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Rural America In The Crosshairs

How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote









By Ron Ewart
September 11, 2013

"We'll try to cooperate fully with the IRS, because, as citizens, we feel a strong patriotic duty not to go to jail." —Dave Berry

"If you do not confront what you fear, then you are fear's prisoner." —Ron Ewart

Yes, Syria tops the news these days but millions of Americans have not forgotten Fast and Furious, Eric Holder's Contempt of Congress, the Pigford illegal payouts to minority farmers, millions of dollars going to thousands of illegal aliens at one address, the AP and Rosen wire taps, Solyndra, the president’s unconstitutional executive orders, GSA extravagant-zas and Benghazi, but more particularly the arrogance, abuse and corruption of the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE!

In the last 10 years our weekly column has covered a wide range of issues affecting not only rural landowners but all Americans as well. Upon occasion we have turned our attention to the IRS and have written several articles about them. Now, perhaps because of those articles, the IRS has turned its attention on us with a vengeance. They are seeking an enormous penalty for what is purely a technical matter. We are fighting the penalty but in the end, they may "get" us anyway.

Consequently, we have decided to turn our attention on the IRS and use our weekly column on occasion and other avenues described later, to expose them for what they are, abusive, arrogant, ridiculously complicated and hopelessly corrupt.

Since June of this year we have written three articles concerning the IRS because of their focus on us. The titles are:

"Can There Be Any Escape From the Outlaw IRS?"
"Obama, Congress, Media on IRS - Feigned Outrage!"
"The IRS - Inept, Criminally Negligent and Hopelessly Corrupt!"

If you Google these titles, the articles will appear.

As a result of those articles we have heard from several taxpayers who have suffered greatly at the hands of the IRS. One individual was put in jail for 78 months but was never charged with a crime. How could this happen in America?

Here is one heart-breaking story in the taxpayer’s own words that shows just how corrupt the system really is. We have not used any names or locations so as to protect the taxpayer from further IRS abuse.

"I had a small company that made equipment for disabled people and for emergency applications. We had a minor problem with the IRS and because the agent was so hostile, I hired a lawyer (upon second-hand advice from my bank). I entrusted the lawyer with $20,000, which should have resolved the matter. Since the lawyer needed money, he told me that the IRS refused my payment and would seize my business within hours unless I filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He filed papers with the court that greatly underestimated the value of the company. In order to raise the funds to pay the creditors and the lawyers, I had to liquidate so many assets that the company had to close."

"Then the creditors started filing lawsuits against me. I realized that something was very wrong, so I tried to hire a lawyer, but without any money, nobody would help me. I contacted the IRS and they determined that the agent never refused my payment and there were no plans to seize the business. I downloaded papers from the DOJ website, because the lawyer did not have me on the distribution list, and discovered several false documents. I contacted the US Bankruptcy Trustee, but they refused to investigate. So, I went to the FBI. The agent told me that the only agency with jurisdiction was the State Bar Association. Their investigation was an obvious fraud. Once the lawyer was exonerated by the State Bar, nobody would investigate."

"The lawsuits against me ruined my health and destroyed my career. By the last lawsuit, I had a lot of evidence which I submitted to the judge. I had proof that my lawyer embezzled money, committed perjury, perpetrated bankruptcy fraud and that the State Bar covered up the crimes. I submitted this proof to the judge and the district court. Rather than turn the matter over to the FEDS, the judge ordered me to pay the owner of the account. I forwarded those documents to the US Attorney, but I never received a response. Instead, some sheriff deputies conducted a search of my parent's property without a valid court order, clearly as a threat to me. The order, which had my name and address, was prepared one week after my letter to the US Attorney."

"I filed a complaint with my local police against the sheriff and judge, but again nothing happened for a number of months. Then the sheriff turned up with a bullet in his brain. It was officially ruled suicide."

"I have finally hired a lawyer. His reading skills are not very good, which is why he did not know that this case involves high level corruption. He is afraid to push too hard to clear my name for fear of his career and life."

