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By Greg Evensen
October 24, 2012

As a former metropolitan police officer and state trooper, I have investigated death from various causes and from every angle. In many instances, even when the method of death was clear, a post mortem exam was conducted to uncover any lingering evidence that was not immediately visible on the body. Even if additional traces of drugs, alcohol, poisons or other contributing agents were found, it did not change the overall condition of the victim. Dead is dead.

In an ongoing effort to trace just how the American Republic lost the battle and thus the struggle to live, I have come to several conclusions that are clear and that were tragically avoidable. In order to view these results, you must be willing to listen and watch with eyes to see and ears that will hear a web of conspiracy that led to the untimely death of the greatest Olympic champion for freedom in the history of the world.

In most crimes, the overwhelming tie to the actual act or commission of the crime is found in a conspiracy to promote, pursue and carry out the act and gain the resulting “fruits of the crime.” Present in virtually all such acts are the elements of power, money and control. The idea is not to be caught at any price. Leaving no witnesses is the standard method of operation to achieve the success found in on-going crime or crimes that are so vast as to be incomprehensible unless witness participants are located and persuaded to cooperate in bringing the criminal empire to justice.

That task is made almost impossible however, when the investigators find complicity and corruption within the prosecutorial entities office or the judicial system itself. Good friend, fellow police officer and Deputy Chief of Police Rick Shumard and I found just such a conspiracy in a midwest community several years ago. The Chief, fellow officers and many community business leaders were involved. We contacted state and federal agencies to assist us, but none would intervene. There were too many political connections. We lost the battle, the corrupted Chief and the others were never brought to justice. The bitterness of that debacle is still present in my heart to this day. If the decent cops are failing to bring this monster under control, what hope to you have?

As scripture clearly states, “It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil.” Understanding that, we know 1. That a crime in and against America has indeed taken place. 2. That it has been, and is, an ongoing conspiracy of such size that bringing the offenders to justice will take untainted personnel and resources beyond the ability to secure. 3. Creating the desire within the “system” to commit a long term effort to end the crime, and re-establish both real law and the good order of government would be most difficult. 4. Severely punish ALL those that have participated. 5. Repay the victims of the crime. 6. ESTABLISH IMMEDIATELY “new guards” that will stand vigilant watch over the people and the nation as a whole. These are a few initial findings for creating a new model for freedom.

When I watched the outrageous, unexplained (publicly), intimidating, corrupted, bullying “procedural voting” tactics engaged in by leaders at the Republican National convention, it confirmed for me that a crime was in progress against this nation, her people and the future of America. A delegate from my home area, Mr. Larry Arcand, wrote extensively about it in the Iron Mountain, Michigan, Daily News. He clearly described the scripted nonsense of the speakers, the Herculean effort to shut out Ron Paul from the process, voice votes that changed long standing rules and procedures so that the “machine” could continue its grind over the people’s voice on its way to finishing the job of killing America.

John Boehner is a hack for the world governance crowd. A simple minded bar fly that patrons of the corner pub detest, but they allow him to drone on because he regularly buys drinks for the other maggots standing around him. The Nevada whore house run by Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is frequented by politicians and other democrats looking out for the interests of the women workers seeking better health care at your expense.

The co-conspirators in this contract killing are the socialistic communistic democratic “progressives” that have disowned our history, pissed on the veterans of this nation, sold their very souls to the United Nations elite rulers and put the head shot into America.

The Butler County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office has made every effort to label veterans and treat them as potential terrorists while working closely with Homeland Security goons who are completing the on-going “law enforcement” subversion of the county resident’s safety and security. The same thing occurred in Miami County, Ohio and is at work in jurisdictions across the country, where corrupted sheriffs have sold out for money, equipment, communications networks, weapons and military grade offensive vehicles designed to intimidate, kill and crush defensive obstacles put in the path of these governmental storm troops. Is your sheriff trustworthy, pursuing justice and stating clearly that federal agent/criminals may not come to your county and have their way just because they carry badges? If not, then for the sake of your future and that of your family, you had better know who you are voting for.

