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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
October 2, 2013

"One single vision fills all minds: that of our independence endangered. One single duty imposes itself upon our wills: the duty of stubborn resistance." —King Albert II

Does anyone remember what freedom felt like? Does anyone remember when there wasn't a regulation against almost everything, when there wasn't a permit or a license to do anything, when there wasn't complex, unintelligible forms to fill out and send to the IRS with your check and when you could roam free across these beautiful United States without fear of being stopped because one of your taillights didn't work and then be subjected to a car search for drugs? Does anyone remember when the police were our friends, not our enemies? Does anyone remember a time when some inspector or census taker didn't knock on our door for an inspection of something, or wanting to data mine everything about our entire family's life down to the smallest detail?

Does anyone remember when you could go into your bank and draw out or deposit a significant sum of cash and not have the bank call the IRS to determine if your are laundering drug money?

Does anyone remember a simpler time when you weren't barraged by a staccato of irritating one-half second TV images that are nothing more than subliminal messages to manipulate your subconscious mind, either programs or commercials?

Everything today, that is the product of the government or some corporation marketing scheme, are specifically designed to get you to involuntarily act in a certain way and the schemes are effective because you do act the way they want you to, not unlike a puppet on a string. Everything you do is being determined by the messages you see and the sounds you hear. Your life is being monitored in a hundred different ways, from shopping at the grocery store or the shopping mall, to when and where you drive and to knowing what you are eating, when and how long you are sleeping and even your sex habits. Could not our future include drones filling the sky above your home, peering into your bedroom? What next ..... a microchip surgically embedded in your ear containing all your personal information that can be read with a simple radio frequency reader ..... by anyone?

For decades now, the government has been passing law after law and rule after rule to control your behavior or track your whereabouts. You are by all accounts a slave. You are a slave to the IRS and all of its regulations and forms. You are enslaved by how government handles the nation's currency ..... a currency that is backed up by nothing. Your land, your water, your food, your energy and now your health care, are all controlled by government. To make you behave in a certain way, all they have to do is to take away your land, or shut off your water and electricity, close the banks, or ration your food and your health care.

Now comes Obama Care, the so-called Affordable Care Act, that is in no way affordable. It forces the young to pay for the older generation among us, in higher premiums. Everything you were told by the Obama Administration and his Democrat minions, who passed the law without a single Republican vote, is a lie. It purports to add 30,000,000 new patients to the health care system without adding any new health care facilities, doctors and nurses. That event alone is impossible without driving up prices.

You were told you could keep your doctor but the truth is, small businesses will be dumping you on the State Medicaid Exchanges where your doctor is more than likely, not part of the exchange.

You were told that Obama Care would bring down prices. Unfortunately, the opposite is true and insurance premiums are rising by in some cases, several factors of magnitude. In the last two years our family’s supplemental health insurance has risen 410%. No we are not exaggerating

Doctors and health care facilities by the hundreds are beginning to refuse Medicare and Medicaid patients because the government pays the health care provider so little. The law adds pre-existing conditions to the mix and in the process, throws actuarial health tables out the window. That is like asking for a fire insurance policy while your house is on fire.

Your private medical records are no longer private. They are sent to a monster super computer where they are stored and can be accessed by just about anyone, especially anyone in government, like the IRS. There won't be enough doctors, nurses and hospitals to handle the increase in patients, which will lead to long wait times in the doctor's or hospital's office, or even longer wait times for needed surgery, just like the socialized medicine of Canada and England. Some of those wait times can and will end up in patients dying.

All that we have described here was predictable by any normal, reasonable and prudent person, well before Obama Care was passed into law.

The President's powers do not include a line item veto and yet President Obama has unconstitutionally delayed, changed, or temporarily cancelled portions of a legally passed law by the Congress (Affordable Care Act) and granted waivers to large corporations and his union friends. Why has the Congress let him get away with it? For these acts alone, he should be impeached.

Although the actual Affordable Care Act law (Obama Care) is only 2,700 pages, the rules and regulations to start up and administer the law, exceeds 20,000 pages. This law and the rules to administer the law will be a lawyer's dream come true, where he can mine the law and rules for potential lawsuits against the government, the doctors, the nurses, the hospitals and even some of the patients. Law firms will become even more filthy rich than they are now. The politicians are the enablers of the lawyer's Full Employment Act and the lawyers love politicians for every complicated law they pass.

