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By Greg Evensen

February 27, 2008

I have waited an extra week to see if the following letter would generate any response from those in authority over us. I have been grievously disappointed, but not at all surprised. To the hundreds of you who so graciously and forcefully responded, all I can offer you is deep gratitude for your efforts. We collectively made our last best try.

No one can say we did not do our best. The result was predictable but necessary, at least in my view, because what follows in the next few weeks and months will be so difficult for this nation as to be nearly indescribable. I pray to God Almighty that I am wrong about this, but I fear not. The United States of America is collapsing from within at an accelerating rate, at every level, and from every corner of a decayed foundation in Washington, D.C. The rest of the house--no matter how sturdily built--will fall as well. NO ONE will escape.

This letter is the result of your messages and is the communication that was forwarded to every member of Congress, the President, and as many state county board associations as we could locate. I sent one to the UN Secretary-General, the Federal Reserve Chairman and the Justice Department. It has taken almost three weeks and it may well have been for absolutely nothing, but I believe it was a necessary component to justify whatever comes. Here is what I sent out.

February 2008

To: The President of the United States
The Congress of the United States
The Justice Department of the United States
The United Nations Secretary-General
The Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve System
The 50 State�s County Board Chairmen


On behalf of American citizens invited to submit their concerns and suggestions to all of you, and the several hundred that responded, I ask only that you contemplate once again, the serious nature of our present national dilemma and regard these ideas with all of the serious responsibility that they require. This is America, advising you our representatives, or to the other named parties exerting heavy influence over the affairs of this nation. Please consider carefully your response to these matters and the ultimate effect your action or inaction will have on the future of the American people.

These statements are given in no particular order or preference. They represent the deepest, most heartfelt positions held by our fellow citizens.

  • Hold all sworn representatives or officials to their oath of office.
  • Secure all of the borders from all illegal entries.
  • Return to a Constitutional Republic form of government.
  • Eliminate all forms of emergency government now in place.
  • Eliminate maritime or other non-constitutional law and its current use.
  • Control the runaway �health industry� and the corrupt deception of pharmaceuticals. Eliminate the FDA, allow testing by the CDC.
  • Withdraw permanently from the United Nations. Require the UN to leave US soil immediately. Reject any form of world governance.
  • Reaffirm the original constitution as the supreme law of the land.
  • Reaffirm the Bill of Rights as unassailable, untouchable natural law. The second amendment allows for unrestricted possession and carry of weapons at any time in any place by anyone (citizens restricted to 18�voting and military induction age) not adjudicated as mentally/emotionally unbalanced or felons convicted of a crime of violence.
  • Absolutely close our borders with any force necessary to do so.
  • Repeal NAFTA, WTO, or other trade related agreements harmful to US industry and reject any North American Union efforts.
  • Eliminate the Federal Reserve System immediately, revoke its charter.
  • Eliminate the Internal Revenue System. Tax according to the Constitution�s allowable requirements. Stop the illegal forced collection of taxes from the American worker.
  • Eliminate US participation or support of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
  • Bring home US troops from around the world, place them on borders.
  • Drill for and use our own oil in America, off-shore and in Alaska.
  • Declare all lobbying at any governmental level by private industry as illegal, a felony.
  • Require recognition of the unconstitutionality and illegality of the 14th 16th and 17th amendments. Full repeal of all legislation since 1913.
  • Enact a 3x amount import tax on all products formerly created within the US.
  • Create an �entry test� for newly elected politicians to prove they can pass a constitutional exam with a 95% or better score.
  • � Plan A�Eliminate and prohibit all executive orders. Plan B----Require Congressional consent or rejection for all executive orders issued within 10 days of a President�s signature.
  • Complete disqualification for an office holder if he/she is a past or present member of any lobbying group, international banking or commerce entity or groups calling for the surrender of US sovereignty such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the US State Dept., etc.
  • Create a tariff system that works and that would require all products originating out of country to pass safety measures and pricing standards protective of this nation�s manufacturers and this nation�s workers.
  • Convene grand juries in all 50 states to oversee the legality and constitutionality of any/all legislation passed since 1913.
  • Declare that corporations are no longer �persons,� have only granted privileges and do only what their charters permit. If they fail their charter obligations they may be permanently revoked within 30 days.
  • All public contracts paid for with �tax� money are competitive bid only. No exceptions
  • Create Neighborhood Watch Militias in communities wanting them.
  • Articles of Impeachment filed for every politician or judge found in violation of his sacred oath of office or violation of jury protections.
  • Find, prosecute, deport and criminalize every illegal in America. Don�t say it can�t be done. The government can find anyone, anytime. They ignore illegals. Armed forces border security.
  • No monopolies of any kind, break up monster corporations.
  • Allow a set time for immunity and require all judges, politicians, military leaders and attorneys to confess treason and be barred from office. If they refuse, indict and imprison for life if found guilty.
  • All gun control laws are null and void. Gun-makers immune from frivolous suits.
  • Immediate cessation of all work on the North American Union corridor. All secret N. A. Union agreements void.
  • Eliminate the Homeland Security Act.
  • Eliminate the Patriot Act.
  • Eliminate all federal agencies not specifically authorized in the Constitution.
  • Eliminate all law enforcement agencies not authorized in the Constitution. Let the states cover security and legal matters.
  • Forbid local law enforcement duties to any federal agencies or the US military under ALL circumstances. Let the states handle the issues.
  • Require all judges at all levels to inform juries of their constitutional rights and duties. One time failure is grounds for removal from office.
  • Reduce the size and budget of the federal government by 80% without exception. States should adhere to the same standard.
  • Return the federal government to its constitutionally allowed mandates, authority and limited scope.
  • Eliminate the �corporate� status of the United States.
  • Return complete autonomy and sovereignty to each of the 50 states.
  • Eliminate �US citizenship� as created by the 14th amendment.
  • Return all citizens to sovereign state flesh and blood human beings.
  • Reject any and all attempts to inflict GPS and informational bio-chips on all citizens. Criminalize anyone who attempts to require their use.
  • Require and allow the free exercise of public acknowledgements of God anywhere, anytime and in all things public and private.
  • Eliminate all influences, requirements or taxing authority of any international bodies upon American citizens. Criminalize all agencies or individuals who �authorize� foreign troops or international laws from being forced upon citizens of this nation at any level by any agency.
  • Eliminate all secret intelligence gathering agencies and the Pentagon. Turn all such duties over to a select panel of generals and civilians answerable directly to the American people for accountability and actions taken.
  • Term limits at all levels of government. One six year term for President, two four year terms for Congressmen, two five year terms for senators, the same for state representatives and governors, and five year reviewable terms for Supreme Court judges. Eliminate federal courts at all levels except for Appeals. Same for the states.
  • Eliminate the national debt by decree. Return to constitutional coinage and value. All banks to be local. No fractional banking, that practice is a felony--lifetime in prison. No credit cards of any kind.

