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By Greg Evensen

August 30, 2006

�Get somebody else to do it!� �I�m to busy and don�t care about all of that.� �Listen, I do my best to get my kids to school and myself to work.� �Don�t bother me with this!� And so it is with Americans today. We began our country with a real sense of freedom, granted by a constitution that is recognized as the finest written work organizing government in world history. In the 217 years since Philadelphia, we have reduced that supreme, lawful, and revered document to worthless parchment. Many see it as a piece of ancient history or as an evolutionary type of document subject to change as the times demand. How can we restore the US to a real Republic?

In the United States of America, there are only two directions left. Either we will reclaim our heritage, or we will surrender our constitution to the chains of slavery. The most compelling question that the people of the United States have always grappled with is how to build a government strong enough to preserve order and yet leave society free enough to prevent tyranny. James Madison�s secretive deliberations during the constitutional convention in Philadelphia were controversial then and even now, however, on the surface it appears that he and his cohorts crafted the single most persuasive people oriented document since the Magna Carta. It achieved a balance of order and liberty, national pride and national principal, truth and justice, and faith in its citizens. But perhaps the most impressive achievement-and the one always most at risk-is the development of acceptable government that can maintain a precious and elusive balance between police powers and unalienable (you can�t take them away-EVER, they are God given to everyone) rights.

Our founders never intended the federal and state governments to become the privilege granting, tax spending, rights trampling, regulatory beast that stands over our collective heads every moment of our lives. They could not foresee a devious woman like Sarah Brady, who stated to former Senator Howard Metzenbaum in the 1994 National Educator, �Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.� Is this anti-US rights agenda clear enough?

The 21st century has seen the greatest expansion of government and the greatest threat to freedom since the �Civil War.� The 14th amendment in 1866 was an unmitigated disaster for state sovereignty. It was only matched by the incorporation of the United States of America a decade later that set up all Americans for socialism and the �people control� that we enjoy today. It was a massive shift of power away from the states and into the federal black hole in Washington. It began with Lincoln�s 1861 declaration of a national emergency, his suspension of Habeas Corpus in 1862, the federal imposition of the unratified 16th amendment in 1913, by a lying, treacherous Secretary of State, Philander Knox, and of course the creation of the debacle to liberty called the Federal Reserve Act. At the conclusion of WWI, Washington nationalized the state militias under direct federal control. On March 9, 1933, arrogant Franklin Roosevelt continued this non-stop �National Emergency� by creating unconstitutional agencies and Acts. He appointed bureaucrats who were given immense powers to regulate, tax, control, and reduce sovereign Americans to federal/corporate working units.

Please bear in mind that the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is neither Federal, nor does it hold gold and silver reserves as is mandated in the Constitution. The �Fed� is a PRIVATE banking corporation owned by stockholders from around the world including many of the most powerful European banking houses. The IRS is an illegitimate collection agency for the �Fed,� the IMF, and the World Bank, all of which are paid for by US taxpayers. It is a complete scam, and was created by a banking conspiracy in 1913. There has NEVER been a government audit of the Federal Reserve. It�s not allowed. The short list of US stockholders is highly secret.

Only Executive (dictatorial) Orders issued by presidents, rivals the �Fed� in their scope of treachery against the citizens of this nation. E.O�s. were meant to give a president certain �cut through the red tape� authority WITHIN the executive branch. However, they became the monster they are today, by presidents who applied it to the entire country. Most presidents since Lincoln have issued these liberty robbing orders which are still in effect.

What is the result of this �license� for government agents to do what they will at all levels? It is this. We are told what to do, how to do, when to do and why we do something at every turn. Three million laws and regulations drive every American every day at every moment. We have been doing it for so long and in so many ways that there is no where left to turn. WE have allowed our leaders to do this. We have even given them encouragement to continue building this tyrannical lifestyle we call �freedom.� We can barely obey one law without breaking another somewhere else. We beg government for entitlement checks and sign away our liberties for what we think is safety and security. Americans are like slaves were to Pharaoh, reaching out for bread and water and five minutes of peace. We have lost our will and desire to be free men and women. We have given up our inherited right to be independent. We have sold our claim to be the world�s moral leader by our constant shameful examples, or worse yet, by not holding on to any principals at all. No wonder the world hates us. Americans don�t want to admit this, they don�t want to know it, and are too cowardly to face up to it. As Mother Theresa said in 1995, before the National Press Club in Washington, �a nation that kills its young and its old, has no right what-so-ever to lecture the world on morality.� She�s absolutely right. And we call this mass murder a right. So did the Nazi�s.

Where then does that leave us? We have been admonished over and over again by our founders to understand that any established government is but one step away from enslaver. The only protection is that offered in our constitution and by the will of the people to fight tyranny at every turn. George Washington said it best, �like fire, government is a reluctant servant and a fearful master.� Jefferson went on to say that, �the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.� Eternal to today�s American culture is five minutes.

During the debates at Constitution Hall in 1787-1789, the convention weighed heavily the establishment of a federal court system in addition to state courts. Federal courts were a horrible mistake. They have historically expanded federal power at the expense of state�s/citizen�s rights and have taken a terrible toll on virtue, common sense and wisdom in law making. Great debate was centered on the inclusion of a Bill of Rights to insure individual freedoms. Even so, there has been an overwhelming erosion of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th amendments by politicians and judges at all levels of government. They have conveniently forgotten their sacred oaths of office and have been complicit in the demise of our Republic. History will show that such treason was winked at by complacent, cowardly and ignorant Americans more interested in sports and marijuana, than keeping our nation vital, moral, and true to the founder�s vision.

