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By Greg Evensen

May 24, 2008

Do you know what an OATH is? Have you ever truly given one?

It is more than a promise, much, much more.

An OATH is a covenant ordained by God, totally inviolate.

An OATH is THE MOST solemn thing you will ever agree to.

An OATH is kept unto death……do you understand that?

An OATH is the most highly honored event to be commemorated in the case of sacrificial death. In the military….high decorations are given like the Medal of Honor, the Silver Star, Navy and Air Force Cross, etc.

Men and women have taken an OATH to defend you--WITH THEIR LIVES! Hundreds of thousands of American men and women have given their lives so that YOU could live “free.” We have failed them. We have not kept our freedoms by electing true Americans to office. People who understand our Republic and would NEVER do anything that would place our nation at risk. We have re-elected vipers to sacred office. They have collectively allowed our nation to drown in a septic pool of greed, money control by internationalists, and infiltration of our borders by enemies of all kinds. We have ALLOWED perversion to become commonplace, indeed revered, and smile at how broad-minded we have become. The world despises us because of our hypocrisy and arrogance. We are without shame.

All elected officials take a solemn OATH to protect and defend the Constitution. Not business, not banks, not themselves, not lobbies, not Europe, not Iraq……..only to the Constitution of the United States.

You do not just pay lip service to the moment you declare an OATH. You will be held accountable in heaven for your actions or cowardice with your personal OATH.

So, if you choose to take this oath, now, accept the seriousness of your act.


You must also know what Sovereignty is:

It is your complete, total and irrevocable independence, freedom and personal liberty.

It is a state of mind and being that is unchangeable except for your voluntary
surrendering of it, to someone or some entity that COMPELS you to SIGN your personal act of voluntary revocation of your freedom. DO NOT EVER

Remember: you can only be imprisoned physically. Steel bars contain the body, not the mind, not the emotions, and not the spirit. YOU choose to be free or not, regardless of your surroundings.

Immoral acts masquerading as laws that are neither constitutional nor “legal” do not place a burden or restriction on your sovereignty.

Take an OATH that states your personal sovereignty to the nation and the world, and then live by that creed.


Require that your public servants live by their solemn oaths. If they do not, impeach them, charge them in court, and publicize their failure to deliver.

Where and if necessary, record your oath of sovereignty in the county where you reside. If you are called to US court tell them you are NOT a citizen of the United States. Declare to the judge that you are a sovereign citizen of the State Republic of (Michigan or wherever). Each state was granted a Republic status when they were admitted to the union. That US judge will then have NO authority over you and should release you. You are not a “Subject,” you are a sovereign. We left that with the British in 1783. You may be held to lawful conditions of your county jurisdiction, however; since sovereignty does NOT mean you are unaccountable to that local jurisdiction for unlawful acts you may commit.

UN-A-LIENABLE Rights are those that no lien or “capture” by a third party can be levied against you, a sovereign citizen ever, at any time, by any means. This includes ALL specific rights and natural rights found in and out of the Constitution.

Natural Rights are given by God Himself. They cannot be legislated in or out. They can not be granted nor taken away. You have ALWAYS had them, always will, and every generation of free-born American citizens have the same rights. Natural rights are all of those included in the Constitution.

Our Constitution has always been with us in its ratified form. No “state of emergency,” presidential directives, or any other condition can morally or legally take the freedoms enshrined within it, away from us under any circumstances what-so-ever. The ONLY exception is a legally ratified amendment. The Declaration of Independence was our moral document outlining our emancipation from tyranny. The Constitution is the legal document which guarantees for all time our government’s limitations protecting American citizens. All laws and limitations on citizens contrary to the US Constitution are null and void.


“I_         Your name_____solemnly declare before Almighty God, that I will faithfully and continuously unto death, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I will claim and defend my own personal sovereignty. I accept the requirements of this covenant. I reject tyranny of all kind and will stand with my fellow patriots to return this nation to its heritage as a Republic and its living, irrevocable, Constitutional precepts, now and forever, so help me God.”

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Now, help us reclaim this nation! With every word, deed, and civic action you take. Remember, you have done this for your country. You have done this so that our children will have a country free enough to govern itself and with a moral conviction that gave us this nation in the first place. Take this nation from the hands of those who have given it over to a few elites. Vow to work with us through this new concept to fully restore freedom and independence to all people. You can and must do this if we are to take this nation back from the traitors and thieves who have stolen it from us. BEGIN RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW AND DO NOT STOP UNTIL THE JOB IS FINISHED!

� 2008 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen Greg is an award winning Kansas Lawman and former Kansas State Trooper. He is author of The Sovereignty Papers and has completed two inspirational singing CD's "Hymns from the Heartland" and "After the Storm." You may visit his website at to get your copies of this and other materials offered by Greg. See the NWV central advertising banners for ordering information, also. Greg may be reached at his website for a scheduled speaking or concert date as well.

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All elected officials take a solemn OATH to protect and defend the Constitution. Not business, not banks, not themselves, not lobbies, not Europe, not Iraq……..only to the Constitution of the United States.