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By Greg Evensen

December 4, 2007

There can be absolutely no mistake when you read these compelling words from our Declaration of Independence. The founders had it absolutely right, they knew precisely what they were writing, and meant exactly what they wrote.

�We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain una-LIEN-able (cannot have a lien or mortgage placed against them) Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to SECURE these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWERS FROM THE C-O-N-S-E-N-T OF THE GOVERNED, that whenever ANY form of government becomes DESTRUCTIVE of these ends, it is the RIGHT of the people to alter or ABOLISH it, and to institute NEW Government���.but when a long train of abuses and usurpations����.evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their RIGHT, it is their D-U-T-Y!!! to throw off such government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.� (Emphasis has been added)

Although hundreds of complaints could have been listed there, roughly 27 of them were included for a �candid world� to read. We are living out--at this very moment--those grievances and many far more serious ones so extreme, that our original Declaration is now in its second application. Only this time, it need not go any farther than our own capital, Washington, D.C.

A few readers have recently been very critical of my governmental viewpoints as irresponsible and �incendiary.� Some have accused me of racial intolerance regarding the illegal Mexican invasion in our southwest states. A few more have called me the worst type of homophobe because I do not accept the �gay agenda�s� lies to justify, that are cross-dressed to appear as the �new truth.� Well, you go figure these �sweetie pies� out. I can�t, and I won�t waste any time trying to, either.

I believe that America has been reduced to an island of tradition, sanity, morality and decency surrounded by and ocean of ignorance, stupidity, gross immorality and arrogance. Our nation as a whole is about to be further reduced in its domestic �leadership� by the implementation of a crackdown against Americans who have had enough of the government�s constant application of tyranny through the courts and hundreds of governmental agencies. This will come through domestic �terrorism� legislation now before Congress that will attempt to put my views out of business and in jail.

Reject my warnings at your dire peril. The day of unbridled, brutal, raw governmental power is at hand. If you support our Declaration and its clearly stated concepts of freedom, then you are an �enemy of the state.� (When a poor argument fails, generally the side losing resorts to name-calling�racist, homophobe, red-neck, or�.patriot) If you have believed in the legal premise that the Constitution is the one and only unchanging source for law and order, (the government doesn�t) then you will have your chance to convince fellow believers from behind barbed wire in detention camps. (�Halliburton/US Army Hotels.�)

Your one and only chance for freedom or survival will be to claim the right and the duty to throw out those in government who would reduce your status from �sovereign citizen� (the 14th amendment eliminated that) to prisoner. You will not reclaim America by reason, argument, Fox News debates or petitions to your congressional representative. (They don�t listen anyway). It won�t come because you voted, went to the candidate meetings or attended your local city or county council sessions. It will not happen because you volunteered to help with Bible school or gave blood to the Red Cross. It still will not happen when you pay your taxes and use your zip code. It will only happen when you are left no choice but to exercise your second amendment right, (a natural right that cannot be taken away by anyone, ever, unless of course, you turned in your weapons for a $50 keep our schools safe reward) and that day is virtually upon us.

You will be forced to plan how you will use your last resort option to the best advantage. Who will you join with in this last ditch effort to bring freedom back to our people? How will you free those already in custody? Can you bring yourself to the point where you will declare literal war on those who have masterminded your removal from our society because you actually believed that real, true, American freedom was worth fighting for?

Will you take the ultimate step and use the power in your hands to end the greatest threat to personal liberty on our soil since the war for independence round 1? Will you take the ultimate stand and expend the courage necessary to end the reign of brutal terror brought to us by enemies foreign and domestic? What is this great struggle worth to you? Giving up your home? Being separated from your families? Experiencing cold and hunger to fight for a goal that should never have been taken in the first place? Are you willing to fight to the finish against illegals who would take your home, job, benefits, and US social security from you because they think they have some undeniable right to invade our sovereign land?

Who justified the �policy� that gave international politicians the authority to write our laws, influence our courts, and take our income through foreign aid, taxes, and entitlements? Who voted to change our moral standards and culture because a committee dreamed up new �rights� that did not ever constitutionally exist, and in the eyes of a righteous God should never have even been discussed? It was US Senators and Representatives�..that�s WHO �justified� it.

Who said it was all right to give away your nation�s traditions, rewrite it�s brave, bold and at times deeply flawed history to some power broker in Washington? Who said our national treasure should be squandered by a private banking cartel masquerading as the �Federal Reserve Bank� and �authorized� to do the monetary business of the American people? Why was the income tax falsely called ratified, to rob the fruit of our labor? Who gave blanket permission for our property to be seized without compensation, and who gave the state the right to deny me the absolute authority to do with my property as I see fit, as long as I do not injure anyone else or their property? The United States Congress did all of these things to you for your �well-being� and to prove the benevolence and necessity of big government.