"I am also trying to pursue a loan company for selling an account, even though they were aware that it was the subject of fraud. The CFPB refused to investigate. The Inspector General refused to investigate. According to the FDIC, the Federal Reserve is responsible for investigating the loan company, but they refuse to investigate. I wrote to my Senator. She ignored my letter, my e-mail to her website, my e-mail to her personal address, my telephone call to her office, and it has now been eight months."

"How do you fight this fraud and corruption when people get killed for knowing too much (the sheriff) and there is nobody who stands for the law?"

Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot independently verify this story, but the only way to fight this corruption and tyranny is for millions of courageous Americans to stand up against rogue government agencies, like the IRS. That is if there are any courageous Americans left who don't live in fear of government and the IRS. In most cases you cannot fight them alone and expect to win. You could very easily find yourself in the shoes of this poor soul who lost everything, including his health, to that corruption. His story is one of millions just like it, but you never hear of them because they are left to fight alone and one poor soul's story is not newsworthy.

Because of our experiences with the IRS, which we have previously chronicled in our weekly column, we have decided to stand up against them. We will use our skills as an author and researcher to ferret out the truth and where the taxpayer can win and where he can't. Unfortunately, if no one will back us, then we could very easily end up like the fellow in the above story.

In a full court press we are going to take on the IRS with an information-rich website and a monthly Newsletter entitled "The IRS Investigator." The website will contain factual information, useful resource material, IRS locations and service centers, IRS letters and forms from taxpayers, how to file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, along with court cases where the taxpayer wins, or loses. Eventually, it will contain a petition to repeal the IRS in its entirety, or drastically reduce the IRS's power and scale down the complexity of its laws. "The IRS Investigator" newsletter will chronicle taxpayer horror stories, stories where the taxpayer wins, whistle blower testimony, summaries of court cases and lawful techniques on how to beat the IRS.

DISCLAIMER: The website and newsletter are for informational purposes only and are not designed to provide legal or accounting advice or counsel. It is the sole responsibility of the reader (taxpayer) to verify all information on their own, as it applies to their specific situation.

A sample of our Newsletter is available on the website. We encourage our readers to "flood" us with stories of their experiences with the IRS, along with letters and forms they have received from the IRS. All relevant stories and documents will be published anonymously on the website, or in the newsletter, with all identifying information redacted. The website and the Newsletter are intended to not only be informative, but to give taxpayers a sense of hope in challenging the IRS. Our goal is to be a one-stop source. We fully intend to be "The Probing Eyes On IRS Lies."

We will need your support, both financial and moral, if we are to have any impact. Either subscribe to "The IRS Investigator" newsletter, or send us your donation. All donations will remain totally confidential and the names and addresses of donors will not be released, even in the face of a court order. Information for donating appears on the aforementioned website. The website is free of course.

Help us to unravel the abuse, arrogance and corruption of the IRS. Let's work towards legislative actions to do away with the IRS, a government entity that has become so powerful it can put people in jail without even charging them with a crime. The IRS destroys businesses and ruins lives of honest, law abiding Americans. The IRS code needs to be repealed and the 100,000 predators that work for the IRS need to find productive employment, that is if they know what productive employment is and are up to the task of performing in a competitive environment under capitalism.

This article has huge national implications for all American taxpayers. We encourage the reader to forward or re-publish this article in every nick and cranny in America. We can beat the IRS, but only if we stand firm and united by the millions. Help us start the snowball rolling, where it grows in size and strength every single day, to the point where the People's power is greater than the arrogant and tyrannical power of the IRS. We are sticking our necks out a mile. Don't put us in the position of having to stand alone and have our head chopped off ..... figuratively speaking.

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There are two kinds of people in America, those that have never been "touched" by the IRS and those that have. Those that have know what we are talking about and should find our website and "The IRS Investigator" newsletter of great value.

Remember! Your social security number is the loan number for your portion of the national debt and they (the government and the IRS) aim to collect that portion by any means, to repay the debt that they racked up on your behalf for the United Nation policies of Social Justice, Radical Environmentalism and One-World Government, over which you had no vote.

� 2013 Ron Ewart - All Rights Reserved

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. Mr. Ewart can be reached by e-mail for comment at, or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.










In the last 10 years our weekly column has covered a wide range of issues affecting not only rural landowners but all Americans as well. Upon occasion we have turned our attention to the IRS and have written several articles about them.