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By Greg Evensen

November 25, 2007

It's time to cut through the nonsense and in so many words, when the sides are drawn it's time to get down to "nut cuttin'." (So, you raise walnuts?) You may blink a couple of times and your mouth may drop slightly when you read this, but then I'm writing this for those of you who still do not grasp the ultimate end game, here.

We have been under intellectual anesthesia for a hundred years in America. I have covered the reasons why, among hundreds of others, in recent op-ed pieces. Many of my superbly talented colleagues at NVW have done the same thing, and most of them with far greater eloquence and research than I have offered. What it really boils down to though is this. Your government, in absolute conspiracy with the Federal Reserve, credit monopolies, the "legal system" and the military/corporate and industrial network, has CONSPIRED to steal your republic and totally rip your liberties from your mind and body.

Hundreds of thousands of documents, memoranda, official government reports, testimony in and out of court, tax trials, whistle-blower interviews, eye-witness accounts, books by ex-government special agents, armed forces officers and pilots, former FBI and BATFE investigators, legislators and high ranking diplomats, have all confirmed what the rest of us have reluctantly accepted as the greatest battle in our lives.

That battle is to bring these tons of documents, statements and conclusions before a caring and concerned American citizenry. It is to arouse their righteous anger to change the direction of our nation before it is no longer possible to even discuss the present situation within a public forum. It is to do our collective and necessary part in the ongoing history of our nation and help provide the same opportunities that we were given by other generations long gone from this life, but who agreed in great numbers that our Founders established a republic, not a "democracy" operating under maritime law. We have believed that we are sovereign citizens living in sovereign states with natural rights that cannot be taken away under any circumstances, right? That we are FREE flesh and blood citizens, not a corporate unit of a corporate united states, right? If you believe you live in a republic and are a truly free American, then you are ABSOLUELY DEAD WRONG!!

You are enslaved in a web of deceit and illegality masquerading as "representative government" so deep, so pervasive, and so lethal to our continuing existence, that very few of us are capable of grasping how deadly the current situation is to our very existence.

Lee Brobst and A.F. Beddoe have attempted to lead us to a minimal understanding of this dreadful calamity in a deeply scholarly work entitled "USA the Republic Is the House that No One Lives In." I received this 50 page document November 18, 2007, and read it in about 90 minutes. I will tell you that there were segments that held very detailed and technical explanations of Private Roman civil law, common law, public municipal law, admiralty law, trust relationships. Public federalism, private federalism, codes, statutes, public policy, constructive trusts of private conscience, dual federalism, general common law and of course something called "federal theology." So much for the vaunted "separation of church and state" dogma ranted on about by the ACLU at every conceivable turn, huh? Some of this material was difficult to understand. It clearly calls in to question the motive of "specialists" or "mechanics" of these legal, contract, and business positions that very few of us are equipped to understand. Much of this actually dealt with the ultimate position of federal authority over states and any citizen protections from the weight of federal centralized power and how the states act as a buffer to protect the individual citizen from direct federal assaults on the sovereignty of that person. Obviously, that concept did not survive the federal dictatorship that has evolved through a staggering array of legalese and contract law aimed directly at stripping ALL vestiges of our power over government and the individual liberty derived from a so-called sovereign state citizen.

You are completely powerless, at the mercy of maritime contract specialists, eternal victims of a barbed wire mentality in Washington and the state capitols as well. The idea of taxing you to pay for all of this fascist incarceration of your "freedom" is the ultimate cruel joke on every last one of us. This cartel of elitist purveyors of lies, distortion, and as the creators of a pseudo realistic dream of an on-going American republic, is the incarnation of evil born and raised in hell itself and executed by Satan's chosen legions of bureaucrats, government appointees, and the worst of them all, the financiers who use more and more of our debt riddled Federal Reserve notes to "pay for it all."

I commend these gentlemen for explaining our virtually inextricable death spiral in such clear terms. They have done their best. We have allowed this mess to grow into such an inconceivable catastrophe because we have been lazy, fearful, licking the boots that stomp us down, and unwilling to do whatever must be done to stop this race toward complete dictatorship. The American people continually feed this federal behemoth while at the same time allowing the Rockefeller/Rothschild world governance crowd to invite our own stupid civilian activist groups in the gun control lobby, the environmental disaster hand-wringing nervous Nellie crew, the anybody but Jesus in our town-square troublemakers, and "let all the Mexicans in while you're at it" mindless idiots to share in the "destroy the American Republic" offensive once and for all.


It has, based on the countless pages of research and the open surrender of our nation by the Congress of the united states, become necessary to not only discuss, but begin the planning for resistance against these documented acts of treason. Not a living soul to whom God gave some semblance of a brain can deny that the times we are living in and enduring, are far worse in their treachery than anything experienced by our colonial brethren. Of that, there can be no doubt. It only remains to be seen how many of our fellow citizens from every walk of life, will prepare for and join with those who have finally risen to the call of our Declaration of Independence and return the reins of this nation back to the American people.

The unjust rulers, unelected power brokers, illegal and unconstitutional mechanisms of corrupted government, the unlawful and treasonous individual and corporate acts of destruction against our nation and its precepts are worthy of insurrection. Any act of rebellion is justified in the so-called court of public opinion, and is absolutely necessary if the American people are to have another generation of "sovereignty" under any circumstances. Open warfare is at hand and past due with this blasphemous totally sold-out government.

Any leader in armed combat will tell you that the final moment before engagement commences is a soul-searing one and is generally preceded by the command, "take aim, hold your fire���" This is to allow full concentration on the matter at hand. Within a second or two the final command is given and history is forged. It is a moment unlike any that you will every experience. Hearts beat fast, breath is held and determination and commitment take over like never before in your life. Fear is palpable and the long moment between utter peace and total warfare hangs like the great void of space over the edge of a mountain cliff. It is THAT moment that all others are measured by. It is then that victory is eye to eye with defeat. Only the more determined and righteously courageous will prevail. It is then that all the putrid filth and rot of treason and corrupted hearts is revealed for the horrible thing that it is. It is also then that your mind can accept personal sacrifice, because you know how much defeat of this slime is really worth. It is in that moment, that the purity of truth and the sacredness of the effort, is fully revealed. It is that very spirit that carried our continental army through the pain of initial defeat, and of starvation, bitter cold, and their own lack of support from a lazy, cowardly and even traitorous colonial citizenry.

It will not be any easier this time, either. Our modern conveniences will only make our decision to "do this thing" that much more difficult for many. In the end, if we are to prevail as a nation of sovereign citizens, then we will have to do this. There is no other choice. The time is so short, the goal so large, our republic so lost, and still many don't know why people like me and many others are saying the time is at hand. ARE YOU LISTENING??

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Prepare yourselves. It's time to "take aim, (and for the time being) hold your fire." Focus on the enemy, and prepare for the battle. Give no quarter. Fight until it is finished. "Choose this day whom you will serve," as the scripture says. But, above all else, prepare mentally, emotionally, physically, and SPIRITUALLY to take aim���and aim well, indeed.

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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It has, based on the countless pages of research and the open surrender of our nation by the Congress of the united states, become necessary to not only discuss, but begin the planning for resistance against these documented acts of treason.