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By Greg Evensen

March 14, 2007

What it comes down to is this. Our Bill of Rights is the most important declaration of individual freedoms ever written down for a nation�s people in all of recorded history. It was complimented by and came after the Articles of Confederation and ultimately our Constitution, of course. Although we can converse about which of the rights gives us the most freedom, it is the 2nd amendment that provides the security for all of the others. To insure that our society continues to exist, the jury system must be revitalized, informed and allowed by dangerous judges to do All of its constitutional duty.

Fortunately, there were founders who believed in the Jeffersonian style of a decentralized government where most of the power was centered in the states and resided ultimately with the people�especially with local juries.

The war for today�s America began very shortly after the founding of the Republic and the implementation of the US Constitution. It has never stopped. This is due in great part to the overwhelming influence of the federal �imperial� judiciary that has continuously worked against the citizens of this nation, against the constitution, and for the ever expanding socialist government that has scores of agencies and hundreds of thousands of laws, rules and edicts that are completely unconstitutional.

Because of the unforgivable failure of the American people in the past 150 years, to recognize and stand up to the creeping tyranny coming from Washington, D.C., we have been led to the very edge of the cliff.

Please understand that our extremely precarious future rests on four very basic concepts. The first is that police officers at all levels honor their oaths of office to uphold the constitution of their state and nation�above all other considerations. This insulates them from criminal or just plain stupid orders that may come from self-serving politicians that serve another master and it is not the people of the nation. The second is that all county sheriffs, the single most important elected official in America, will protect their county residents from intrusion or indeed invasion by swarms of officers from the federal government, bent on local takeover for a political purpose or worse yet, on order from the UN or the International Criminal Court. The third is that Americans will retain all of their natural rights including the right to defend themselves against enemies foreign and domestic with any means at their disposal.

The last is that the jury system in America will finally and ultimately exercise its complete freedom within the judicial system at all levels as fully informed juries consisting of fully informed jurors. This absolutely critical component was built into our system of justice as an irrevocable and crucial final guard against tyranny from the judge�s bench. Tragically for many of our fellow American citizens, the courts have brutally failed us and the result has been judicial chaos and injustice after injustice. This has been painfully true for those waging the difficult but just war against the fraudulent income tax system, attempts to defend against invading illegal criminals on the southern border by our law enforcement officers and the implementation of outrageously immoral, illegal, and destructive rulings coming from judges and tampered juries.

I charge judges at all levels and all jurisdictions in all of the states and most potently at the federal level of felony jury tampering. Virtually without exception, judges �instruct� each jury prior to releasing them to �deliberate� the charges against the defendants within the framework of what the judge will allow. These �instructions� are not simple reminders of the charges and the section of state or federal statutes violated, or the punishment mandated, they are in fact a series of arbitrary do�s and don�ts set forth by the judge so that very little discretion is left to the individual juror or jury as a whole to consider both the evidence and the law. Sometimes this intimidating process can take up to an hour and consist of more confusing information than was contained during the entire trial�s presentation of evidence and witness statements. This is intentional. Confusion breeds submission by people who simply want to finish and go home. This is unconstitutional activity on the part of the judge. It is jury tampering, a felony in every state. It has handed total authority to a judge who has decided for whatever reason (political, saving the status quo�the income tax) or to uphold the judge�s own warped sense of societal �needs and necessary� cultural changes.

Judges instruct juries and justify their actions by saying that it comes from the jury nullification trials in the deep south during the 1950�s and 60�s. These desegregation trials or criminal trials were held against Ku Klux Klan members who were also sheriff�s deputies. Although it can be said that the tragedy of acquittals by some juries was justice denied, the arrogant, unjustified and catastrophic assumption of power by judges over juries is truly a greater tragedy. The jury system is not perfect, but far superior to one man rule from the bench. Nazi judge Roland Freisler the notorious �hanging judge� from the Hitler era is our system at its most extreme with neutralized juries and judges ruling it all.

