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By Greg Evensen

April 6, 2008

The answers to the following questions are among the most important ones ever sought. If they had been asked, and honest, accurate, answers offered, the American people would have held the potential solutions to this nation’s most crushing problems within their minds and also within their grasp. Because they were not asked, or asked by only a tiny number of caring, astute, educated, constitutionally literate citizens, most of us have fiddled while Washington burned. It is so late in the day, I do not believe that if we moved right now with every resource at our disposal, this nation can be saved from the ultimate ride into the septic tank of history, due to the flushing action of the economic markets, banks, big oil and of course, the Federal Reserve System (an extension of the Rothschild European banking conspiracy).

Understand that the banks have already made their big money, have always made money--even during the “depression.” They will emerge from the next great financial crises—somewhat bruised, but always ahead of the game. They will destroy economies, whole nations, indeed perhaps civilization, but they will emerge like maggots from dead carrion, bloated from their “meals” of your savings, your retirement systems, your former investments and your life’s work. These vultures are circling over America at this moment and could care less what happens to the crumbling domino effect created by their insatiable, indeed evil greed for money. They can not EVER be trusted to pursue the morally upright path with the people’s or the nation’s treasure. Since a cabal of paid off, corrupted and treasonous Congressional representatives voted late in the night of December 23, 1913, to surrender the nation’s banking responsibility--congressionally given to the United States Department of the Treasury—the PEOPLE”S treasury, to a PRIVATE banking group--the Federal Reserve System--this nation, from that moment to this very moment, has been running toward a date in its destiny that would see the end of free government and real liberty unlike any the world has ever known.

We are witnessing the end of a nation, it’s magnificent history forgotten, it’s potential for world leadership absolutely ruined by lying presidents, a prostituted military general staff overseeing the killing of its fighting core, bought and paid for legislators in the service of the banks, and a court system caught somewhere between military rule and the elusive but deadly concoction of “maritime” law and suspended constitutional government. The still in effect state of emergency used since March 9, 1933, including the bankruptcy of the US, and its “dissolution” of the government is the result. That is why judges rule without regard to the constitutionality of the issue before the court. That is why judges have assumed the power they have without the authority or constitutional right to do so. That is why judges everywhere ignore legal rights, deprive the accused of informed jury rulings, and dismiss tax cases at will. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES IS SUSPENDED AND NOT AVAILABLE TO DEFEND CITIZENS WITHIN THE COURT SYSTEM.

Congress can do what it likes and ignore you. The Council on Foreign Relations dictates to congress and the President what it wants achieved toward the ultimate goal of US assimilation into the world’s government and a complete loss of our independence or sovereignty. That is why the Executive branch and the President are racing to close the deal with Canada and Mexico to create a giant borderless region where the banks win again. That is why mutual security or defense pacts are being brokered or already set in place to assure that unrest over this or any other slave creating legislation is protected, placing our economy AND YOUR JOBS on the fast track for annihilation. It explains the lack of any significant roundup of illegals or protection from international criminal drug running. It makes clear why a useless, meaningless war is fought endlessly in Iraq and why no one has had an original thought concerning oil independence in 60 years. These are issues and questions that have not been asked before a responsible, serious governmental agency for a generation or more. These same questions have been ignored by candidates running for public office, and have not been considered important by the very people who are going to be at the mercy of those officials, some of whom have held congressional public office since the early 1960’s. We are sowing what we have reaped.

Additional questions about the operations of our intelligence agencies, domestic eavesdropping, satellite surveillance on American citizens, court approved or private interception of our phone conversations, e-mail and text messaging captures by the CIA, FBI, BATFE, the Pentagon, the IRS, various state police agencies, and phone companies themselves show conclusively that our freedoms are absolutely gone.

Believe it or not, the first amendment is in serious doubt by congress and the courts. Say what you believe? Get a boat load of guts, because being right and saying so loudly, will give you a one-way ticket to a U.S. detention camp soon enough. We have virtually no 4th amendment protections left, none. The second amendment is in great peril by those who fear its threat to tyranny, and that we may just follow the Declaration of Independence and escort them out of town.

Still further questions about the integrity of our pharmaceuticals, the lack of accountability by clinics and hospitals that are killing more than 100,000 people yearly due to inbred infections rampant through the carelessness of lazy doctors and nursing staff who lack or ignore simple sterile protections observed even in the third world arise every day in America. Who is safeguarding us? Hospital administrators? Surgical teams? Apparently not. Big Pharma and its pill brigades? Not in the last 50 years or more.