This represents the top 50 recommendations, frankly demands, by the segment of the population taking the time to submit them. Although they are distilled from hundreds of statements, many of them repeated in one form or another by scores of people with the same concerns, they are very serious and should be taken as such.

Unfortunately for the American people, this election cycle is frightening in its potential. Those anointed to run by their respective parties represent a minority of Americans who have a subversive and destructive agenda waiting to be forced upon us by every manner of unconstitutional authority. That is why this has been sent to you. The American people, that is, those who know the deep, sacrificial history of this nation and its Godly roots, will not long endure any more suffering at the hands of authorities who have given over to the lusts of absolute corrupted power. They have spoken. I encourage you with all due respect to listen to what they have to say. To do otherwise, is to invoke and justify the American nation to challenge your authority and act upon the provisions found in the original Declaration of Independence dealing with such institutional tyranny.

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True freedom, the desire for absolute liberty and unwavering support of this nation�as it was instituted--requires that this letter be sent. I beg you to re-examine your positions in regard to this petition, seek change and remedy for it, and join with us in a brilliant renewal of our nation. On behalf of true American Patriots, I serve as their messenger and remain,

Most sincerely,

Gregory L. Evensen

There it is. We have done our best. Thank you so much for allowing me to send your deepest concerns to our governmental representatives. Pray that they will accept this with an open mind and heart. We could have done no less. We will give them time to respond. We will continue to prepare as the situation demands. You should use all of your resources and abilities to look ahead, clearly and with a strong heart. We will continue knowing that God is in control. Live your life true to your beliefs and fearing nothing that will come your way. S.O.S. stands for �Save Our Souls.� It is the message of a doomed vessel. It is followed by orders to retreat to lifeboats. The final call is to abandon ship. The S.O.S. has been given, fellow patriots, this letter is our lifeboat call. I will not abandon our ship just yet. There is one final call. We will muster to its bugle as the door of reason closes by the heavy hand of tyranny. May this be our rallying cry of resistance to that evil day. Freedom, America, now and forevermore.......

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� 2008 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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True freedom, the desire for absolute liberty and unwavering support of this nation�as it was instituted--requires that this letter be sent.