LET ME MAKE THIS VERY, VERY CLEAR! The jury is SUPREME in this nation. It has COMPLETE authority to consider both fact and the law itself. It can nullify unconstitutional law with absolute final and decisive rulings that NO judge can overturn ANYWHERE!!! So, judges will not allow such informed jurors on a jury. Judges will not explain to juries that they possess this constitutional authority. They are incensed when the issue is asked in court. It is happening because of the basic ignorance of the jury�s power and authority in our judicial system. Combined with the potential juror�s fear, not respect of our courts, that they cower before the judge who is pontificating about his or her illegal instructions and in effect tampering with our system and the jury�s autonomy. This condition is the most single damaging element of our broken court system. It is followed closely by judges who take out of thin air, their �right� to legislate from the bench. That is, to invalidate good law or expand bad law with the stroke of a pen and a speech from a judicial dictator how you and I will or will not conduct ourselves. THAT MUST STOP AND STOP NOW!!!

With the implementation of martial law, our rights would disappear overnight. Faced with dictatorial military courts or one man band civilian courts, ruling by decree, there is little left but the musket to free the oppressed from what Jefferson described as tyrannical government. Perhaps in the end that is what the system really wants. An angry, motivated citizenry that will rise up and do something that would justify the martial law scenario recently passed by the dictator-in-chief and supported by CFR member cabinet appointees over the years. This is the evil and insidious CFR that rules America from the shadows. The CFR that plots America�s demise and loss of sovereignty so that we can be assimilated into a UN world ruling elite that runs an International court with no juries at all.

We are so ignorant and submissive (so we can get our government checks) that it is now beyond our ability or desire to demand accounting for the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 well documented scenarios revealing substantial questions about what really happened there and with Flight 93. And for God�s sake that Pentagon wall that a Cessna would have had trouble fitting into. And on and on it goes. We need our Republic back fellow Americans. It will not be easy. We will encounter ferocious opposition by the world governance crowd in Congress. We will be insulted by US Attorneys like Jim Sutton who has condemned our Border Patrol officers watching the invasion of our nation instead of stopping it. These are planned, contrived, actions that must have their final approval in Washington�s corridors of power. We will have wolves in sheep�s clothing Presidents from this point on who are CONSPIRING to undermine our nation, its borders, its future, and who willingly serve criminals and traitors within the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

I applaud the efforts of patriots who have tirelessly captured freedom killing events on video tape to prove to this generation and those that follow, that highly trained military and police officials conspire on a daily basis to train troops and officers to arrest the public illegally and charge them with acts that corrupted judges and courts will uphold. This IS a national disgrace.

Christians, where is our moral compass that says no matter what, we will not submit our congregation to same sex marriages, homosexual bishops, perverted priests and atheistic ministers. We must stand for Godly precepts to keep this nation from the grasp of an evil, satanically inspired world government, and world religion. Why have you surrendered to the corrupted, deviant and sin-filled wicked lifestyles of the other side? Why do you protect and encourage this behavior in the name of �Christian love?� God help you now and in the life to come.

The clock is ticking. Join us at the national summit this summer. Go to Join thousands from many organizations, parties and local groups who agree with us. This is about our Republic. We must come together NOW. We must leave our own narrow agendas, work with others who do not understand why your cause is your ONLY cause. You must be the founders of this great new American Republic. A better Republic than even our founders were able to put together. We must commit to permanent change and reliance on no other nation, no other man or woman who promises everything, and gives us slavery.

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I pray that we will soon see the �dawn�s early light� of the day when Americans stop creating their own national demise, stand for what is right while the cost is still bearable, refuse to quit, and where we will once again really understand the meaning of, �the land of the free and the home of the brave.�

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former long time highly decorated Kansas lawman who travels the nation speaking about the law enforcement officer�s role in American society. He has organized the 2007 Heartland Constitutional Summit to be held in Kansas City this summer. All are welcome and all may participate.

Greg offers a special invitation to police officers from all jurisdictions to attend. Sheriff Richard Mack is a featured speaker along with three other well known American Icons who will share their vision along with Greg as Americans gather to help revive and reinvigorate America toward the goal of a free and prosperous, sovereign nation.

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Judges will not explain to juries that they possess this constitutional authority.