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By Greg Evensen

September 27, 2006

School has started. Once again, parents have built-in baby-sitters. All is well with the world. Hold on, please think this one over very carefully.

My professional career has included two distinctively different highlights. The first, concerning law enforcement, was posted here a few weeks ago. The second is as a teacher. Some schools in America today are achieving well. Many are failing. Regardless of their status in that regard, it is a marvelous place to influence young minds. The National Education Association has seen to that. Since the NEA began influencing and helping to institute social programming in teacher preparation programs, the trend toward eliminating content and values has escalated alarmingly. Additionally, their support of controversial international �degree� programs, subversive historical revisionism through �position� planks in the NEA organization, and support for a variety of worthless educational mechanics, has crippled the minds of several generations of Americans.

I teach REAL history and not the preferred International Baccalaureate Program that is NEA supported and dripping with one world happy talk bull. I test, not assess my students on absolute facts, not a fuzzy watered down history from worthless textbooks that mentions the Nazi German and Imperialistic Japanese period in two short pages. I REQUIRE that they read, word for word and line for line, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. I translate difficult to understand passages written for a time when people could REALLY read and comprehend three syllable or more words. I see the minds of young children more interested in the latest �drive by shooting� video games purchased by brain dead parents, finally come alive with�so THAT�S what the constitution means! I have held the highly political positions of principal and superintendent. However, active classroom teaching is my choice. Kids matter to me.

However, just like the militarization of American police departments, the NEA has a �take no prisoners� attitude toward people like me. The light of common sense, truth, decency, moral absolutes and educational techniques that work, is beginning to more than irritate the NEA and its 50 state subsidiaries. The lack of an NEA member dissenting voice of substance that is given credibility is pervasive. The constant orchestrated �vote for the democrat� in virtually all political races is policy. NEA raises the dues so they can continue lobbying with only the most liberal congressional members. Finally, you really aren�t NEA unless you are in complete lockstep with their TOTAL mindset and it is killing our profession indirectly and directly.

I not only belong to the largest �labor union� in the nation, I belong to an immensely influential beast that is a premiere advocacy group for the promotion of homosexual culture. They drool at the latest innovative �guess the word or answer version of language and math� programs. The upper level NEA socialist worshipping staff of propagandists has bought into every worthless educational technique ever devised by moronic university professors who churn out subversive programs by the dozens. NEA stands at the forefront of lobbying for tax dollars that are wasted by the billions in search of the latest �no-science needed unless it�s Darwinism� environmental positions, revisionist US history programs painting the US as the forever villain, as well as state sponsored politically correct curricula.

The NEA hates and fears the home schooling movement precisely because home schooling offers true academic freedom. That is, freedom that says you can at least debate whether the human race came from the mud or was created. The NEA cannot get its clutches into moms and dads who home school or send their children to privately funded schools.

The NEA has just released in its magazine, �NEA Today� the September 2006 edition, �Democracy in Action� (pages 52-56) the new and amended resolutions adopted at this year�s national convention. This small excerpt should give you a taste for some of the more �important� issues the NEA feels must be promoted. They include the following �educational� issues. B-11: Racism, Sexism, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identification Discrimination, B-45: Environmental Education, (Emphasis on bio-diversity, Evolution and Agenda 21 concepts) B-75: Home Schooling (Against), and I-1: Peace and International Relations. These are but a few of the more easily recognizable headings that readers would expect to see under the guise of NEA issues of educational concern.

The time is certainly long gone when classrooms were a laboratory for group learning. Individuals worked hard to achieve their own high level of necessary and crucially demonstrated mastery of language, mathematics, history, science and the arts. The instructor looked like a professional, spoke with a fluency deserving of respect by students, parents and his teaching peers. Values were inculcated into the students by way of modeling, reinforcement during activities of the entire day, and parental involvement with each student found in home shared learning, centered around the family unit.

