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The Militarization of the American Police













By Greg Evensen

December 11, 2007

�After traveling several hundred miles on foot and camelback, three men of privileged means were arrested by jack-sandaled troops of President Herod�s homeland security forces. Taken in at sword point, the three displayed no surprise at being captured in their attempt to honor a reputed boy King believed to be the illegitimate son of a young Jewish girl and her boyfriend. The government, it was later learned, offered them low rent housing in a Jerusalem ghetto.

When police stormed the stable of one of Bethlehem�s seedier hotels, they found animals, a few stragglers identified by their white clothes as �angels� and the entire scene was lit by an unusually bright light. Upon further investigation, the EPA/CDC wizards in Herod�s government ruled that because of the conditions found in the stable, the entire area was being quarantined as a result of unhygienic conditions, the baby Jesus was taken into protective custody and placed in a foster home, even though most similar stables are known to be lowly and smelly in nature�...�

This is how the Biblical story of the Nativity would have been written by today�s press barons. Aren�t we all in God�s eternal debt for allowing men and women of that far ago time to be of simple and accepting minds for the miracle that happened in their midst?


This Christmas season, I encourage you to leave the world-weary, bone-crushing problems in the hands of the only One that can handle them for you. Give them to the �boy King� that came to save us from Herod, Napoleon, Hitler, and all the others past and present, wherever they may be.

I write the way I do to encourage debate, critical discussions that need to be undertaken, and stimulate decisions that you need to confront before they are at your doorstep. My anger with those who would take away our freedoms, have indeed done so, and have allowed such a pitiful state of affairs to come to our very neighborhoods, sometimes gets ahead of me, and for that I apologize to each one of you. That will be something I work on. We must confront this evil in a way that will change it and our nation, if that is possible to do. We do not need more hostility that is for sure.

May your days be filled with the Blessed Hope and the wonder that is love beyond our understanding. As I help my wife to decorate our home with the symbols of family, good cheer, the promise of life we have not earned and do not deserve, I thank God for all of you. Your support and diligence has emboldened me to believe there is still hope for this nation, based on your spirit of determination to work for change.

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In the end, we must do the right things in God�s eyes and according to his Holy Scripture. All else is as filthy rags. If I have erred in your understanding of that which is most sacred to you, please accept that it has been out of my dedication to fight this creeping evil head to head. I will try to take some of my own advice and remember that I can do nothing without the help of the Master.

We wish you a peaceful, restful and fulfilling Holy-day season. Greg and Liz Evensen

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This is how the Biblical story of the Nativity would have been written by today�s press barons.