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By Greg Evensen

November 26, 2011

Even if it were possible to travel in time, I do not believe we could change what has taken place, or what is yet to come. This is not about those subjects, but rather this is a journey to observe where the train went off the tracks and a few of the reasons why.

It is the classic “we can’t see the forest for the trees syndrome” and it is a constant in our vision. It is so, because the galactic battle for the destiny of earth has pitted the forces of evil against the forces of good. God against Satan. It truly boils down to this: Satan is winning on all fronts because human beings are sin filled creatures that choose the “easy” path of the fallen every single time. What’s more they believe they are “entitled” to think that way and you better not argue or they will send the state police.

So what was it during those first five centuries (1600-2000) that brought us to where we are at this moment? Can it be as simple as greed, power and control of people by those in authority? Absolutely, yes, but it reaches out to every single soul that ever lived through the failings of each one of us. NOT JUST THE GOVERNMENT ALONE, NOT EVEN THE BANKS, NOT THE MILITARY OR POLICE AND SECURITY FORCES,…….., BUT IT IS US.

Small business owners, farmers, teachers, parents, pastors, laborers, ranchers, doctors, and inventors, because of our refusal to recognize personal responsibility for this disaster, we stand at the door of complete and total national disgrace and destruction. There is very little chance that we will ever be free again in the historical sense. The personal sacrifice of millions of veterans is now in vain. Freedom, liberty and a moral, honest republic are irrevocably dead. This is not a new thought or one that has not been considered by us all. It just bears repeating, because the complete surrender we have offered to the inept, corrupt, immoral and vicious forces in control of Washington, indeed the world, must be understood, called out to do battle with, and to wage war with, until one side lies defeated, imprisoned and no longer a threat to the other. If we do not do battle, then slavery through cowardly surrender is inevitable and soon to be upon us.

Do you have the guts to look at this unholy scene or will you just stop here and go to the fridge for something to make you feel better?

We must face this monster down and not stop until the job is done. Will God allow us the wisdom and strength to do this, or is He saying, “your national sin is too great, you have been judged in the scales and are found wanting…..prepare for the end.”

We must understand why we are at this supremely critical moment in all of human history. In our understanding, will come peace and repentance, if not national renewal. Let us review and discuss why we are so desperate and so despondent.

In the great overview of history there has been a point and counterpoint to every attempt to improve the lives of men and women in America. It started with the journeys of the Pilgrims and the Puritans seeking a missionary land to build in the image of God Almighty and His son Jesus Christ. This is not debatable, this is historical. Famine, pestilence, violence and a near extinction of the original band of Americans almost destroyed the dream before it grew. Because of the insatiable appetite for riches and territory, the British would not let the new land remain free. That has been the ongoing struggle since those first days. When you add to it the greed and control not only through the Crown, but the English bankers/investors who saw only money for themselves and the elite of that day, slavery has been a constant in America. That situation has never changed to this moment.

How could we have changed it? We could have been much more zealous in destroying all attempts that the bankers heaped upon the young nation, exiled Alexander Hamilton and his crowd, and defeated big government Lincolnites and the Union forces in 1865. The United States, adopting the sovereignty destroying 14th amendment, employing the 1871 further expansion of government’s “corporate” status, and the war on silver, America could have emerged with the ability to grow and expand outside the elite’s rule and thus may have avoided the 1910-1913’s evil reign of the founding of the Federal Reserve, the income tax and the loss of each state’s appointed senators to occupy Washington.


Fast forward the time machine to the nationalization of state guard units for deployment during WWI, and the communist rule of internationalist Franklin Roosevelt, America’s bankrupt 1933 Constitution killing national emergency decree just about finished off any hope that the Republic might survive.

WWII brought an unparalled tyranny of virtually all government and was ultimately as much about waging war on American’s rights and institutionalizing taxes as it was about Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan’s regional wars of aggression. If it was not, then why didn’t Korean War imbecile Harry Truman set us back on the path of a sovereign republic in August of 1945? Instead the treasonous Truman exacerbated our dilemma by firing a wise Gen. Douglas MacArthur and allowing the Rothschild’s empire machine, the United Nations, to destroy US military control over the Korean War by appointing a dynasty of Soviet Generals to know of and convey to the North Koreans EVERY LAST MILITARY OFFENSIVE the U.S. ever planned costing the U.S. thousands of soldier’s lives?

The ongoing Soviet UN strategy of turning over US military secrets continued through Viet Nam and has been a conscious, all consuming effort by them and also those in the State Department since the early 1930’s. For God’s sake, we are surrounded in every branch of government, career politicians, the general staff, the pentagon as an extension of the White House foreign policy planning group, the CIA, FBI, BATFE, NSC, NSA, NRO, DIA, and most recently the armed SWAT units of the FDA and the USDA’s chicken and milk police. This includes nearly all of the state capitols and county commissions infiltrated and destroyed by the UN Agenda 21 SS block captains handing out money and influence to inept bungling jokesters playing politicians. So, let me ask………do any of you historically ignorant and culturally void morons still think that Obama and his Muslim cohorts are just about change? Quit reading, there’s no hope for you.

Enough said, again. This message has gone out to millions, tens of thousands of times, and still democrats and republicans march toward the end singing songs of victory over those bastard patriots, constitutionalists, Christians, tea partiers, three per centers, oath keepers, home schoolers, cottage fellow shippers, and a few here and there in the military and police forces who have seen through the crap and know they take orders from guys in black on the death star.

So let’s elect Obama again. Or, put Gingrich the slick CFR, supreme lobbyist, “I really didn’t serve divorce papers to my dying wife,” health care supporter, Knight of Malta Jesuit, very dangerous internationalist as president. He is the lesser of two evils, don’t you know. Or maybe the drooling, former democrat, Al Gore’s right hand man, Perry. How about anything is ok with me Romney? Or, Cain, the former Federal Reserve Kansas City chief banker that needs to bone up on Libya you stud, can’t be all bad. Former democrat and US tax attorney Bachmann, at least she knows the system. Ron Paul……now there’s the only real decent candidate, almost. That’s why he is completely ignored by the media at all levels.

Our trip is mercifully almost over. We are back at the present day national catastrophe ready to lunch at the “buffet of disasters.”

Oh, just one more little thing to consider. In case you haven’t dropped to your knees and begged God for forgiveness and the blessed hope of our salvation Jesus Christ (because you won’t hear it from the convention center preachers in Texas), then contemplate this soul changing bit of information.

When they come to your door, or when the TSA randomly (roadblock) searches you on the interstate highways for firearms, cash or natural vitamins, your only choice may be to accept the chip in the hand remedy so that you can continue on your way. If this, or any other application of such an ID is required and forced upon you, refuse it at the loss of your life, rather than subscribe to a system that may save your life, but you will lose your eternal soul in the process. I will go down resisting in the most dramatic way I have at hand, rather than submit to that anti-Christ assault on my person. Death to traitors and tyrants comes to mind at this point.

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Choose this day who you will serve. History, as the time machine reveals, may be lied about, confused and forgotten. The present may not make sense or be something you can apply to your life. But do not be confused about the truth and finality of the Lord your God. You alone, will answer for your self delusion, greed and selling out to the ruler of this world. You have been warned, you have been instructed, and you have been given clear and truthful choices so that your life may have meaning and purpose. The choice, like always, is yours and yours alone. For once, do the right thing, the only thing that matters, and do it now. Your life and the life of your country, depends on your courage and devotion to God and your fellow countrymen.

� 2011 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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We must understand why we are at this supremely critical moment in all of human history. In our understanding, will come peace and repentance, if not national renewal. Let us review and discuss why we are so desperate and so despondent.