Get back to grandma’s remedies. They work and cost next to nothing. Oh, that’s right, I should have known better. Those old time solutions are VERY cost effective. That’s why the big name pharmaceutical companies want ALL natural remedies regulated, eliminated, outlawed or bought up by themselves. It’s about MONEY—not the cure or the gain for you and me.

Where are the citizen committees asking these and thousands of other questions? Still too busy with crap that doesn’t matter. Still to set on boozing it up this Friday instead of tending to the nation’s business. Still making excuses why you just can’t afford to prepare for a rendezvous with history that will leave you breathless. Permanently breathless.

Where were the open and honest investigations starting in just the 1990’s concerning Oklahoma City, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Flight 800, September 11, 2001, the activities of the depraved and corrupted Democratic version of Heinrich Himmler, Attorney General Janet Reno, the whacked out Republican Attorney General John Ashcroft, his Patriot Act I and later II. German Fatherland (oops), that’s US Homeland Security, Director Chertoff and the Gestapo? The list goes on forever. Where were your questions and your outrage? Do you have any even now? Are you grasping all of this? Do you care? Have you given up? Are you so worn down, you can’t think or reason? Who will you blame when the trucks stop rolling? Where will you go to get toilet paper? Will you have enough soup on the shelf? Will you demand to know why our own United States Department of Agriculture demanded that every domesticated animal in America be chipped? Will you ask why every move you make and every free action you attempt is now regulated? Do you have the courage to refuse a REAL ID in the form of a driver’s license that will regulate and locate you anywhere, anytime? Are you rushing to get a “chip on board” US passport? WHY? Will you stop obeying these endless absurd “laws” and just say NO!? Have you stopped to consider that the only thing left for you to do is to start breaking the “law?”
Will you ask just one more question? Are you able or willing to do anything at all????

Will you begin this process by fighting political correctness, fighting special rights for only certain people, challenging stupid anti-common sense environmental and societal needs like letting children do what they want without discipline and allowing endangered centipedes to have more habitat considerations than my family?

As I have stated in recent weeks, America is issuing an SOS, the lifeboats are within reach, the implosion is accelerating and you had better prepare. THIS IS THE DAY, THIS IS THE TIME, AND THIS IS THE HOUR! We see the evidence of genetics run wild in our dwindling wheat supply. We see rogue nations, rogue dictators, rogue oil company executives, rogue oil refinery managers and cowardly congressional morons encouraging by their inaction to protect us, the destruction of the economy and our personal home budgets. We STILL do nothing. We can’t get from here to there on an airliner. Drugged up engineers are running railroad trains. Baseball heroes lie about their drug use and Congress uses them to show that they (the congress critters) are doing the people’s business.

Have you taken care of your finances? Have you moved to protect what you have? When will you decide what to do with your accounts? Do you own precious metals? Is your vehicle in good shape? Do you have some extra gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel? Do you have a good inventory of tools, rope, chain, steel cable, barbed wire, concertina wire? Do you have a big supply of NON-HYBRID seeds? Is your winter clothing the real thing or does it just look good? Do you have a good supply of firewood? Can you live off the electrical, water and phone grid? Have you plotted a first, second, third and fourth route to your retreat? What if they close the roads? Are you within one tank of gas to your destination? Can you defend yourself or your family? Do you have an RV trailer, even a smaller one, to use during reasonable weather—until you can do something else, go somewhere else or figure something else out? What food supplies do you have? Can you prepare something that is not out of a “helper” box of some kind? Can you live without refrigeration? Can you stalk game and kill it? Can you dress it out safely? Do you know where and how to fish?

Have we asked the questions of our elected leaders at all levels that need to be asked? Have you sought them out and pinned them down as to what they believe, what they vote for and what they do in your name? Have you encouraged others to do those same things? Have you agreed with people who think like you do to agree to vote only for those who are willing to sign a pact with you outlining their beliefs and their PROMISE to do what is right for this nation and her people? Will you accept that unless we do that, America is absolutely doomed to the course of destruction that has been set by world elites that care not the least for you or America? Is God a part of your life and do you acknowledge your need for Him?

Will you start using your status as a citizen with a hard agenda, right now? Will you make life miserable for the very people you elected that have made your life miserable? Will you get ready before it is too late?

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Have you taken this article seriously? I have asked fifty questions to help prepare your ability to withstand what is ahead. They have gone straight to the heart of why we are on the precipice of disaster. One question remains.

Are you willing to do what you MUST, to help America back to righteous government and moral world leadership? Your refusal to be run over by a train while waving the red, white and blue flare for freedom, means we may still be able to safely stop this runaway giant—if--the crew is still in control.

� 2008 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Have you taken this article seriously? I have asked fifty questions to help prepare your ability to withstand what is ahead. They have gone straight to the heart of why we are on the precipice of disaster. One question remains.