We must remember why these rights exist in perpetuity to all Americans. Contemplate why men and women in great numbers gave their lives in solemn duty over the past 230 years for our liberty. Remember why every signer of the Declaration of Independence placed his life and treasure in harm�s way. Why have men and women stood firm against enemies foreign AND domestic? It�s for REAL FREEDOM and self-determination!

Freedom is now in extreme peril. We must answer the call to assemble again at a symbolic Lexington, or at a national summit. We will lose it all to the UN, the bankers, or the politicians who have sold out time and time again to our enemies, and who want a strong and free America vanquished and erased from the world. If achieved, the world would awaken to international and religious warfare unmatched in human history. We are a nation that needs to correct its course, apologize to the world for losing our vision, and then stand in the gap with Americans who want to take back their rightful heritage.

It�s time, America. It�s time, to take our nation back from the professional thieves and sell-outs in Washington. It�s time to tell the leaders of North America that it is NOT all right to merge our nations into a �Pan-American Union.� It�s time to impeach a Supreme Court justice who votes to convict or acquit on the basis of �international law.� It�s time to impeach or recall ANY representative, council, school board or commission member that votes to support a total nationwide gun ban pushed by corrupt UN bureaucrats who desire the surrender of the sovereignty of the USA. It�s time to send legislators who voted for the so-called Patriot Act back to their districts in disgrace. It�s time to break the health crises created and paid for by Pharmaceutical companies who would rather �manage� diseases at breathtaking costs than implement available cures. It�s time to beat the established media at their own game and raise-up hundreds of new Radio and TV stations dedicated to truth and common sense. It�s time to absolutely boycott Hollywood leftists who have used their fame to undermine reason and virtue in America. It�s time to jail gang members, pornographers, and drug dealers for life without parole for their crimes. It�s time to build prisons by the score to house them, and at the same time, use these maggots to build new roads, hospitals, schools and water treatment facilities in local communities.

It�s time to return to a gold and silver money standard, eliminate the Federal Reserve, reclaim the $450 billion a year that pays �compound interest� to a national debt created by �Fed� banks and paid to shareholders in other nations. It�s time to substantially reduce the scope and number of the federal courts and quit allowing intellectual fascists in courtrooms to rule America. It�s WAY past time! I�m not talking a little--let it come whenever--change. It�s time to peacefully�for now at least�vote these treasonous, sovereignty selling vipers out and elect Republic builders. Our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less than our best effort.

The perpetual tax leeches in Washington and state capitols count on your complacency for each new term. They count on your ignorance so that they can vote in one more international treaty, UN gun grab, or Agenda 21 subversive act, where our treasure is wasted and we are powerless in the process. That is why there is never useful or profound national change.

As a founder of Americans for Constitutional Enforcement, I believe your effort will be the last best hope for America. You are not alone.

I have called for a long overdue national coming together, a �Heartland USA (United for a Sovereign America) Summit� of some 1000 �grass roots� patriotic constitutional and freedom loving organizations in American to attend a mass meeting to be held in Kansas City next April 12-14. It will be a massive and difficult effort however, it can be done. Future elections will have a far different outcome if the hard work is accomplished now.

I am suggesting that the great American Bison, who was hunted and eliminated by corrupt poachers precisely for his independence and value, be the symbol of this great summit. We Americans are being hunted and marginalized by the corrupt forces of internationalism, lobbyists, and self-serving bureaucrats. They are selling America�s sovereignty to the United Nation�s world government movement faster than you could ever imagine.

This may be the last opportunity our nation experiences toward correcting decades of efforts by subversive American and international elements dedicated to destroying the nation of our founders. God has been replaced with greed. Drugs are the national pastime. Games that torture and kill are called entertainment and they abuse young minds. Parents no longer guide and nurture their children. People are angry, lost, confused, and desperate.

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This is the day! This is the time! This is the hour! We must begin returning our nation to its righteous roots and timeless reliance on virtue, moral leadership, truth and reason. We must do it and do it now! Failure is not an option. Success means the ultimate triumph of liberty over tyranny. We can not allow any other outcome. IT IS TIME��.!

� 2006 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg earned a Master�s Degree in Education Administration from Northern Michigan University, and a doctoral degree from the London International University, in Criminal Justice Administration.

He was appointed a United States Secret Service Special Agent with duties assigned to Presidential Candidate Protection, but was budget cut along with his contingent in 1974. Greg also served as a Kansas State Trooper and as a Kansas Marshal.

Greg has called for a national summit of some 1000 American organizations working for constitutional restoration in America. This critical coalition, reflecting the people�s desire to rebuild a nation that has been virtually destroyed by the political sell-outs in our nation�s capitol, will energize citizens to get involved.

Greg Evensen, author of �The Sovereignty Papers� copyright 2006. Please use with permission. Visit to download a Kansas City Summit reservation form, and then send it to us as you feel led to participate.

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In the United States of America, there are only two directions left. Either we will reclaim our heritage, or we will surrender our constitution to the chains of slavery.