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By Greg Evensen

January 14, 2012

Many, many times I have been asked about armed resistance to national tyranny, leaving no doubt that those who want this to occur are ready, prepared and anxious to do so. Still others are very angry, but unwilling to commit to anything other than their own arguments and a belly full of Budweiser loudmouth. Agenda warriors wave the flag for their pet peeve but are unwilling to use their real names for anything other than a “Facebook” entry. I have been insulted by patio patriots who like rare steak, but don’t like the sight of blood. “Do something,” they shout, “but leave me alone. I don’t want to lose my internet service.”

Keep filing your taxes, vote for the lesser of two evils, complain about the price of gas, go to your do nothing church, watch the city council vote in one more Agenda 21 UN grab, send a donation to Human Rights watch and “Twitter” your life away. Then, write to me and brag about how you are doing everything you can to throw off the police state that has surrounded you. Devotion to stupidity, denial of truth, and deliverer of destruction has given you every right to be at the center of our devastation. Thank you for your clear dedication to encouraging all levels of government to strip you of every right passed on by inheritance from those who knew what those rights meant and paid the price for maintaining them. It all stopped with your REFUSAL to stand with the heroes of history and their on-going sacrifice to see to it that we lived in freedom and prosperity.

Police officers are telling me on a weekly basis that the ultimate confrontation between authority and the general population is the center of training. Lethal force will be used on a widespread application. The slightest resistance will be met with overwhelming force. Demotivation of the civilian population is their goal and it will be achieved quickly. Law enforcement expects surrender rates to be nearly 100% as examples will be made of resisters and no quarter given.

Military officers admit that they have been weeding out “weak” or overly sympathetic troops from the ranks so that order compliance will not be an issue. Congress enacted all of the precedent (unconstitutional) setting legislation to target you, persecute you, apprehend you, and incarcerate you indefinitely, for the crime of innocence, anti-government sentiments, your faith, your belief in the Bill of Rights, gold and silver money, natural supplements, buying raw foods, smoking, drinking soda, being overweight, speaking your mind, or owning a firearm. Am I exaggerating? You tell me. I cannot call a sodomite unnatural or a danger to my children. I cannot read Scripture on a public street without permits, and even then I am subject to arrest for being a public nuisance or disturbing the peace, yet gays and deviates march nude in the public streets---well, just because it is their right, you know.

I can be forced to take a vaccination, yet I cannot consume fresh, raw milk. I need six absolute proofs of identity to get a driver’s license, yet if I am an illegal alien, I can apply for and get social security within two weeks of my application. I can protest in the streets about gay rights, animal rights, tree rights, rock rights and predator wolf rights, but I cannot put a bumper sticker on my car that says, “Christian Bible Rights” or “Rights for the Unborn,” without being chased down, stopped, harassed or tasered by Fusion Center Cops, Homeland Security enforcers and corrupted Sheriffs.

You tell me! Is it way, way past time to resist or isn’t it? Have you come to a turning point or not? Have you surrendered to the government’s steel fist in your face or have you decided to pursue liberation? Clearly, the overwhelming evidence says that you will continue to do nothing what-so-ever to end this dastardly and ever increasing stranglehold on your country and your life.

I will not bore you with further examples and situations that you have heard thousands of times. It did not do any good then, and it will not do any good now. The die has been cast and I believe we have lost the struggle.

The government will continue to push you into the stockade until you simply cannot resist. They will eventually disarm you (the plans and strategy to do that are well rehearsed) and then complete the encirclement of America from within. People here will march up to the gates of the detention centers and asked to be let in. It will make all other subjugated people’s surrender in wars past look heroic. We deserve what we have done to ourselves. Do you yet disagree? Then show me a different America.

No new national effort is needed to get people together. What is needed is an agreement between the Tea Party folks, the Oath Keepers and many liberty minded organizations to dedicate what they are doing to an all out merging of efforts to pursue an “OPERATION LIBERATION” offensive as soon as local groups can meet to do so. A small contingent of men and women working with me over the past several weeks have committed to bringing this confidential plan into being. There are two or three methods to achieving this and it will require representatives from all of the state republics to come together for the framework of this effort to be revealed and enacted. The final plan has a state by state agenda that will liberate us from the tyranny of the federal legislative and judicial beast that dictates our lives and our destinies. That must end. We are engineering a solution. You must get on board. No excuses, no “let someone else do it,” no cowardly complaints and keyboard protests. YOU WANT A BETTER ANERICA, THEN GET GOING!

I will be speaking, by invitation, to Tea Party gatherings and Oath Keeper meetings across America by conference call, radio interviews, and in person public forums as they can be established. We are most serious about this and must move now to be heard before the fall elections. No delays, no excuses, no wait and see people need to be involved. This is, in my view, the last possible mans by which open rebellion, bloodshed and chaos can be avoided, if it can be avoided at all. It is worth the effort I assure you.

Please have your local or state wide Tea Party/Oath Keeper organizers contact me at or call my cell phone at 906-367-0505 daily from 6:45amCST to 45:45pmCST. We will try to fund the travel through those who can purchase the Castle Defense System available at our website. Donations for travel may be made at our postal address, P.O. Box 162, Sagola, MI 49881. We will do our best for this worthy effort.

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Join us; please…………..we simply cannot go on like this. God is our refuge and our strength. You must be the sword and shield for our children’s future. NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT.

The UN and its surrogates within the world governance crowd know America’s life is on the line. We must raise a wise citizenry concerning Godly living and seek those willing to get on their knees and begin again.

We have the plan, the organizations and the WILL. Can you step out and make this happen? The other side says never. Help us take them down.

� 2012 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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Greg Evensen is a former Kansas State Trooper awarded the Governor’s Award for heroism. He has produced two DVD’s, nine hours of training for families attempting to prepare for a breakdown of the national structure and the “grid.” His 400 page “survival Manual” that is also available as a complete companion guide to the DVD’s for dealing with these disruptions is now available along with his inspirational musical CD’s including “The Sovereignty Papers,” a three hour narrative of Greg’s book at his website store

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Join us; please…..we simply cannot go on like this. God is our refuge and our strength. You must be the sword and shield for our children’s future. NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT.