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By Greg Evensen
February 11, 2012

There is no shortage of speculation concerning the timeline for any of a “buffet of disasters” facing the American people. By random chance alone, it is simply which catastrophe or series of disasters finally crushes the last vestiges of freedom left to our nation. Frankly, at this moment, it matters little how our beloved country eventually succumbs to the onslaught of injuries inflicted upon it by men and events from the past 150 years. What does matter is what you have done to prepare for an eventuality as certain as any that has ever taken place in all of history.

Only those who have survived a tornado, epidemic, hurricane, earthquake, volcano, tidal wave, plane crash, fire or the personal loss of a loved one to any of these horrors, will tell you that not only does life change instantly, but reality is warped for a time so profoundly that many of us cease to function. We cannot eat, sleep, perform even the most routine chores, and are helpless to assist others at a time when they may need us the most. Men and women in combat will agree with me that life is condensed to the meter of ground you are standing on and the second to second reality that you may not survive even one more second in an all out combat environment. The same to a slightly lesser scale of totality but just as intense is the police officer under weapons fire. Anyone, in any given crises, will realize a fear so deep and primal, as to defy description. You simply do not understand—unless you have lived through it to a more “normal” time, when you can reflect upon it, and try to put what you went through into words for someone else. That moment leaves you frustrated, because you simply cannot say enough or express enough emotion to paint a reality picture for the loved one you are speaking to about it.

No one EVER wants to repeat the experience and certainly does not want the friend or loved one to have to go through a similar time to really get it. Our founders would have said that same thing to us.

Most reasonable people will go through stages of dealing with trauma like this, so that they are able to face the future without living in a steel box. Having military or law enforcement experience forces you into aggressive situation reactions simply because if you do not react, the crises can quickly escalate, spin out of all control, and become a real catastrophe in the making.

You see, we cannot just sit down and do nothing either, when events of this magnitude occur. One of two things will absolutely happen. Either we will die as a result of our abject fear and neglect of the situation, or others may become casualties because we did not act fast enough or simply made an inexperienced or unprepared series of bad choices along the way. It may not be your fault, or you may have done what you thought was your best under lethal circumstances, but the resulting failure to respond correctly, efficiently and instantly, tends to get people hurt or killed. That explains why police officers, rescue workers and the military react as a team, with a purpose to each action, and a follow through that does not end until the situation is COMPLETELY resolved. When orders are given to achieve an objective, either the goal is reached successfully or the combatants were taken out before they could reach their final destination. That is why, in order to even believe that we can recapture our republic for a free future, we have to acknowledge the struggle, train for the conflict, and use every facet of our ability and dedication to qualify to even enter the arena let alone, win.

My assessment is that we have neither the training nor the commitment to wage the battle set before us by the enemy of our nation and of our souls. This enemy is consumed with the goal of taking us down, beating us at surviving and never EVER allowing us to regain our freedom. MONEY, CONTROL AND POWER, are the only goals he has. Our laziness, softness and stupidity have almost guaranteed our defeat. The enemy serves the god of lust, sin and greed. Considering that most of us have surrendered to that way of life, the enemy has already won. Is that what you are? Or do you simply not have the desire to live free? Either way you are a coward and a pitiful example to your children and your nation.

If on the other hand, you have been struggling against this wicked beast that is consuming America from border to border, then I encourage you to keep on, don’t quit, breathe deep and fight on.

Put on your full armor. Strap on the weapons and grab the tools needed to overcome the obstacles in your way. Quit obeying unconstitutional “law.” Fight city hall every time they come together. Challenge your county commission in court if need be. Tell the zoning commission to allow the variance or they will be sued. Make the school board meeting so nasty, they have to call the police, then, send the stories out to the press. Put it on the internet and protest it in the streets. Do something, and don’t stop until it changes. Tell your preacher or priest to give out the truth or move on to some do nothing bunch somewhere else. Demand that your local sheriff protect your county from the feds or his career is over. That is the formula to win and change the battle lines. That is your necessary first step. No exceptions, no shortcuts. WE let it go so far, that there are no easy routes left open. You instinctively know that and that is why most of you will do nothing. The job is great, it is difficult and it will cost us a great deal. But to continue from tomorrow forward doing nothing will certainly hand us our own defeat. Trust me on this, there is no plan B. It is straight ahead, no doubts, swallow our fears and get into the fight. Ask everyone you know, “are we together on this? Then let’s move out.”

