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By Greg Evensen

October 9, 2006

Dump the UN, Fight Islam, and Win WWIII

It seems to me that you cannot be responsive to pain stimulus, taking nourishment, breathing on your own, and not understand that the UN really must go�somewhere�anywhere�but here. Send Hugo Chavez and the New York City Harlem Baptist Church that presented him as a hero with them. The enthusiastic applause at the UN for thugs, war criminals, thieves, and dictators shows you clearly how bad that place is. This is the eventual seat of your world government. If that was not enough, we are LOSING against the growing wave of an Islamic victory over western civilization.

Millions of people worldwide are converting each year and accepting the �privilege� of serving a concocted deity with an incredibly evil doctrine. This Allah or �God of War� demands adherence to a brutal Islamic gang of armed cut-throats and is designed to terrorize people into submission, Muslims are consolidating power in Europe, Asia, and the African nations. Their goal is world domination through a cruel religious dictatorship. The fanatics and absolute madmen like the rulers of Iran and Syria understand clearly what is at stake. Their weapons will be sheer numbers and the nuclear bomb. They will not hesitate to use it nor will they care what the unthinkable effects will be. Killing fellow Muslims doesn�t matter as long as their ultimate goal of a subjugated world under the knives of atrocious and merciless Islamic clerical rulers is achieved.

There will be no second chances, no �let�s just all get along� type of accommodation with Islam. Children will go to war camps called Madrassahs and women will shuffle along the street behind their men like little black tents with legs. Nations will stop all that they are doing five times a day as hundreds of millions drop to their knees, face Mecca, and pray to this exceptionally �loving god� Allah. The vicious Islam we know all too well can neither be respected nor accepted�ever as a religion of war and brutality.

Islam has been waging war against the Christian and Jewish world for 1400 years! They have never stopped and will not until totally defeated by superior forces. What saved us as a nation in WWII, and can again, was a unified, clear-headed citizenry that understood the nature of those evil regimes. We fought for our survival and did not quit until the job was done.

We have become accustomed to feminized negotiations where feelings matter more than substance. Uncompromising and really harsh positions are required here, and the only approach that has any possibility of success. �The Art of War� makes it clear that you negotiate from strength, not weakness. You never let the voices of irrationality, defeat, cowardice or submission ever enters the discussion. This was true when I was a State Trooper involved in hostage standoffs, and it certainly applies in all international negotiations with unspeakably evil terrorists who believe that beheadings are how you open discussion about the ultimate fate of mankind.

The time for talk is over for politically correct and incompetent US State Department �geo-teams.� They have capitulated to the UN�s anti-US world government elite and should be fired in disgrace and replaced with patriots of the first order. It is time to send them and a treasonous David Rockefeller, Kofi Annan, the Trilateralists, the Council on Foreign Relations subversive shadow government members, the Federal Reserve Governors and most of Congress straight to Antarctica for a prolonged �trade junket� or some other worthless endeavor they can�t possibly screw-up or sell-out.

It has been said repeatedly from military and political sources that we are in the initial stages of WWIII. Did you believe it had to be immediately nuclear? Well, think again. It may go that way, but for now, the Islamic fascists are gaining ground and numerical strength to the point that most of Europe would capitulate virtually overnight to any internal uprising. Their appeasement at any cost leaders would run screaming down the street looking for comfort at the nearest heroin den or homosexual bar that wasn�t already burned to the ground by Allah-Akbar brigades. They will stand up to Islamic fascism just about like they stood up to Nazi intimidation. The holocaust brought on by the �peaceful and respectable religion of Islam� will make Hitler�s attempts to wipe out Jews and Christians pale in comparison. There is no doubt about the accuracy of my prediction here. Only �detached from reality� Americans would want to believe that this could never happen. We certainly don�t want to deter any of our neighbors from important weekly football games and tailgating parties with a heads-up effort aimed at their cultural and national survival.

The United States has had so many foreign insurgents, illegals, North Koreans, Iranians, Syrians, Al Qaeda cells, and leftist (communist) subversives cross our borders, that no one--first and foremost our federal government--has any idea as to the strength and numbers of these �enemies in our midst.� Thank God for the Minutemen. Thank God for county Sheriff�s posses. Thank God for a core of patriots that are sounding the alarm and refusing to be quieted by targeted US surveillance and on-line visits by the Justice department. All of this in an effort to intimidate the real civilian heroes in this epic struggle who are trying daily in so many ways to tell it like it really is. In spite of concerted efforts to harass and discredit these patriots by the very government that is supposed to protect, support, and work to defend our national sovereignty, these warriors are sounding a continuous alarm and volunteering to truly defend this nation where their own government has so miserably failed.

