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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
February 19, 2014

"The only way to win the battle over the minds of an ideology is to turn the friends of your enemies, against them. Although the task is great, the reward is victory." -Ron Ewart

In all of our wars and all of the difficulties we have faced as a nation in over two centuries, if we would let a little thing like a socialist president and some hopelessly misguided Democrats get in the way of where we wanted to go, America would have never gotten where it is. If there was a wall, we went over it, around it, under it ..... or through it. If there was a lock in our way, we "picked it" or blew it up. If there was a frontier, we explored it. If there was a beachhead, we took it. If there was a foreign or domestic tyrant, we pulled his teeth and rendered him impotent. If there was a bridge to be built, we built it. If we wanted to go into space, into space we went. Literally nothing stood in the way of Americans, when they wanted to create something, build something, stop a dictator, or get to a place where they wanted to go. We were unstoppable and contrary to popular opinion, we still are. Hell no we are not perfect, but our accomplishments as a nation, a culture and as a people, are the envy of the world.

When a person or a nation was in need, we met that need out of the greatness, goodness and kindness of our collective hearts. Americans are the most generous people on planet earth and don't let anyone tell you different. Make no mistake we could do all these things because we were not only free, but that freedom allowed us to create the wealth from which we were able to BE generous.

Which brings us to today. How is it that Americans, who not only carved out an unprecedented free society based on unalienable individual rights and conquered a continent, but who also created a country of vast wealth and riches, would let a little thing like an Obama, or a corrupt Congress, or a mis-guided judiciary, stand in the way of reclaiming our freedom and our Republic? Have we lost our courage to enter into a fight to prevent being enslaved? Are we so afraid of losing what we have, that we would back away from aggressively challenging those that are trying to take it away, even if those that are trying to take it away are some of our own people? Just because our enemy is a domestic one and not foreign, does that preclude us from taking them on? Have we grown so timid and apathetic that we shrink in fear when a fight is thrust upon us and ladies and gentlemen, a fight is being thrust upon us like never before? It is a deadly domestic fight between two opposing ideologies and a government that uses those opposing ideologies to divide, conquer and enslave us.

Must we be frozen like a deer in the headlights until a charismatic leader appears, before we challenge those that are hell bent on robbing the fuel from our engine, the bullets from our guns and the faith in our God and then locking us in chains and throwing the key away?

If this is true, then America has little chance to restore itself. But we don't for one minute believe that this is true. Still it begs the question, who is going to re-start America's engine? Who will find the combination that will unlock our gas tank and fill it with fuel? Who will turn the key that starts our engine, revs it up and peels rubber towards the goalpost of freedom?

We know for sure that it won't be one man. It will be millions of men and women who have united under the foundation of unalienable rights and the willingness to sacrifice all to preserve those rights for current and future generations. It will be a million charismatic individuals, or just hard-working, determined plodders, that will inspire others to follow him, or her. Some will take on the city, or county council. Some will take on the school board. Some will take on the state legislatures and it will make no difference what political stripe the council member or the legislator wears. Each will be equally challenged by those who will not tolerate the destruction of "THEIR" America!

As we get our feet wet taking on local and state governments and institutions, it will give us the courage and experience to crack the big nut, an out-of-control federal government. Because you see, all across this great land are individual after individual and group after group that are springing up out of no where to take on the status quo that has grown like a cancer, out of 100 years of apathy and indifference to what government was doing. Some might call these individuals and groups the Tea Party. Others might call it a grand awakening.

The infiltration of national and international special interests and policies into American institutions is being challenged. Radical environmentalism and its brainchild, man-caused global warming, are being debunked day after day no matter what government or the scientists say. Resistance to world government and the attempts to dissolve American sovereignty are also growing. Government programs that are fully designed to brainwash and indoctrinate our children, like Common Core State Standards, are getting a more thorough vetting and then discarded at the local level. Talk of dismantling the U. S. Department of Education grows stronger. Small skirmishes are turning into wins as the people, men and women, shrug off their fears and thrust their angry noses into the closed club of power politics.

High tension is in the air and changes are riding on the wind like we have never seen. There is a grand awakening and those that have perpetrated the destruction of America grow nervous and are slinging the arrows of invectives and the searing flame of the race card. They are fighting back to maintain their power, but their actions are taking on the sour smell of desperation and their power is showing signs of weakening, as the rising crescendo of the American spirit and patriotism echoes across the fruited plains and reverberates through the canyons and valleys of our mighty mountains ..... from sea to shining sea. The enemy is on the defensive and as the crescendo rises even more, they will eventually be on the run. We WILL reclaim a free America!

