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By Greg Evensen

November 10, 2007

Is it possible to define the moment when the government began targeting real Lexington and Concord model patriotic Americans as recipients of government smear campaigns, investigations, and outright threats?

History shows that the great federalist Alexander Hamilton was one of the nation�s first advocates for a strong central bank. In fact, Hamilton submitted the bill in 1790 that would become the Bank of the United States. It was an exact replica of the Bank of England. Jefferson argued heavily against it stating that �A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army.� He also warned against letting the nation be saddled with great debt. On the other hand, Hamilton believed that a nation could not succeed long without the influence of the rich on the state�s credit. He believed that debt was a good thing��a national blessing� if not excessive. Rule by the few was an issue right from the start.

Some would argue that it began with the battles Andrew Jackson fought in 1832, against the national efforts to establish a banking monopoly through the chartering of the Second Bank of the united states. Nicholas Biddle as head of this bank held great power over the political landscape. He caused a banking panic and economic depression in his vicious attempt to blackmail the president and congress into accepting this forerunner of the central bank we suffer under today.

Others would argue that it began getting a head of steam when southern leaders began to threaten secession in earnest during the 1850�s. I hate to tell you, but it wasn�t really about slavery�the north held just as many salves and most of the slave markets as well. It WAS about tariffs and the money that was leaving the agrarian south and not returning to improve roads, bridges, and infrastructure of all kinds. There were other needs the southern states had as well, but they were being financially strangled by the northern industrial states under Lincoln�s boot. It was also about the united states move away from the founding ideals and toward a bureaucratic, paternalistic ever growing central government. The pre-war south remained true to the country of Benjamin Franklin�s time�a constitutional republic.

Still others would point to the brutal westward American expansion, with a rail empire that brought industry which held no regard for the culture of the Indian tribes. The elitists saw only the phenomenal resources of that vast frontier. Industrialists have rarely seen real people with families and traditions, they only see working units to be exploited, herded, controlled, excluded from government, and silenced when awakened to their crimes.

I believe it was a �gathering storm� of issues including the never-ending exploitation and misery brought on by Mayer Amschel (Bauer) Rothschild�s European banking model. These schemers invested in a grand cycle of war and business monopolies (by use of fractional-reserve banking) that supported and prospered greatly from the profits of war after war after war. Rothschild forecast precisely what effect his money cartel would have on the United States. He said, �Let me issue and control a nation�s money and I care not who writes the laws.� What arrogance! What disdain for a republic�s efforts to govern itself free from the corruption of the money changers! Biographer Frederic Morton stated, �The Rothschild family had, �conquered the world more thoroughly �than all the Caesars before or all the Hitlers after them.� (Creature from Jekyll Island, pg.218) Extreme secrecy has been the hall mark of these banksters since the beginning. That is why there has never been a public audit of the Federal Reserve in all of its history. That must be the rule; otherwise clear-thinking and honest people would burn them out.

It was conspiratorial efforts in the 1880�s to crush American financial independence (read �The Coming Battle�) that lead us into cycles of recession and depression that were later the catalyst for the establishment of the Federal Reserve banking system in the United States. This was of course the crown jewel accomplishment of Paul Warburg (a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company, he represented the Rothschild�s), Nelson Aldrich (Republican �whip� in the Senate, chairman of the National Monetary Commission, and father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller, Jr�s. family, and grandfather of Vice-President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller), Benjamin Strong (head of JP Morgan Bankers Trust Company, first chairman of the federal reserve system), Henry Davison, Sr. (partner at JP Morgan), Charles D. Norton (President, 1st National Bank of New York), A. Piatt Andrew (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury), and Frank A. Vanderlip (president, of the National City Bank of New York, representing William Rockefeller). These seven men held an estimated one-fourth of the total wealth of the world in 1913. (�Creature from Jekyll Island,� pages 24, 208-213) So, does this fit your definition of conspiracy, complete monopoly, and the absolute success of the world�s banking elite over the sovereignty of the united states of America and its citizens? Do you understand why exposing this, fighting its influence, and demanding accountability from Washington, will put you high on the target list? Your nation was literally sold out 94 years ago. Since then, not a single credible effort has been undertaken by ANYONE in Washington to investigate, audit, explain, or attempt to undo the grievous damage to our country. Could someone in Congress even suggest that we should abolish the Federal Reserve as a criminal conspiracy? Doing so, would label you as a raging patriot.