Now, let’s go to the next level. Be very sure about this. This is not a threat or an empty statement. It is however, the absolute truth. You will either plan, train, and prepare yourself physically and spiritually, or you will be a casualty and an impediment to those who are committed to moving on to a greater offensive. Your goal may be a free ranch, community or state. It may be for un-bullied schools, free town squares or honest court houses, but your means to getting there has only one street. That is right down “Freedom Avenue.” That is the same street citizens have walked down from Valley Forge to Inchon. Everywhere evil took on righteousness, that road has been fought for. You understand the symbolism here. Men and women have given their lives for their families and friends so that foreign troops or governmental slavery was not waiting to ambush them down that road.

Spiritual freedom has gone down a similar road, but one infinitely more important. It is called, “Salvation Road.” Sadly, many fewer people will travel here. Yet, it is a thorough fare that has never been closed or cut off by the enemy. I took that road and it allowed me to then detour down Freedom’s Avenue to fight another day and with strength I would have never had without the grace of the one who built the road—Jesus Christ. He handed me the Whole Armor of God (Ephesians 6) and I have been fighting on ever since.

The Road to Destruction by your spiritual neglect is also wide open and smooth. Don’t believe I would take that one.

Our team in Michigan is leading the way across the country speaking at meetings, Tea Party and Oath Keeper gatherings as invited, radio, television and in print. We are holding two critical training sessions here at “Fort Defiance,” in Crystal Falls--only two. We will take 30-35 willing souls for a Friday through Sunday session here at our training facility. 30 topics will be covered concerning survival. One topic will be covered concerning revival. The two are inseparable and essential. You may camp here and build friendships to last a lifetime. They will become your contact and support lifeline as hundreds can attest two from previous training sessions.

However this great struggle comes out, one thing is certain. The end of this life brings a whole new one yet to come. Your destination will be determined by your choice of roads. We have dedicated our lives to preparing you for both. Please join us. Our website, will help you make that contact. If you can only secure the training aids, then that will help us get to the next location on our way across the country.

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Now more than ever before, you are needed to be a part of Ft. Defiance. Surrender? Never! Fight On…….Steady through the night, my brothers and sisters. Stand firm, give up not an inch more.

“O thus be it ever, when free men shall stand…between their loved homes and the war’s desolation….”F. Scott Key

“Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus, going on before “ Traditional Christian Hymn

So,…………decision making time is at hand. March to your own drummer straight to hell, or embrace the truth, the protection and the grace of Jesus Christ. Tough road, easy choice. Meet you on the field of battle.

� 2012 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former Kansas State Trooper awarded the Governor’s Award for heroism. He has produced two DVD’s, nine hours of training for families attempting to prepare for a breakdown of the national structure and the “grid.” His 400 page “survival Manual” that is also available as a complete companion guide to the DVD’s for dealing with these disruptions is now available along with his inspirational musical CD’s including “The Sovereignty Papers,” a three hour narrative of Greg’s book at his website store

Greg is also traveling the nation assisting concerned Americans by conducting “in-field” training sessions at farms, ranches, churches, and rural homesteads where groups of attendees learn how to defend their homes and master 25 topic areas that will give them the “edge” when the lights go out.

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Our team in Michigan is leading the way across the country speaking at meetings, Tea Party and Oath Keeper gatherings as invited, radio, television and in print. We are holding two critical training sessions here at “Fort Defiance,” in Crystal Falls--only two.