But it gets worse. You won't have a clue to how you are affected by the law and you and small businesses will have to hire so-called experts to work through the details. So once again, it will cost you personal money (just like the IRS) to comply with a law that is so fraught with complexity and contradictions that it will be just one more nightmare, added to all of the other government-created nightmares, the once-free people of America will have to endure. This isn't freedom ladies and gentlemen, this is slavery, but you just haven't come to the realization that you are a slave yet. One wonders if you ever will?

Oh, and just wait for your next visit to the doctor. Before you can see the doctor, the nurse or receptionist will hand you a 10-page form for you to fill out. The form will ask you everything about your life, medical or non-medical. Some of the forms even ask you if you have a gun in your home. All of the information you voluntarily add to the form will become the property of the U. S. Government to be used as they see fit. Do you trust the government to secure your privacy and to use the volumes of information they have on you, for your benefit? If you do, you are a fool!

This law is going to do so much damage to the people and to the economy that it just might be the straw on the camel's back that drives America into national bankruptcy. You think the Great Depression was bad. You ain't seen nothing yet. National bankruptcy could lead to civil unrest and martial law where the constitution and individual rights will be suspended ..... indefinitely.

But just you watch! The American people are going to roll over for Obama Care, just like they have rolled over for the IRS, federalized public education, radical environmentalism, social justice and just about everything else the government puts out, whether it be local, state, or federal.

Ladies and gentlemen, Obama Care can be killed by the people of this once-great country. All they have to do is refuse to participate by the tens of millions and Obama Care will collapse. All you young people, show some courage and tell the FEDS to go to Hell! Refuse to sign up for health care by the millions. Pay the damn penalty. It is cheaper than health care premiums.

If you want to see the IRS collapse and go away, all the American people have to do is to refuse to participate, and refuse by the tens of millions.

If you want to see all these rules and regulations that have been terrorizing rural landowners, all the rural landowners have to do is to refuse to participate in the rules by the millions in an act of civil disobedience. They can't put us all in jail now can they?

Where is the stubborn resistance of the American people to tyranny? Where is their courage and determination to win against all enemies, foreign or domestic? Where is the commitment to freedom that was the calling card of our ancestors and forefathers? Sure the American government is a formidable foe, but what is even more formidable is the power of the people when aligned in liberty.

If the American people don't refuse to participate in government tyranny, they have two options, either capitulate to the government and become its slave, OR, challenge the government in violence. Refusing to participate on a large scale in an act of civil disobedience will be much more effective in restoring freedom than an outright revolution.

Just remember! In a revolution it would be your pistols and rifles against fully automatic assault rifles with large clips, armored personnel attack vehicles, mortars, howitzers, tanks, fighter jets, A-130 gun ships, night-vision goggles and God knows what other secret weapons the U. S. Government has developed with our money. It would hardly be a fair fight and you would lose.

But hey, these are just a bunch of empty words, aren't they? Only determined action by the millions will move a culture in the right direction.

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We have tried to get people to join us in challenging government, like we are challenging the IRS right now at considerable risk to ourselves and our family. We said if you didn't back us in our efforts, we would be "put down" by the IRS. So far our determined actions are holding them at bay. Predictably, very few have come to the table and the IRS is hovering over us like a flock of vultures, ready to swoop down on us when they smell weakness. Once again, we ask that you reach out and support us in our efforts to confront government tyranny head-on. And what could be more tyrannical than the IRS? To learn more about our efforts to take on the IRS, log onto our website HERE. Do it today! We need your help. We possess stubborn resistance. Do you? If no one will help us, then it makes little sense for us to set ourselves up as a target for government and become just one more of its victims. Would a lone general charge the enemy without soldiers and weapons to back him up? That would be suicide ….. wouldn’t it? Suicidal we are not!

� 2013 Ron Ewart All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. Mr. Ewart can be reached by e-mail for comment at, or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.











Your private medical records are no longer private. They are sent to a monster super computer where they are stored and can be accessed by just about anyone, especially anyone in government, like the IRS.