tom Hayden on the Huffington Post website, written just after the 2008 Iowa caucuses. The subject of the article was so germane to this one, we could not help but highlight it here as a historical perspective of where we were in 2008 and where we are today after 5 years of the royal reign of self-appointed King, Barack Hussein Obama. The gist of the article was a letter from Tom Hayden's son Troy to his dad about the 2008 Iowa primary and how the young people of America were so positively and emotionally inspired by Obama's run for the White House. We wonder what Troy would say now?

In the Huffington Post article, Mr. Hayden starts out with: "Below is a private note written after Iowa in 2008 by my 34-year-old son Troy, which represents the feelings of his wife Simone and countless others in their generation. Their attachment to Barack Obama is as deep as their disgust with the political establishment. The letter speaks for itself, and becomes decisive in my considerations towards this race. I think Obama has ignited a storm of hope that outweighs any concerns about his specific policies. The Obama generation is here and will not be denied."

Troy's letter to his dad goes like this:

Dear Father,

I can't stand the DNC. On every major channel they have spokespeople belittling Barack's victory. They keep banging points about how the voters have a misconstrued idea of Hillary. That she's been mistakenly identified as a centrist. Or how she's being judged on her lack of charisma rather than her policies, as if she had any worth standing for, and that Barack is only a success because he appears to be more charming than her. And how exciting it will be to see her readjust her campaign, as if she hasn't already re-adjusted to the point of being out of whack, to let the country see the real her. It amazes me that the DNC types are supporting Hillarities claims that the Iowa caucus is "severly flawed", that too many people's jobs prevented them from attending, blah blah blah. Never mind the fact that record numbers turned out, almost doubling the last election's total. It amazes me that all these talking heads cannot even fathom the idea that perhaps Barack is simply a better, more qualified, more in touch candidate. Why can't they celebrate Barack's definitive victory? Why can't they celebrate the fact that a monumental shift in our nation's identity is occurring? Why can't they celebrate that for the first time in a generation young people stood up to be heard? I wish, that for one moment, these baby boomers would turn off the arrogant noise in their searching heads and listen. Look and listen to the changing fabric of this country. In the midst of dark times an incredibly beautiful spirit is awakening. A spirit that we were told about by you, our parents. A spirit that so many fought for. It was a dream for you, an idea that you almost attained before it was violently taken away. That dream has matured, it has come full circle, it walks with your children. In fact, this is no longer a dream but an actual happening. I hope you see your self in this new spirit.


Besides the missing words, grammatical and spelling errors, the letter from Tom Hayden's son Troy reeks with irrational emotion and hopeless naiveté', an unfortunate affliction of the young. He called Obama a better, more qualified and more in touch candidate than Hillary. We wonder what Troy thinks of Obama now? Obama sold "hope" like the snake-oil salesmen of old and the young people of America, like Troy, along with most of the blacks, a high percentage of the Latinos, white Democrats and Independents, bought Obama's con of "hope", hook, line and sinker. Talk about gullible. Yes, the Obama generation is here and it was not denied twice, but the trail of tears that Obama has brought to this generation and maybe the next, as well as this great nation, that Obama will go down in American history as the greatest inept, narcissistic bungler, con man and community organizer of all time, eclipsing even Jimmy Carter.

Those of us who saw through the "hope" and "change" snake-oil con well before the 2008 election, knew exactly what Obama meant when he said "..... we have just five more days to fundamentally transform America." Obama shook up America and fundamentally transformed her all right, but for all the wrong reasons and all the wrong ways.

We wholeheartedly agree with the title to Tom Haden's 2008 article in the Huffington Post with our same title. America does need to be drastically shaken up and not stirred. In fact, America needs to be shaken up with something just short of an outright revolution if it is ever to recover from the likes of an Obama and over 100 years of the failed progressive ideology and policies that have virtually broken the financial and moral back of a once-proud and free nation. That includes the Federal Reserve and the IRS from 1913, which Obama did not create but uses for his own political purposes through his surrogates, including one Lois Lerner who took the 5th. In all likelihood, the corruption at the IRS goes much higher than Ms. Lerner.

At the time that Obama came along in 2007 and 2008 and ultimately elected to the presidency, many Americans, including the young ones, were disgusted with the political establishment as Tom Hayden's son relayed, but most weren't sure why. Obama seemed to be an answer to that disgust, in that those Americans thought he was outside the establishment and would break it up. How wrong they were. Obama just blended in with the Democrat establishment and gave us $6 Trillion dollars more in debt, a stimulus package that didn't stimulate anyone except Obama's "friends", a foreign policy that has made America a laughing stock and nationalization of the entire American health care system that has turned into one of the worst government disasters since Napoleon's Waterloo. Obama Care has all the possibilities of becoming Obama's and the Democrats' Waterloo in 2014 and 2016. If Obama and the Democrats had done this 100 years ago, there WOULD HAVE BEEN a revolution.

A torrent of negative information has been fed to the public by the media and both sides of the aisle, about the Tea Party movement and Tea Party politicians and candidates in particular and how they are fracturing the mainstream of the Republican party ..... you know, "the good ole boys." They say the Tea Party just isn't playing ball. But we say, why should the Tea Party play "ball" with mainstream Republicans, when that "ball" is distorted, not round, is full of holes and hopelessly corrupt. But worse than that, why should the Tea Party play "ball" with mainstream Republicans when mainstream Republicans are playing "ball" with the other side. You all know the other side. They are the ones that carry that Democrat "ball" that is also irregular in shape, full of holes, hopelessly corrupt and occupied by "the good ole boys"? Washington DC is just one big luxurous party of "good ole boys" from either political party, the lobbyists that buy them off and the bureaucrats who answer to no one, partying at every American's expense. The country be damned just so long as the "good ole boys" can party together and exchange pats on each other's backs and fill each other's pockets.

From the perspective of those in the Tea Party, that is the very big luxurious, cushy "party" that needs to be shaken up ..... if not broken up. A gentle "stirring" of a swizzle stick just won't do the trick. This cushy "party" of the elites must be over folks, if America is to survive as a free nation. Otherwise, Buckminster Fuller's definition of a great nation as "an operating front of vastly ambitious individuals who have become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery", is America's perpetual reality.

We submit that the only way to "shake up" America is to challenge the "good ole boy" network and break it up as if it were a cancer on the body because it is. If "dawn is synonymous with resurrection", as Victor Hugo states, then it is clear to this author that the Tea Party is the re-appearance of America's light so that America's temporary "eclipse [Progressivism] does not become America's endless night." That is the direction America is headed without a course correction and a very vigorous shake up. Hopefully, that shake up doesn't become a full-fledged revolution as it has in the Ukraine, Syria and now Venezuela.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. Mr. Ewart can be reached by e-mail.





Whenever we come up with a title for an article, we always Google it to make sure it doesn't get too many hits. If it does, we won't use it. When we Googled the title for this article, only one hit came up. It was an article by Tom Hayden on the Huffington Post website, written just after the 2008 Iowa caucuses.