America died because rich men wanted to be richer. Powerful men and women wanted to be more powerful. Military men and women wanted to pursue “freedom” to have same sex combat relationships while training to restrict, curtail or end all together your freedom to do anything. Law enforcement sought ultimate power and weapons to force you to stop taking pictures of them in the act of a crime, or when they created a crime where there was none and beat you into giving up your video camera or cell phone because they saw you trying to hold them accountable for their actions when no court, prosecutor, sheriff or governmental entity would protect you.

America died, when banks robbed the people, not the other way around. America died when doctors and insurance companies helped write a 2200 page law disguised as a “people’s bill” for health protection that only enshrines the government’s “right” to take every manner of action against you and your rights as a citizen to choose, participate in or be involved at all in a government scam beyond comprehension. America died when BAR attorneys demonstrated that for a price, they would not fight for the accused in a court room run by a jury hating judge who orders jurors to do it his way or else. America died when citizens decided once and for all that entertainment, disengagement from fighting this evil and intimidation of informed citizens was the game of the week. America died when the pulpits coveted their 501C (3) status more than they did the word of God found in the Holy Bible.

America died when, as Michelle Bachmann clearly outlined in correspondence released the day of the Colorado theater shooting stated that the Muslim Brotherhood has made serious inroads in the Pentagon, the FBI, Congress and various school districts and police departments, especially in places like Dearborn, Michigan. America died when universities accepted that teaching students how to defeat the constitution and live to rule others was better than a real education.

America died when city councils, county commissions, school boards and state legislatures conspired to tax, regulate, restrict and redirect common sense and that defendable civic agendas were just too much trouble, so they thought tyranny was better.

America clung to life for a while when its army, navy and air forces were sent into continuous combat, returning well trained soldiers to police agencies around the country so that they could continue seamless and senseless devotion to duty through brain washed programming that “takes out” anyone standing between them, “orders,” and their paycheck.

America lost its will to live after realizing that the very people that she had tried to light the way for were silent, cowardly and incompetently stupid in fighting a corrupt political process or effecting any real change.

The money, power and control syndicate that runs the government, the courts, the military, federal agencies, banks, education, the health care system, the pulpits, media and now EVERY facet of our lives, said their good-bys to America and laughed as they passed the remains of our nation, to be viewed by the post mortem exam team-----------us.

It is over folks. America was murdered under the first Arab heritage president, Barack Obama, the first Muslim president, the on-going Illuminati choice. Romney? He is the candidate who might only slow slightly, the race toward our inclusion in the new world order victory parade. Otherwise, he would not be the candidate. Republicans, Democrats---all the same, just as culpable, just as evil. We allowed it to happen. We ignored our salvation. We scoffed at Jesus. We chose defeat and for many eternal damnation over a righteous struggle to keep America alive and vital because we CHOSE to kill America and her freedoms.

Too many “freedoms” (right to conduct one’s life badly) spoiled true freedom and in the end we could not tell the difference.

So, America died, murdered from within. Now what? We have said often that preparing is the only shield against a complete and unrelenting takeover of your life. We still maintain that your only defense now is preparation against the darkness and travail in the days ahead. This article is submitted just three weeks before the election. Then what? Unsure? Scared stiff? Contact me at We have comprehensive options available at Consider them or not, but do something. Experts said on Fox News that the fiscal cliff is dead ahead the end of December. Whether you believe Fox or the report is inconsequential. Events will soon reveal the absolute undeniable truth.

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The road signs are unmistakable. Be spiritually right and prepared. You will be persecuted from now on for your faith in Jesus Christ. Have what you need to get by for many months. Be able to defend yourself. Do not look for anything but trouble from the government. Be ready to live off the grid. Network with folks you know and trust. Build your plan now while you can put it together without survival pressure on an hourly basis. Remember America’s life, the good part of it. Rebuild and restore freedom for others however, whenever and wherever you can. It will be a fitting memorial tribute to America. The land of the once free…steady now, be strong as darkness falls.

� 2012 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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America died when, as Michelle Bachmann clearly outlined in correspondence released the day of the Colorado theater shooting stated that the Muslim Brotherhood has made serious inroads in the Pentagon, the FBI, Congress and various school districts and police departments, especially in places like Dearborn, Michigan.