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By Greg Evensen

October 11, 2011

The message has been correct, painfully on target, and tragically ignored by many. As events have revealed themselves, the timing in this final drive has been late, but mercifully the game clock has stopped for the two minute warning. However, as in sports, the final seconds in this game are almost gone. The outcome is unknown and this is for the “championship.” There is just one ultimate winner and one forever loser. All the efforts by millions in years gone by are on the line.

People--good, patriotic, constitutional revering, heroic people-- neighbors, committed soldiers, nurturing moms, supportive dads, loving families, oath keeping peace officers, truth preaching churches, upstanding community leaders and even one or two civic minded politicians, have gone nose to nose, head to head, and eyeball to eyeball with unrestrained corruption, treason and evil so cunning, vile and all pervasive, that we can scarcely find a place it has not poisoned.

Why is it then that the “good guys” are losing? How can so much positive effort fall so sickeningly short of the goal of a restored republic? What is it that we cannot identify as the missing element for success? Why have millions of people who know “the problems,” not been able to overcome lies, deceit, immorality and treason against our nation, on an historic scale?

The enemies of a free, moral, and productive America have sworn their allegiance to the “father of lies, confusion, and betrayal.” These creatures of darkness, who hold the power in Washington, the banks and industry, as well as the institutionalized apostate churches, have won the day in seducing the hearts of many Americans. “Drugs, sex and rock and roll” continue to be the desired domain of citizens who choose to remain ignorant of the real truth of our historic documents and the genius of limited central government. They have chosen government checks paid for by a minority of workers for entitlements they neither deserve nor have earned. Having sold out at this level, it is easy to sell out the rest which is intellectual, emotional, and most critically spiritual. And now, we grow much closer to why the “good guys” are getting their rear ends adjusted on a daily basis.

I have often been frustrated with, angry towards, and increasingly impatient with government at all levels. Inaction or bad action, the result is the same. American citizens are paying an increasingly incomprehensible debt of money, credibility, and loss of leadership, on a world-wide basis for Washington’s interference with farming, natural medicines, gold and silver money, schools, and all other community requirements of a free society. However, the recent changeover from a ‘moral’ armed forces code of personal conduct to a homosexualized military is an unprecedented moment of shame that I feel that I cannot ever reconcile. Just because I am told to “get over it” by a four star moron and a Masonic Secretary of Defense, doesn’t really do anything to explain why this was ever necessary. Homosexuality is deviant behavior. It is no different than having sex with your mother or a horse.


The very act of homosexuality is disease ridden from the concept to the sexual completion that sickens the mind, deadens the heart, and kills the spirit, start to finish. A homosexual armed force will ultimately know death and destruction beyond the hideous sexual acts. Chaplains who can no longer invoke the name of Jesus Christ in prayer or blessings, but have the “authority” to “marry” homosexuals on active duty are simply the gatekeepers for men and women whose lives and souls are facing eternal damnation because of their vile and wicked acts. Ten thousand years from today, when the ultimate truth is known, tormented souls in the bowels of hell will cry out in anguish because of their “license” to practice evil with the stamp of approval by generals and presidents sharing the punishment of the damned. GOD IS NOT MOCKED! YOU HAE BEEN WARNED! CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE!

The corrupted elite have three uncompromising goals for society and they have it all. Ultimate power, control of the money supply, and control of the people through unconstitutional mandates drawn up in congress, signed by a treasonous president, and codified by a politicized bought off judiciary. America has followed the same dead-end road as all previous societies. They are prosperity, corruption, police state, rebellion, (rejuvenation) or collapse. Must I point out where we are? Every society that has ever lived and died had that moment where their nation could have been salvaged. None so far has taken that redemptive course.