The �little guys� get it. The solid citizens who are disenchanted with both major political parties are learning more about alternative parties where they can invest their precious vote trying to change the god-awful mess in Washington. What is wrong with the �big guys?� They are supposed to have all the national intelligence, power, and common sense to support a �defend America and her people at ALL costs� agenda. The �big guys� are too busy allowing a Mexican invasion while telling us this is necessary because Americans won�t do the work. Just pay the illegal�s medical and welfare bills states, and shut up. Don�t you just love the smell of manure?

Confusion reigns and commonsense is ridiculed. We see a slimy underbelly of cultural turncoats, operating church �safe houses� for illegal aliens. The quicker America defends itself against Islam, the UN and Mexico, the sooner this Islamic blood-thirst for world conquest with United Nations �turn a blind eye� assistance will end.

The Pope did have it right in his speech. Why apologize and for what? There is not a single word of criticism allowed when it comes to the immoral actions of Muslims. They kill, maim, threaten and plan for the genocide of ANY culture not approved or influenced by Islam. They do so with seeming impunity possessing a satanic mindset that still promotes horrible beheadings and other unspeakable crimes against humanity. Bash and trivialize Christians, threaten all Jews, but criticize Muslims�never.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ah-the-mental-job (a former American embassy hostage taker in 1980) spoke at the almighty UN. No doubt he believed he was on another mission for the 12th incarnation of an imaginary glowing Mullah he met in an opium dream. That so many worldwide, could possibly believe in this lunatic�s idea of virtuous living, tells you in very plain terms how dangerous and insane things really are in our world.

Let me run it by you one more time. Islam gets it. But Washington�s agenda remains a slow integration into the global government and a North American merger allowing open borders to millions of potential enemy combatants. Their goal is a US southwest Mexican state. Washington tells us one thing day after day while doing the opposite. Internationalists in both major parties plan to continue this march toward sovereign oblivion regardless of who is in power or who sits in the White House. The scheme to open our borders is so vast, the conspiracy so great, that the Agenda 21 internationalist/bankers and corporate/government elites have begun to operate in the open as they are now doing with this so-called Pan-American Union. The arrogance of power and the corrupted mentality of those in state capitols, Washington and the banking/corporate complex is so pervasive that you will be crushed by the local, state and federal law enforcement juggernaut should you even begin to actively resist their force of power.

That is in every sense, the absolute definition of tyranny. Real freedom has become an archaic term for a state of living no longer possible in the United States of America. To think otherwise, is to confirm all the lies the government has been telling us for the past 100 years, bit by bit, piece by piece, and citizen by citizen. Our negligence has caused us to lose the battle and maybe the war. We can no longer just rock boats, we must SINK FLEETS! Otherwise, we have lost our last chance. Go home, get used to it.

When the hangover fog lifts and you see the mental, emotional, and tax-crushing prison you have gained through entitlements--granted by your masters and that have served to thoroughly silence dissent--maybe then you will realize how this has nearly sealed our pitiful fate.

However, as horrible as this incremental takeover of the American nation from within has been, and as revolting to free thinking and industrious Americans this situation has become, it is absolutely nothing compared to the horrors that will be commonplace here and around the world by any Islamic victory over America, Europe or Western civilization. Put this one in the history books folks, an Islamic culture war is coming to where you live, if it is not massively engaged somewhere else. The Islamic vision of WWIII is much clearer and objective than ours. They believe it has begun. They are waging war continuously, and they are preparing and believing in an ultimate, convincing victory for Allah. Americans on the other hand are stoned. This nation must drop to its knees and pray to a real and loving Jehovah God that He will turn our hearts toward Him and He in turn will save us from our sin and from our foolish national self-destruction.

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Unless we begin locally to believe in an ultimate and eternal God-inspired American victory, fought with courage and determination, you can prepare for the campfire stories you will share with your starving, freezing children, while you are on the run for your lives from Islamic death squads somewhere north of the used to be national border.

Greg has called for a national summit of patriots and citizens to meet in Kansas City next April. His website: provides readers with a concise reading of the platform and goals envisioned in this national effort. Greg is available to your group or local church for teaching seminars or special presentations. You may send e-mail comments or requests to speak at:�

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Greg Evensen is a former United States Secret Service Special Agent who served briefly before being budget cut along with his Presidential Candidate Protection Unit in 1974. He was then appointed a Kansas State Trooper and was awarded the Governor�s Award for heroism in 1975. Greg holds advanced degrees in Educational Administration and Criminal Justice Administration. He is currently in his 14th year as a public school instructor in Michigan where he resides with his wife Liz.

Greg has called for a national summit of some 1000 American organizations working for constitutional restoration in America. This critical coalition, reflecting the people�s desire to rebuild a nation that has been virtually destroyed by the political sell-outs in our nation�s capitol, will energize citizens to get involved.

Greg Evensen, author of �The Sovereignty Papers� copyright 2006. Please use with permission. Visit to download a Kansas City Summit reservation form, and then send it to us as you feel led to participate.

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Islam has been waging war against the Christian and Jewish world for 1400 years! They have never stopped and will not until totally defeated by superior forces.