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By Greg Evensen

January 30, 2008

I am prepared to do this alone, but I prefer some able bodied assistance if anyone wants to lend me a hand. This is not a task for the faint-hearted or those that really don�t understand what this may start in motion. This is a mission in every sense of the word and one that has implications that are too broad and far reaching to even begin to try to contemplate just now.

It is way past time to decisively stake a final claim for this nation and on behalf of the citizens of America. Not for the U.N., not for the politicians, not for the President of Mexico, and not for the American president whoever that will be. It is time to recapture this nation for honest to God Americans. It shouldn�t be done for African-Americans, Asian-Americans, German-Americans, homosexual-Americans, or anyone that has to divide their loyalties with a hyphen and hide behind some group that wants special rights that others of us do not have nor deserve.

I will not volunteer so that I can watch people who call America home, run their mouths about what they clearly don�t know, at the expense of the rest of us. They are purposefully uninformed and intentionally destructive of freedom�s soul by their ignorance and refusal to become well-informed, truly patriotic citizens.

We all know too well the thousands of large factions of people living within our borders who are plotting daily how to bring America to ruin. They support mammoth government entitlements, UN backed gun registration efforts, closure of national lands, tax dollar foreign aid give-aways, sanctuary cities, and open borders. We watch as individuals claim �constitutional rights� to do every sort of perverted activity, including legalized prostitution, drug use and unlimited gay sex in public places. Yet the ACLU and its communist agenda sues to keep the church�s influence out of the public square. (What influence??) We tolerate those who constantly cry �take away the guns� from Americans. Firearm ownership is a NATURAL right that cannot be granted OR taken away. It is as natural to an American as sunlight. Tragically, Canada, England, and Australia are prime examples of �free� nations now at the mercy of their governments and the criminal element because they gave up self-defense for the �good of society.� What a horrible joke. What a perfect example of living in fear these great people have come to. I do truly appreciate these English-speaking brethren, but their plight must not become our own. The bottom line is we don�t even need a constitution to guarantee many of our rights because most of them are natural. Only Congress, and its ever increasing addiction to total dictatorial power, still refuses to understand that codifying natural rights was the TRUE intent of the Founders. Judge Robert Bork knew this and the Senate couldn�t stand the thought of such a distinguished jurist actually sitting as a member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our out-maneuvered loyal congressmen in 1913 understood far too late the depths of conspiracy and treason committed by the putrid cabal of bankers that invaded Washington, for a final assault on the real sovereignty, independence, and liberty of working Americans. Because most cannot or will not investigate the valid claims of �radical constitutionalists� concerning this and scores of other critical, liberty-robbing issues, the American republic is at the crossroads between life and death. I tell you the truth; I absolutely despise such lazy, selfish people. They all deserve a prison cell where they can live every single moment of life without freedom.

The bankers are about to score their greatest coup yet. When the financial system finally does implode, they will be there with hands out to Congress for even more citizen money, and they will confiscate all that you have. (Actually, they don�t need further legislation; they already own us lock, stock, and barrel). All you need to realize is that every debt-ridden dollar in circulation has chained us to a payback of over nine trillion dollars. Everything you and I �own� is collateral against that debt. Everything. Every last thing!

The UN wants our land to be public, not private, and regulated through a world-wide program generally called Agenda-21. They legislate locally for �sustainable� regulated land that is no longer private nor yours to manage freely. The UN wants us to pay huge taxes to maintain this world-wide bureaucracy that has at its centerpiece a �declaration of interdependence� making America one of 185+ nations under the heel of bankers, dictators, and a police state unprecedented in world history. It would be the actual world-wide governmental apparatus for the coming Prince of Evil.

I will stake my life on this single fact. Unless a massive and immediate change is undertaken, this IS our ultimate destiny. That is, a future that is just now emerging on a politically defeated America and a morally bankrupt society.

Therefore, it is imperative that an absolute ultimatum be given to government at all levels, without exception and without further delay. This must be done before the final leg of campaigning begins. The stakes must be clearly delineated and rogue candidates labeled for what they are. CFR mouthpieces bought and paid for by internationally connected traitors to America.

In an article last year, I offered 17 steps to freedom in America. Andrew Wallace, Jim Schwiesow, Devvy Kidd, Chuck Baldwin, Frosty Woolridge, Dave Daubenmire, Alan Stang and many others have continuously and in the most clearly articulated manner, set forth the issues killing our republic beyond any argument.