It was the confluence of great personal fortunes of men like JP Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, George Westinghouse, Pierre DuPont, the British diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes, (Rhode�s Scholars fame), August Belmont, American investment czar for the Rothschild�s, and Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb & Comp. Schiff was a principal investor of the Russian Bolshevik revolution, a major Woodrow Wilson campaign contributor and backer of the Federal Reserve Act. Is it getting clearer, now? Edward Mandell House, the hidden �Phillip Dru� of Wilson�s White House, was instrumental in working toward world government (in his fictional book and real life) and the Federal Reserve Act as well. The fledgling Council on Foreign Relations (founded in New York in 1921 as an offshoot of the Cecil Rhodes secret society bent on world financial domination) began with backing from nearly all of these players. It has grown to over 3,000 �elites� whose sole reason for existence is to direct the domestic policy, the foreign policy, the economic policy, the banking policies, the media�s role in all of these efforts, the integration of the united states into world governance, and the removal of united states sovereignty from its citizens. They are a lethal group (many of whom serve in cabinet positions or are now running for president from both parties) whose mission has been highly successful and virtually unnoticed by most hard working Americans.

There was a great American conspiracy to rule our nation that centered hundreds of millions of dollars in late 19th and early 20th century financial markets on one empire building goal. It was the control of these markets, the use of their power and the resulting force of this influence to build an American financial kingdom with these treasonous conspirators in complete power. That goal has never changed. As a result, the ideals of personal freedom, self-reliance, private property, very small and limited government, and congressional �common sense� law-making standards have all been sacrificed to insure a continuation of tyranny. It is achieved through the courts, government, business, and a banking stranglehold over the American public.

With the artificial panic of the early 1890�s, the final push was underway to complete a central bank that would have final and unequivocal power over all things governmental, political, financial and industrial. The so-called �Creature from Jekyll Island� (a landmark piece of documentation by G. Edward Griffin c. 1994, American Opinion Publishing) was the result. In 1913, the greatest financial coup in the history of this nation was codified by a treasonous Congress. The Federal Reserve Banking Act was passed and signed into law by Woodrow Wilson. It was followed in the same year by the 16th amendment that �established� the income tax. The Federal Reserve Act created a banking monopoly, (carefully avoided by President Jackson) allowed a PRIVATE bank to take the place of our Department of the Treasury with the issuance of Federal Reserve Bank Notes (a fiat currency with no gold or silver backing). This private bank with individual owners/shareholders is a �central� bank modeled exactly after the Rothschild banks of Europe.

The government has borrowed some $8 trillion dollars from the Federal Reserve Bank since its inception and is currently paying roughly $550 billion dollars per YEAR in compound interest charged by the bank against the American people through a criminally complicit Congress. The Internal Revenue Service acts as the �enforcement arm� of the Federal Reserve and forces the American people to �voluntarily� pay tax that virtually all Americans absolutely do not owe, to a government hell-bent spending every last dime it can borrow. In so doing, the Federal Reserve shareholders guarantee that interest on an ever increasing national debt will continue on and on. Why should America be a debt free nation when paying compound interest on the national debt is so rewarding for so few? As long as the Federal Reserve Bank is allowed by our people and our criminally complicit congress to continue operating, we will be financial slaves to the central bank and its evil European allies. Needless to say, the Rothschild family�s total financial coup has come to pass in our lifetime in our America.

This is the first test in whether or not you are a patriot or a conspirator. If you understand and detest the banking establishment and its purposes, then you are a patriot to be scorned, belittled, ignored politically, and silenced when possible by the government, its agents, and the �establishment.�

The second test comes when you question publicly and write or speak against the influence of film, radio, newspaper or television syndicates, and their hostile, maligned, monopolistic, and dangerous lack of truth in bringing �news� to the American people. This includes the so-called �independently conservative cable outlets� that merely slants the reporting more convincingly to a hungry public hoping for REAL truth in the news. The united states of America does not have a free press or a responsible one. There is a trickle of news that is both truthful and accurate that escapes from the internet for now, but it is simply not capable of competing with a dumbed-down citizenry too impatient and in gross denial about virtually everything that deals with the true state of the nation. If you are a purveyor of the truth and willing to accept the withering blows from the big media conglomerates as well as the government, then you are a patriot in the cross hairs once again.

When you take on the public schools in America, you are up against the three hundred pound bully on the block. The schools that insist upon contraception dispensers, rejection of ideas (creationism) not on the ACLU�s approved list, hatred for real US history, prohibition of common sense and family values, insistence on all things provocative and academically questionable, then you are dealing with a monster in every sense of the word.