Discipline was fair, strict and swift. No exceptions for star athletes, the �big name families� or anyone else. School boards were staffed by diligent, talented, motivated purveyors of the intrinsic and eternal virtues of a fully earned and respected high school diploma. The educational factory mentality and the drive to equalize everyone in the process regardless of their abilities and potential, took over as individuals who coasted through and gained nothing sought civil remedy against the system for their own failure to study and excel. To assure these budding welfare cases that they would receive diplomas somehow, education passed from the arena of common sense into the coliseum of personal combat. Parents sued boards over grades, over ineligibility, truancy excuses (it�s hard to learn when you are not there), blending of low achievers and special education students with all other students. Finally, there are mandatory court placements of delinquents into a homogenized classroom where the learning atmosphere becomes something akin to a �Star Wars Intergalactic Saloon.�

I will only mention briefly that the NEA�s advocacy for the teacher�s desperately changing increasingly hostile environment, long ago took a back seat to the political, cultural and liberal socialist philosophy of Dewey, the ACLU, and the internationalizing of the educational curriculum nationwide.

Teachers hand hundreds of thousands of students each year to universities that complete the brain damaging process by infusing their own peculiar brand of subversive ideology. It is promoted by truly whacked out degreed morons that have no character, moral base from which to present a cogent lesson, or the courage to teach a 360 degree view of the real world. They cannot bring themselves to allow or encourage student�s higher level thinking skills to penetrate the debate at any point. Accepting professorial propaganda and pleasing the instructor so a passing grade can be achieved are clearly the issues that matters most. There are significant exceptions of course, found in the academic ranks, but they are found in increasingly smaller numbers at the public university level. Smaller, private schools are far better prepared to �educate� fairly and consistently at the high school and collegiate level.

My suggestion for a meaningful way out of this pathetic educational dilemma is three fold. First, parents must continue their own education along with their child�s, and be fully engaged in the process at home and in school conferences. Second, school boards and state departments of education must move past the political correctness in curricula so that meaningful educations can be pursued by all students who will work for them.

Finally, teachers must be prepared to act outside the mentality of the national teacher�s unions and lobby heavily for a return to values centered, straight forward, factually based courses. These will build the foundation for students who will bring about needed changes in social, scientific, and the traditional family culture for the next generation. Without those elemental building blocks to restructure our semi-useless society, only the most persuasive and cunning will rule, while the rest don�t have a clue as to what is going on. Sound familiar? This is the society we have been given thanks to NEA and our complicit federal government through its educational department.

Start with your local school. Demand that all administrators hold proven records of solid educational philosophy and district management. The good old boys who seem to get along with everybody are a waste of time and tax dollars. I know, I live with that and those types have nearly ruined our district. Elect boards that have no agenda except to see student success. Everything else including the sports teams comes second or third. Demand that leadership is continuingly accountable and when they drive off course, fire them, period. Hire someone who can do the job correctly!

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Nothing less than the literal survival of our nation is found tied to the side of the educational system. We must break the internationalist educational movement that seeks to break down the unique history and sovereignty of our nation. Unless we do, children will feel no allegiance to America anymore. They will measure their lives against an Islamic or socialist world that cares nothing for the United States or its people. That is a one-way highway to cultural disaster. Stand diligent. Accept no excuses. Do not compromise what you know is right and necessary for our children and our nation to achieve true literacy. Their fate, and that of the nation, is in our hands.

� 2006 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg earned a Master�s Degree in Education Administration from Northern Michigan University, and a doctoral degree from the London International University, in Criminal Justice Administration.

He was appointed a United States Secret Service Special Agent with duties assigned to Presidential Candidate Protection, but was budget cut along with his contingent in 1974. Greg also served as a Kansas State Trooper and as a Kansas Marshal.

Greg has called for a national summit of some 1000 American organizations working for constitutional restoration in America. This critical coalition, reflecting the people�s desire to rebuild a nation that has been virtually destroyed by the political sell-outs in our nation�s capitol, will energize citizens to get involved.

Greg Evensen, author of �The Sovereignty Papers� copyright 2006. Please use with permission. Visit to download a Kansas City Summit reservation form, and then send it to us as you feel led to participate.

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The NEA hates and fears the home schooling movement precisely because home schooling offers true academic freedom.