However, this effort needs to be much wider and I invite any of you to offer your input by e-mailing me with your suggestions. I will incorporate all of them into the next NWV article. I will then forward copies to all state Governors, the Congress, the Executive branch and to each state�s county board association. You can refer to this project when you follow up with your own individual e-mail letters or calls to the various governmental entities.


Many of you will say this has no chance of making a difference. Others will complain when they have done nothing but complain for 20 years without taking any action at all. I know that this effort alone will not reclaim America. It will only announce that we are coming and what we want to achieve. Without this statement we have no common ground against the enemy at our border. Enemy? Yes, enemy. Anyone who invades our border is an enemy. Don�t call it something else or give it a soap box for drooling Americans to cling to because they don�t have a puppy. The enemy wants this nation destroyed. Clear? Your freedom and property are at great risk because of this INVASION. The wave of illegals is supported by many politicians and the president. It must be repelled before millions more enter to become �enemies within the gates�.

Don�t tell me that the Federal Reserve is necessary because we need a �central bank.� We don�t need a national bank, period. Do you have a valid reason to believe otherwise? Privately owned and operated credit union type models are more than sufficient to meet our depository and local investment loan needs. A citizen owned treasury is what we were given to exchange our gold and silver in transactions through, not a European branch in America of Rothschild�s organized crime money laundering monopolies.

Please make your suggestions succinct and to the point. Otherwise, professional politicians will turn them into something totally unrecognizable. Limit yourself to three suggestions and realize that others may duplicate your ideas. But, that�s all right. At least many of us will be thinking in a common manner.

For those of you, who just don�t want to make the effort, then consider this. Without one final push to get the American people in a majority and on board with this idea of America first, then a world government is all that is left for you. Without a printed legal precedent-through a well documented effort-to bring our position before government at all levels, any standing in a court is lost. I know, I know, the courts aren�t any good either, but it may come to that. A citizen jury will be convened to hear our case. Hopefully, they are fully informed and know their rights. A Grand Jury should also be convened to take on these national issues.

Finally, if you just refuse because you are too eager to confront this monster yourself with a Remington 870 tomorrow at noon, then I won�t argue with you because you are already a lost cause. It may well come to that and I am resigned to believe that it most likely will, but I want to give it this last try before we commit to martyrdom, while other Americans condemn us for being crazy, without a cause, and void of enough citizen support to get us out of Dodge on a skateboard.

It is for the victims of 9/11 that I want to do this. It is for 3,500 American soldiers in Iraq who are with God that I want to do this. It is for veterans who are 60-70-80 or 90 years old and too poor to buy bread and BP medicine, but answered the call when asked. It is for moms and kids abandoned by a man that has no honor and no guts to take care of his family. It is for men and women out of jobs because big business left them at the gate to make even more money in India or Pakistan selling your job to a $1 a day slave. It�s for ranchers in New Mexico and Arizona that can�t check their cattle without an M1A and a .45 strapped on, so that they can return home from the pastures alive. It�s for the gas station owner in D.C. that can�t protect his store or home with even a BB gun from vile gangs that prowl within a stone�s throw of the Capital itself. And it is to protect my grandchildren from lunatics who sell drugs, lie in wait to sexually assault them, or rob them of their bicycle at the point of a gun, while on the way to school.

Make no mistake, if this last and I mean LAST initiative fails, then Plan B is ready. I will not hesitate to put on a militia commander�s uniform, join with hundreds of thousands of others and remind political dictators at any level what Thomas Jefferson said about tyrannical government. At that moment all other means will have been exhausted and the final, irrevocable clarion call to arms will be justified. To not prepare for that eventuality is as foolish as a premature effort void of written justification and tragically doomed from the onset.

Begin, continue, or wrap up your efforts to be physically and materially ready to challenge the corruption creeping across America. In any event, do not ignore these final storm warnings. An F-6 twister is on its way and you are in its path. Shelter your lives and your family with the careful advance preparations of a man or woman in the image of Noah. Prepare to do battle as a Joshua, and maintain courage like the Lion of Judah.

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But I warn you, do not be deceived by false calls from false nations that pretend to be God�s chosen and are at the negative core of most of these issues. They appear as righteous victims and yet steal from the blind. Be discerning and look for their communistic, racist, heart. They have gained control of our national leaders and we feed that nation�s military and atheistic society with our national resources. It is foolish and must stop.

Maintain a clean heart and walk with God all the way. May He speed you in your decisions. May He also forgive and then guide America and her people once again.

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� 2008 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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I will not volunteer so that I can watch people who call America home, run their mouths about what they clearly don�t know, at the expense of the rest of us.