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By Greg Evensen

December 30, 2007

There is not a single person left above ground in America that has not yet had their obituary published, that can admit to feeling positive about the coming months before our next general elections. Out of 280 million American citizens and 20 million illegals occupying space within our borders, we have 20 auditioning professional liars and pretenders willing to say anything to live in the White House. Only one in my view, Ron Paul, holds the minimum requirements to legitimately seek and honestly campaign for the office. He isn�t my guy 100%, but I can live with most of his platform and his character.

Without running through the abysmal list of candidates from all parties again, I will just say that I am embarrassed to think that this list of loud-mouthed, know nothing about anything group of charlatans, believes that they represent me or my fellow disillusioned citizens concerning the sorry state of our nation. Yet, the all-powerful national elites that ultimately control our destinies, believes that you believe these sorry examples of potential �presidential� choices do, in fact, model your desires for national leadership in 2008. That is why Ron Paul is the ONLY choice that has merit worthy of our support.

If Ron is to win, then he must have the support and active participation of every last one of us who holds out the last shred of hope for the future of a free and prosperous America. If Ron loses, it will be because those same Americans who paid lip service to him and even gave money for his campaign, failed to follow through when it came to the vote. It will be for lack of motivation to insist that Dr. Paul be allowed the chance to participate FULLY in the election process that ultimately defeats him. In so doing, the power brokers, the party hacks, the media pundits, and the national managers of America�s future, will be able to lay the Ron Paul failure at the feet of the very people who brought him to the brink of success and then walked away. If, or I should say, when that happens, the ruling class will have called it exactly right. We in the Constitutionalist movement have earned the title �empty rhetoric� whiners for quite some time. There is no reason to believe, and certainly no evidence what-so-ever to assume, we won�t carry on in that same �grand� tradition. Complain, blow and go, promise to do something and then just quit. Because of that performance, we are far worse in our failure to America than are the turncoats who have actually done what they said they would do right from the start. We promised to work to bring America back from the brink and when we had her five feet from rescue upon the shore, we let her drown in a foot of water.

That is what we will do with Ron Paul as well. We will worry about our Republican Party membership card. We will feel jilted when we don�t receive a call from state headquarters asking for a donation for candidates who aren�t worth the powder to blow them to hell. We will try to come up with reasons that seem plausible concerning our vote for such a wasted cause in Dr. Paul. However, we won�t hesitate in rah-rahing for the only hope America has at this point in our history and then voting for Rudy, or John or Hillary���..because WE wanted to feel a part of the big picture.


That is why the Federal Reserve still issues a debt riddled currency worth nothing. That is why we begin a war every few years, waste our military into the next spending cycle of arms build-ups, and butcher a generation of young men and women for the sake of a few more Memorial Day speeches. That is why our all-powerful America can stand helpless on our borders as we are invaded by a dirt poor army of Mexican and other worldly renegades. That is why we are giving up every last one of our freedoms in exchange for GPS chips in everything we own, machine gun toting SWAT officers and TASER happy assaulting sheriff�s deputies in every community.

We want to be part of the big picture of what America has become rather than a part of what America could still be. You see, it is easier to talk big picture and pose for something far less. We simply are not willing to put in the effort necessary to create a work of art. As a result we are now part of a grand illusion, nothing more. We are to blame. We are the ones who allowed the Patriot Act and Homeland Security to waltz us in to the North American Union without so much as a question asked about WHY we needed this. By what Constitutional authority did our communistic moron leadership in Washington use to justify this �Union?� We can�t even be trusted on our own street corners. Security cameras must hover over every move we make. And stupid, fearful, gullible, �accept the lies for your own good Americans,� think that this Orwellian security is as good as it gets in this life�until you�re the one doing the funky chicken with two electrical probes stuck in your ass.

That is why Ron Paul will lose. That is why Ron Paul won�t even get to the main event. That is why IF, by some remote chance, Dr. Paul does make it through Iowa, New Hampshire and the upcoming marathon primaries, he runs the risk of assassination by the same world class murders that eliminated JFK, Congressman Larry McDonald and others who saw the international conspiracy face to face, tried to change it, and paid the ultimate price for it.

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Who will be to blame? You, and me, that is who. As the clock clicks down the moments until our last major stage show for the 2008 elections, remember this. America�s last days of freedom are upon us. Your only chance to make a final, compelling, resounding and history changing difference, is standing in front of you. Walk past the jokers on the candidate�s stage, put down your long white cane, open your eyes and get to work.

We wish you a peaceful, restful and fulfilling new year.
and Liz Evensen

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We are to blame. We are the ones who allowed the Patriot Act and Homeland Security to waltz us in to the North American Union without so much as a question asked about WHY we needed this.