To hold a communistic administration (in most districts) and untrained, agenda driven school boards to the task of real education is an exercise in absolute futility. You will be called a �fundamentalist whacko,� or marginalized by a hostile community activist group that favors the illegitimate role education has been granted by the federal government. This has been done and is encouraged by state departments of education to complete the circle of injustice being done in the name of �quality teaching management.� This insures that your child is both illiterate and in-line to accept all dictates coming from the state or Washington. To question this and fight its inclusion in your local schools is to be a confirmed patriot.

The list goes on and on. When you choose alternative natural therapy to pharmaceutical poisons, you are exercising freedom of choice�you are a patriot. When you eat naturally raised foods and drink non-fluoride laced water, you may be a �nut� but you are also a spot-on patriot. When you refuse to jump on the taxpayer subsidized entitlement train, then you have chosen the way of liberty and you are a patriot of the first order.

If you have demonstrated against the well-documented invasion of illegals, fought the good fight opposing the North American Union or Security and Prosperity Partnership linking Canada, the u.s., and Mexico, then you are on your way to membership in a new patriot�s club.

Be assured, that if you question the scandalous loss of life by our military while fulfilling the role of mercenaries for oil, business and ultimately the banks, then you are fulfilling George Washington�s admonition to avoid foreign entanglements. It is NOT about freedom (our buzzword to justify all military interventions), but it is about keeping fuel in the engine of industry.

If you agree with President/General Washington, you MUST be a patriot.

If Agenda 21, the horrible re-ordering of private property and the elimination of our national use of lands for purposes WE deem important, is an issue you detest and protest against, then guess what, you are definitely an American patriot.

You are a patriot because you believe in truth, honesty, national purpose that reflects real freedom, personal liberty and sovereignty for the individual and the nation. You are independently minded, yet of one mind with those who pursue the same moral, virtuous, above board values that began this great homeland. You have been proud to serve your community and for righteous causes, your nation, during times of justified conflict. You worked for honest people who followed the laws and served you in government. You helped those in need and became volunteer firemen, deputies, food pantry workers and Sunday school teachers. You did this for God, for family and for country. A noble purpose pursued by noble people.

Finally, if you believe that conspiracy extends to JFK, Flight 800, 9/11, and far too many other events, then you have found yourself in the middle of a virtual firestorm of disdain and vicious treatment by radio, TV and newsprint �professionals� who are in the employment of national co-conspirators. Their only mission is to protect the really guilty people in and out of government who have murdered thousands of your fellow countrymen for greed, and the continuation of a circle of power that will stop at absolutely nothing to insure they win everything and the rest of us lose it all.

Many of you have chosen not to be corrupt, selfish, elitist, traitorous, or a criminal against your city, state and nation. Clearly, others have chosen to be moral failures, or support those who are, and have literally sold out their country. I find no forgiveness for that. I find no excuse for that. I find moral justification to go after these situations and these individuals with everything at my disposal and rid my nation of the last vestige of these scurrilous bastards.

If you fit the description of a patriot, then wear your label proudly. You must get used to the laser imprint on the front of it, for the government has you in their sights. Make no mistake, they will eventually make their move and we will be literally hunted and in the crosshairs for real. They will not and can not ignore us forever. A government that has been sold out from top to bottom has not only lost its moral authority to lead, it has defined those who have held it to account as the enemy. As a result, they must live the lie forever, or try to silence those who speak the truth. Those named above and their political family descendents are THE enemy. Those in government who support them and their agendas are the VERY definition of tyranny. Those who have accused them of high treason ARE American patriots. America has every reason to be very afraid of and unrelenting towards its government and those who have sold us out. America has every reason to be grateful to and take strength from God for giving the wisdom and courage of the ages to men and women who have joined the ranks of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Mason, Patrick Henry, John Paul Jones, Andrew Jackson, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, John Pershing, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, Joe McCarthy, and thousands more who even today, wear the title of PATRIOT proudly, and know EXACTLY what it means. They also know what it will cost to continue to speak out on behalf of those who cannot or will not stand and fight.

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I believe that the next monument in Washington D.C. will not be built to honor these corrupt and evil people. It will instead be built for Patriots of this generation, who against all odds and against all the power a dictatorship can bring to bear gave their all for posterity. I do understand what John Quincy Adams said, when he admonished our young Republic that posterity would never know, how much that (patriotic) struggle cost his generation. �����.Yes sir, I believe I do.

� 2007 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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With the artificial panic of the early 1890�s, the final push was underway to complete a central bank that would have final and unequivocal power over all things governmental, political, financial and industrial.