Herein lies the defining moment before God and man. It is as the title suggests, because we have collectively gotten the cart before the horse. We have begun 10,000 patriotic groups, as many constitutional web sites, the Tea Party, the Oath Keepers, support for Ron Paul, Sovereign Citizens, Grand Juries, De Jure State Republics, Pro-Life advocates, and hundreds of other excellent, constructive, working efforts to get this country back on its feet. I support them all with great enthusiasm and conviction that they are at their core, right and should be followed with great conviction.


That “horse” pushing millions toward a restored nation in a cart facing backwards cannot see where it is going and is tragically accomplishing only the same end as any other runaway stage. It is a joy ride that ends up in disaster.

First, much duplication, some self service, much jaw jacking and little REAL cooperation between groups that could coalesce under one large banner choose not to because “their” leadership could be lost or -GASP- have to be shared. Secondly, membership lists and private funding would be in question and where do we put that money to its best use? If that is true, and I believe it could be in some cases, then it is clear why we defeat ourselves, let alone get trounced by the enemy at the same time.

Finally, it boils down to this inescapable fact. How can we expect any modicum of success when we have failed to stop the cart, reverse the horse and go the way it was meant to be? God has fully intended to bless each righteous effort man attempts, when from our knees we seek His face, listen to His direction, honor Him with our praise and carry out HIS will for our lives and our nation. Many of us, first of all me, have failed to understand that, correct that, beg His forgiveness and work for His goals, not our own---righteous as they may seem.

We cheer from the rooftops when we see some tiny success in a sea of disaster, yet we should still be on our knees. We should be invoking Ephesians 6 and putting on the “FULL ARMOR OF GOD,” TO DO BATTLE AGAINST THE Evil One and his minions. I have given as gifts to the men of valor in my life the Armor of God “dog tag” so that they may be reminded each waking moment that they must be protected and use this protection to serve God, not man, nor man’s agenda. We have gotten so accustomed to our “restore the republic” efforts that we have forgotten the One who can bring it to pass.

Our homosexualized military will face humiliation and defeat on the battle field because of its rejection of the One who holds their lives in His hand. God, please forgive our stupidity and love of doing evil when we know that Godly ways can heal a nation.

We who have dedicated our lives to seeing this nation brought back before God---ON OUR KNEES---must be the first to go to our knees in contrition and respect for the God of the Ages. All of us from all groups and walks of life must do that. Be silent before Him, pray and listen to what He would have us do. THEN, and ONLY then will we hear from God. Then, we will know the truth and that truth will set us free. Without that, no matter how hard we try, we will fail, the evil ones will continue to succeed, and God will be silent as we thrash about looking for THE answer. Truly, one day, “every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Every last living human being will kneel.

I have never written a more important article. This IS the ultimate truth. Let’s all establish contacts within our groups and other groups, submit our hearts, souls, and work to Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, and turn down the road of ultimate victory. If some who reject God within our groups protest, then they may leave or be silent. Jesus must not be apologized for nor shunned because we are a “diverse” nation. We can afford to be diverse in a few things, but dedication to God is not subject to political correctness nor sensitivity to wicked ones. Proclaim this truth and let the wicked decide whether they stay as a patriot or they go their deadly way. Just get out of the way of the truly righteous among us. Your evil divisive way will fail.

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Our collective national sin has been and still is so great that God may well have turned us over to the reprobate minds that rule our military and government, but the very least we can do is stop all worldly efforts, intervene with fasting, repentance, and prayer, and do so on the days of October 31 and November 1, 2011. We need to smother Halloween in communion before God and humble ourselves before the Heavenly Father with tears of sorrow for our national disgrace. Only then, do we have a chance to bring our nation around. If it happens, it will be because God gave us one last chance to follow Him.

Please join me in this renewed effort. I promise you on the word of God that it can succeed……..

� 2011 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

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We stand at the doorstep to a three phased, pre-planned, precisely rehearsed final assault on the last resistance to world conquest, by the “Council of the Most High Demon” (Bilderbergers, Illuminati), upon the people of America, in a blood sacrifice unprecedented in all of human history.