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By Greg Evensen

January 17, 2008

At the end of December, my wife Liz and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We chose a particularly beautiful lakeside location in the small northern Wisconsin town of Florence to spend a quiet evening. Maxsell�s Bed and Breakfast is both a remarkably restored mansion and a superb place to dine as well. This was a memorable evening spent with the gracious hosts at Maxsell�s. Other patrons celebrated with us and we left our concerns at home. For a brief time, the continuing economic, political, governmental, military, and security failures that have left all of us in personal jeopardy, were forgotten. We were able to enjoy the fine cuisine, gentle discussion, and comfortable glimpses back in time to great experiences almost lost in the bad dream that has become our everyday reality.

Because of the current administration�s failure to tell us the truth on so many critical issues, we have lost sight of how far this country has strayed from its noble path of a century ago. This was a time before massive government agencies that ruled our every thought and action. It was a time before world wars, national self-destruction through entitlements, a freedom robbing fraudulent income tax on wages and a food industry working with a pharmaceutical behemoth that plotted how to poison Americans with preservatives, sweeteners, soft drinks, cooking agents, synthetic butters and radiation treatments of foods that killed their nutritional value while slowly starving the general population. The fast track approval for drugs that kill us or only �manage� disease are approved, while needless over-regulation or prohibition of natural cures and supplements that actually assist our general health are increased each day.

Ridiculous and insulting labeling in four languages validates two realities in present day America. We are increasingly stupid and at the same time, many are ignorant of the national language. Tort attorneys wage a costly, continuing war with industry and both sides are wrong. Society is the victim, common sense is completely lost, and another generation of Americans is raised on a negative model of how not to be responsible for one�s actions in school, at home or on the street. Most parents continue the �we�re raising a family� joke with supplemental marijuana use in the home, D.U.I. on the highway, and being a cool parent by supplying the latest insane video game or IPOD for their children. Fewer and fewer parents provide any moral guidance or church attendance for these spiritually bankrupt offspring. Gang affiliation, elementary school drug use and sexual relations are common. Children can cheat, intimidate adults, and steal without remorse, but they can not write well, think for themselves, or imagine their way through an art class. These are the same children that are statistically behind every major nation on earth in their demonstrated abilities in math, science and mastery of English and reading skills. You are doing well parents. At this rate, we will need governmental assistance with grocery shopping and dressing ourselves in the near future.

The military has always been the �backstop� for failed parents and children who chose to leave responsibility in the ditch. They soon found that discipline has no substitute on the road to maturity and responsibility. Unfortunately, governments and presidents have decided that to test tactics, weapons and �national resolve,� we needed a steady crop of bodies to prove the war colleges and service academies leadership training regimen were correct. But what a price we have paid. To move a society to war, some provocation by the other side is usually the excuse. When you don�t have it, you make it up. The sinking of the Lusitania, the attack on our Navy in the Gulf of Tomkin, the pre-intelligence interception of the Pearl Harbor attack, the WMD issue in Iraq, are all examples of just such a horrible policy. Get the war started however you need to�with or without just cause. Who pays? The American soldier, the American nation, and thousands of innocents foot the ultimate bill. American military personnel are mercenaries for business, banks and politicians. That is the truth and that is a fact. Who wins and who profits? The world class banking whores in Washington being pimped by Congress to fill the vaults with blood money. Will it ever end? No, most likely it will not. At least not until these rotted human beings are forcefully thrown into the street and ground into the soil.


The conspiracy to deplete this nation of its moral character and its sovereignty within each of the states is clear to the student of history. The march by corrupted politicians to complete a kingdom within the American nation grows with the issuance of each new debt-stained Federal Reserve banknote. Raiding our state and national �treasuries� to pay for social security, medical and other social benefits for illegal border jumpers so that veterans and widows have to choose between bread and medicine is epidemic. President John McCain or President Rudy Giuliani would love that. So would President Hillary Clinton, or President Barack Obama.

Computerized voting systems were compromised before they came on line. The circle of intrigue has closed around the neck of the American voter. Many elections have always been rigged; it�s just the means that have changed. Dr. Ron Paul�s candidacy is not the only issue here. The hopes and dreams of America�s real warriors and true believers were in place long before his presidential run. His chance for success is that of the preverbial snowball in hell. The election system and other candidate issues have begun to wash over the multi-million dollar miracle that is Ron Paul�s stake in the 2008 race. His staff seemed annoyed at supporters who wanted a fight for New Hampshire�s rigged results. Were they tired or are they just paid staffers with no real gut to win? Have we placed too much emphasis on Dr. Paul�s political positions and not enough on the process that it takes to compete and win fairly? Have we come to the place where even the election marathon is beyond redemption? Perhaps we have. Indeed, I believe we have. Therefore, we must be looking at what we will do and how we will challenge this complete breakdown in election integrity and virtue that has been part of America�s heart for freedom and liberty since Independence Day.

For these reasons, and the fact that my wife must endure a constant barrage of �reality� rants in our home, that is why the recent swordfish steak and stuffed mushroom meal was so therapeutic. To spend a couple of hours with the gracious hosts at Maxsell�s was a respite only they could provide. To only remember America�s better days, is a sure sign that the end has come for our nation�s legacy of promise to a weary world. Now we are the weary and there is no place left to find shelter. That I cannot long endure.

It is for my children and grandchildren that I will look for the light of a new and better America. It is for thousands of students that have crossed my path that I will continue to speak out for and encourage them to do their ultimate best. It was as a peace officer that I gave my youthful energy to serve and protect America from the enemy of her families.

We need a revived America, spiritually and physically, governmentally and economically. We need leaders who will not give up and remember their oath of office is to the people of America, not its political apparatus. We need business people who will serve their employees first. We need generals who will serve their troops first. We need doctors who will step over the drug companies and prescribe natural remedies that cure instead of cripple. And by God Almighty, we need pastors who will preach and exhort the truth, daily practice courage and discipline, and help to turn this nation around from man�s darkness into the light of His ultimate goodness.

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When the dust settles on America, a new road needs to emerge from the swamp leading home. When the air clears, a new vision of honesty and hard work for the good of American freedom needs to emerge. When the smell of rot and decay finally is replaced with that of fresh northern Wisconsin pine and clear lake water, join me in Florence at Maxsell�s for a hearty meal, great wine, and pleasant people called���.Americans.

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Because of the current administration�s failure to tell us the truth on so many critical issues, we have lost sight of how far this country has strayed from its noble path of a century ago.