"So much of life presents itself as a bundle of sticks. If we try to take on the whole bundle at one time, we find the task too daunting, get frustrated and turn away or give up. And so it is with our struggle to preserve, protect and defend freedom and liberty. The bundle we must break appears to be overwhelming, unless we take the bundle apart and start breaking (fixing) the 'sticks', one-by-one. Even armed with this knowledge, so many of us lament, '..... but there are so many sticks, how can we possibly break them all?' And indeed there are many 'sticks'. But if we don't start breaking the 'sticks' right now, one-by-one, more will be added to the bundle until no matter how we try to take the bundle apart, no matter how many 'sticks' we break, many more will be added to the bundle and the task becomes too difficult." (from one of our previous articles)

The first major "stick" to break is dumping the current president and taking control of both houses of congress. The second is to repeal Obama Care and replace it with sound medical insurance practices based on the doctor/patient relationship. Without these two significant changes, we will not have sufficient political power to re-shape our government and roll back what the Progressive movement has done, a movement that has taken us to the brink of national bankruptcy and just possibly merge America into global government. We must, once and for all, break the back of the flawed policies of Keynesian economics that has led us to this bankruptcy. If we fail to do this, it doesn't mean that we will be denied victory in the end. It just means we will have to fight harder and longer at the local and state level, where we can win.

But what if we could break the first "stick" with a simple image and that image became so ingrained into the body politic that it took on a life of its own? What if that image was a prediction of the future and people started believing in the prediction so much that it would change the way they think about who is in charge of our government and that image influenced how they vote? What if that image flashed across the Internet and went viral? Sometimes it only takes a "face" to launch a thousand ships, or a "shot heard 'round the world" to start a revolution, or a simple idea to start a religion, or a powerful image to take down a dictator, or a socialist? Have you created that one image Americans can rally around? E-mail it to us in JPG format. If we choose your image, we will share it with our national reading audience and give you all the credit.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been advocating for years that if the American people would just focus on ONE ISSUE that is representative of the destruction of America by this Administration, a hopelessly divided Congress and the progressive ideology, and they did so by the millions, that issue would be resolved in days. Perhaps the rallying cry for those millions could be your image.

In each community, each county, each state and finally all of America, we must find the "sticks" we can break that will give us a win, starting with one of the more simpler "sticks". Start with a restriction, a law, or an ordinance and work collectively to break (repeal) it. They (the government) won't be expecting you to become the tiger and we have found that government backs up when confronted by the sheer force of people who have right on their side. Staircase off that "win" to the next restriction, the next law, or ordinance and then repeal it. The strategy here is that people will join winners but they will shy away from, or ignore losers. Once engaged, you will find that defending freedom can be infectious and personally rewarding.

We know for sure that America's tank is not empty and her engine is still in fine working order. There is power under the hood and we just need some guys to come by to put some more gas in the tank and some brave drivers to take her out on the road. We need more of us to expose the corruption, the double-dealing, the crony capitalism and the irrational compassion that has enveloped our institutions and robbed us of our financial and moral strength. Then we need to spread that message far and wide.

People in general, hate corruption and backroom deals and will voice their displeasure over it, especially at the voting booth. That is what is going to happen at the midterms in 2014 because of the disaster that is Obama Care. We need to start undoing, by political pressure, all of the social and environmental unconstitutional laws that have been passed, at all levels of government. We need to take our schools back by checking what our children are being taught and then pressuring the local school boards to bring sanity and common sense back to our schools and textbooks.

We need more people to take on the political dolts at the local and state level and we need millions more people, if we are to have any effect. The simple idea of freedom can be reborn, that is if enough people grasp the importance of that idea and the deadly implications if that idea should die.

In the end, we either choose freedom and are willing to defend it at whatever cost, or we choose enslavement. Hopefully, there will be enough of us that will choose freedom. But time is of the essence and "sticks" are continuously being added to the bundle ..... while we sleep.

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America is far from dead. As long as there is the breath of life in just one patriot's body, there is hope for America. It only takes one patriot (tiger) to trigger political change. It only takes one hero that has the courage to enter the free fire zone and drag those hiding in the shadows out of their hiding places and charge. How many of YOU will come out of the shadows and re-start America's engine?

Remember! Sheep don't stalk tigers. It is the other way around. Are Americans sheep, or are they tigers? We know that the vast majority of Americans are just latent tigers and all they need is the hunger for freedom to take on the sheep that cowardly hide in the halls of government. These "sheep" are easy prey when confronted by a real tiger.

Tigers of America, urban and rural, fight back. We have powerful information and tools you can use in this fight on our two websites HERE and HERE.

� 2014 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. Mr. Ewart can be reached by e-mail.











In all of our wars and all of the difficulties we have faced as a nation in over two centuries, if we would let a little thing like a socialist president and some hopelessly misguided Democrats get in the way of where we wanted to go, America would have never gotten where it is.