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By Greg Evensen
June 26, 2012

It is our fault folks. We ignored all of the symptoms. When America needed us the most, we were nowhere to be found. And now, we push the ball of blame around like a rotten onion. So, where have we come to? Irrelevance and oblivion. Welcome to the New World Order and Obama’s dictatorship. Most in and out of the church just flat out don’t care. That is why we have Obama in the first place.

This week I received the following letter. It is replicated here exactly as I got it. My response follows. It explains precisely why we are where we are today and how any hope for a “new” America is tragically non-existent.

Hi Greg,

“I just love listening to you and Pastor Butch on the radio. Last week, I spoke in ----------- at ----------- ---------- Church. We had a great time! I heard you say that you were going to ------------- also. I pray for the mighty move of the Holy Spirit in His power in your ministry down there!

I am from -------------------, --------, and am a pastor at the ------------- Community Church. I called you earlier today and wanted your point of view. What was going through the Founding Father’s minds that they would go to war with Great Britain for their freedom? Why would their liberty and freedom be more important to them than someone else’s life? Tying right to our nation today: Would our Founding Fathers be saying, “Enough is enough” and go to war again?

A friend asked me that question the other day and neither of us felt like our history education was good enough to have a good/complete answer. I hope you can see the intent of my questions and have some good answers. Thank you very much!

Pastor -----

Dear Pastor ----

The Founders knew that kingly dictatorship is not moral, nor free. It is certainly not spiritual freedom either.

They knew that the Pilgrims and the Puritans came here to seek the freedom they could not find in England, so they sought it here as a mission field. We have lost all connection to that understanding, especially in the pulpits of America. It is now about not offending anyone----just butts and bucks. The Founder’s freedom and indeed our freedom today is contingent upon the willingness of some to defend freedom with their lives. Many talk, few act.

Your first question is almost chilling in its detachment from any cognitive understanding about the depth to which those men clearly understood the price of their desire for absolute liberty. It also explains the selfish and deplorable condition of our citizenry at the hands of an ignorant school system and church. How could one contemplate even asking that first question? Nothing in written history suggests that the Founder’s assumed their lives were more important than others, nor that they were unwilling to put their names, lives, fortunes, sacred honor, families, futures and all else on the line for many in the colonies who were ignorant, lazy and unwilling to secure sovereignty for generations yet unborn, just like millions in America today. The Founders were realists. They knew that throughout all of history, people had to stand for an ideal that was righteous and fight unto death if need be to defend it. Only in our generation, have we been so stupidly maligned to believe that freedom just continues to be free for the asking, like government checks and the daily moral outrage of your “free” choice. Are we so ignorant of sacrifice that we ask that kind of question??

Would our Founder’s have said “Enough is enough and go to war again? The short answer is---absolutely, yes—and they would have done so several times between 1789 and now. For those who have used, abused, neglected and defamed America with their sin, foul lives, and ignorant knowledge of history’s catalog of right and wrong, there is of course, a different answer. Drugs, corruption, abortion, homosexuality, I will not dignify it by even stipulating its context. We live daily with its truth, reality, and tragic consequences.

I believe they would have fought with the Confederacy to overturn outrageous tariffs imposed on the commerce from the south. They would have done so after the debasement of the value of silver in the 1880’s.

They would have most certainly gone to war to stop the Federal Reserve Act, the 16th amendment, the 17th amendment, WWI, the New Deal, the UN, Police Actions in Korea, Viet Nam, and all of the other insider, blood profits, socialistic, communistic selling out of our nation by Congress, the Presidents and the complicity of the military industrial behemoth. They would be stupefied watching us today. Forced Obama health care, bank bailouts, European bank bailouts, mercenary invasions of other nations at will, encouraging illegal entry into this country via Mexico and Executive Orders that should result in treason trials for those involved in dictatorship conspiracies overwhelming Washington, D.C.

Finally, the Founder’s would be in utter despair to see that their dreams, desires, sacrifice and moral standards all lie about the country in tatters, right along with the flag.

Respectfully, ----- the time has come and gone to debate these concepts. The time has come for the pulpits in America to call the nation to prayer, supplication, fasting and a soul deep recommitment to those ideals the Founder’s tried to incorporate into our young nation. The republic is dead. I do not want it back in the condition we found it in. I will not fight for it as it is now. I will, however, fight its enemies both foreign and domestic, to hand my children and all of our grandchildren something more than what we have become, if God is willing. If God has had enough, then prepare to do battle against the dark forces that took our homes, communities and churches while we were asleep. Listen very carefully, sir, that day is just ahead. Convince yourself that it is not at you life’s peril. Preach that it is, to your spiritual credit. Do so, and you will be among a very few who have stepped out of the darkness and into the light. I will meet you there, if you are willing to lean the meaning of what I have written, preach it, and grab your musket. -End of my response.

This is the problem as you have witnessed on this page. It is certainly not just a small town pastor who is trying, but coming up short. It is the rest of us who have just let the body blows keep coming.

It is the hard facial slaps of government bullies every day beating us to our knees. What will it take, my friends? We have very little time left before the boot falls upon us for the last time.

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This July 4th, we should hold three flags, the Christian Flag, the Gadsden Flag, and the white flag of surrender. Choose one to burn and carry the other two through the ranks of people gathered around you. Let the revolution begin on that day. Maybe the distant sounds of fife and drum will remind us that courage, truth, honor, and a commitment to moral freedom will begin the long road ahead until the bully is defeated. The alternative is unthinkable and not worth living for. I will not surrender. I will not retreat. Now is the time, the day, and the hour. As always fellow citizens, remain steady---very, very, steady.

� 2012 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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It is our fault folks. We ignored all of the symptoms. When America needed us the most, we were nowhere to be found. And now, we push the ball of blame around like a rotten onion. So, where have we come to? Irrelevance and oblivion. Welcome to the New World Order and Obama’s dictatorship.