Who were the socialist, Alexander Hamilton �central government rules� advocates who insisted that our nation could not exist without federal bureaucratic wasteland agencies, sucking up billions of dollars to operate enforcement, regulatory, and idiotic rule making bodies that do nothing but create bad policies we don�t need, and that are NOT constitutional? It was the Congress of these United States, again.

When were our police agencies turned into law enforcement commando units that rule and abuse rather than protect and serve? And why was this done? To more effectively serve warrants? That�s what our police agencies were told. Take the government money while you can they said. Build a better SWAT team to take out the frustrated mom protecting her children who can�t take anymore drug induced beatings by her criminal husband. Why do we insure that the roadside DUI stop becomes a killing field for the latest �mission essential� military type state police roadblock? Who started all of this and WHY?? It was the FBI, the Justice Department, and law enforcement lobbies along with U.S. socialists and one world bullies that want to create a centralized police state to eventually take all freedoms from us.


When you begin to dig down through all of the smoke and mirrors thrown up by the government, then you will find answers you are not going to like---at all. All of these have one source. It is POWER. It is the kind of power that only a government can command. It is the kind of power that people fear and have every reason to fear. It is the type of control that has no end, no reasoning level, no compassion and no compromise. Power that is more desirable than money. Power that corrupts completely and leaves nothing but destruction in its wake. This is the kind of power that drives men and women to sell out their nation. It is the kind of force that justifies any laws like the Patriot Act, or Executive Orders, and Presidential Directives, and agencies (CIA, FBI, IRS, BATFE, FDA, Homeland Security, NSA, NSC, DIA, NRO, and FEMA) none of which are constitutional nor it can be argued, necessary for freedom and liberty.

Corrupted individuals with hidden agendas for socialized power, and the total subjugation of free people is the goal. It will be achieved through a series of regional world power �unions� (European, African, North American) so that entire sections of the planet can be maintained by �owners� of the world. It is Satanic in design, evil to the core, and virtually complete. We have allowed this to happen and in some cases encouraged it to happen because these same elitist rulers offered us a crumb or two under the table of governance, and we took it like starving dogs.

Well, the dogs are about to be butchered and eaten. To this point, world rulers like David Rockefeller, the Rothschild�s, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderburgs, the Trilateralists, the Rhodes Scholars, the Bush dynasty, the Clinton Horror Show, and all the other bad guys are constantly winning and we are continually losing. Why? Because we would rather talk than really fight against this takeover.

The time for talk is over. More talk will just mean more power grabs for the elite. It�s less time to prepare for the American liberation teams. Look, for those of you who will now write and complain that I didn�t spell it out more clearly for you, quit relying on me and others to do your work. To those of you who claim to know the mind of God in this, stop saying that resistance to this kind of evil is not a Godly endeavor. It sure won�t be if that is all you believe, and please excuse our trying while you hide, because you see America as Babylon. Get to the task of real preparation. Quit lecturing me about how this is not a Christian endeavor and God will never sanction our working to correct a deeply flawed American culture. Just admit you would rather be �Raptured� than have to really do something that would require some courageous action. If you want to feel good, then go to one of the many smiley, �believe in nothing Godly� churches who agonize over where this year�s manager scene is going to go. May God forgive and deliver us from such Laodicean abject spiritual cowardice.

Plan for your own personal changes and preparation, instead of reading NWV columns like they were fictional stories written to entertain you.

When you finally realize that all of the major issues in the world, economics, war, banking, business, politics, power and control are in the hands of a few who will not rest until it is ALL their own, then you will see why there can be no outcome except conflict. It is Biblical and it is real. If you choose to place your fate in the hands of God, believe in His righteous plan for your life, and who believe in the ultimate victory through Jesus, then you cannot lose, no matter what! The Rockefeller crowd will lose and we will ultimately win. However, in the meantime, I am not willing to let them enslave and imprison patriots without a fight. Stand and be counted or run. But remember, you won�t get far. The �rulers� will get you one way or the other, and put you away. Therefore, I choose to stand with fellow fighters and get to the business at hand. Now,��.have you gotten it to this point? Considering that we are in such a minority of people who really care or are capable of understanding this globalized monster, it will take a miracle of God Himself to see us through this storm.

It is impossible to even consider winning this titanic struggle without reclaiming the last sentence of the historic Declaration of Independence.

���And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor.� Those brave founding Republic souls did just that, and won their freedom by the grace of God, against the most powerful Kingdom in the world.

Is it within your heart and soul to even try?

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When were our police agencies turned into law enforcement commando units that rule and abuse rather than protect and serve?